Public Program Canceled:
Mad for Glory: The true story of two Americans and the fate of the Pacific world
7 May 2016.Saturday, 5:00PM - 6:00PM There will be a pre-talk reception at 4:30pm. Robert Booth, Author

While researching Death of an Empire, which explored the rise and fall of merchant trade in Salem, Robert Booth came across the story of a naval vessel sent out under Capt. John Downes, who took unauthorized bloody reprisal for an incident at Sumatra involving a Salem merchant vessel. He wondered how this came about and found that 20 years earlier Downes had been lieutenant under Capt. David Porter on board the frigate Essex. Investigating the story, he found that Captain Porter had gone rogue with a U.S. Navy ship only to meet an American ambassador who had organized a new nation overseas and led its armies into the field. In 1813, during the confusion of the War of 1812, two charismatic Americans played out an astonishing drama of nation-building and imperialism in the Pacific.