The Atkins Family in Cuba: A Photograph Exhibit

Edwin and Katharine Atkins

Edwin Farnsworth Atkins married Katharine Wrisley on October 12, 1882, and the couple spent nearly every winter afterwards at the vivienda at Soledad, the main plantation of E. Atkins & Co.  While Edwin occupied himself with the day-to-day running of his company's sugar business, Katharine took care of the house and servants and entertained their visitors from the United States, who in the late 19th century could take the Ward Line steamer directly from New York to Cuba. The rest of the year, the Atkinses resided in Belmont, Mass., where they raised their three children: Robert Wrisley Atkins (1889-1948); Edwin Farnsworth Atkins, Jr. (1892-1923); and Helen Atkins (later Claflin) (1894-1991).


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