Witness to History: What Are Your COVID-19 Experiences?

Please share your experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Contribute to the MHS Collection and help future historians tell the story of this unprecedented time.

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How has social distancing impacted your daily life so far? How have you been affected by remote working and/or remote learning? How will social distancing be impacted as temperatures warm and states begin to re-open? How do you feel our government has handled COVID-19? What brings you hope during this time? What do you think the “new normal” will look like? How do you feel the civil unrest we are seeing across the country has been influenced by or will affect the response to the COVID-19 pandemic? Do you think the spike in cases around the country will require state and local governments to reconsider their re-opening plans? How has your attitude—and that of the public at large—changed about wearing face masks since the COVID-19 pandemic began? How are we learning to live with COVID-19? Has the spike in cases around the country changed your opinion about wearing a mask? Going out in public? Traveling for summer vacation? How is the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the start of the school year? How has COVID-19 changed the way that you eat? Do you cook at home more? Do you order takeout? Have you eaten at a restaurant (did you sit outdoors or inside)? How do cooler temperatures and shorter daylight affect what you are able and willing to do as the pandemic lingers? Are you concerned about the reported rise in COVID-19 cases across the country? Will new rules and regulations set forth by local and state governments help to decrease numbers? How will the results of the presidential election change the country’s response? Has the uptick in COVID-19 cases changed your plans regarding holiday travel? Do you think a full shutdown is necessary to control the outbreak? Do you plan to receive the COVID-19 vaccine? Have you received the COVID-19 vaccine? What challenges have you encountered in trying to get it? What do you most look forward to after having received it? How do you feel the number of Americans who remain unvaccinated will affect our ability to fully re-open? How do you think the vaccine and mask mandates will affect the spread of COVID-19?

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