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Turning Points in American History

10 June 2016 to 25 February 2017 Details

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The Boston Seminar on the History of Women, Gender, & Sexuality is the new name of the Boston Seminar on the History of Women and Gender. Just as the pathbreaking field of “women’s history” grew to encompass studies of femininity, masculinity, and LGBTQ history, the seminar’s new name indicates the importance of the study of sexuality to this interrelated set of questions and methodologies for understanding the past.


The seminar invites scholars and students to meet periodically and discuss new research. Sessions may consider any aspect of the history of women, gender, and sexuality without chronological limitations. A collaboration of the Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America and the Massachusetts Historical Society, the seminar meets in turn at the facilities of the two sponsors.

Seminar meetings often revolve around the discussion of a precirculated paper. Sessions open with remarks from the essayist and an assigned commentator, after which the discussion is opened to the floor. After each session, the Society serves a light buffet supper.

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