Conversation, Public Program, Legacies of 1619 Legacies of 1619: Afro-Native Connections 19 October 2019.Saturday, 4:00PM - 5:00PM There will be a pre-talk reception at 3:30. Christine DeLucia, Williams College; Kendra Field, Tufts University; and moderator Catherine Allgor, MHS

Watch the recording of this event, embedded below:

Even before the arrival of enslaved Africans, Native Americans were forced into bondage and transported far from their homes in North America. Even as the Native populations were decimated and displaced, the communities that survived remained a refuge for African Americans. These distinct communities forged familial, social, and cultural bonds with each other over time. This program will explore the complex relationship between African Americans, Native Americans, the institution of slavery, and these groups’ attempts to seek equal rights in American society.

This program is part two of a four program series titled Legacies of 1619. The series is a production of the Massachusetts Historical Society and is co-sponsored by the Museum of African American History and the Roxbury Community College.