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Photographs, postcards, and engravings of Massachusetts cities and towns.

Collection Description

Photographs and other graphic material depicting various Massachusetts cities and towns, monuments, historic buildings and houses, and churches. Subjects include views of Boston, Lexington, Plymouth Rock, and Shaker communities in Harvard and Shirley, among many other places. All of the views are mounted and were originally identified, sometimes erroneously, with attached typescript notes by the staff of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Photographers include Charles H. Rogers of Plymouth, Mass. and Richard Merrill; most of the photographers, engravers, and artists are unidentified. Includes stereographs, engravings, photomechanical prints, and postcards.

Acquisition Information

Gift of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, May 2000.


These photographs are arranged alphabetically by city or town.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Box 1#196.1
Nathan Dane House, Beverly, ca. 1895Unknown photographer.


Box 1#196.2
Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Boston Common, 1900-1910Color postcard.
Box 1#196.3
Boston Harbor, ca. 1870-1880Unknown photographer.
Box 1#196.4
Custom-House, Boston, ca. 1856Engraving by J. Andrews after a drawing by C. H. Billings.
Box 1#196.5
Faneuil Hall in 1775 from an engraving in the Massachusetts Magazine of 1789, ca. 1860Engraved by C. B. Hall, New York.
Box 1#196.6
Faneuil Hall, ca. 1870-1875Unknown photographer.Stereograph.
Box 1#196.7
Faneuil Hall, ca. 1907Color postcard.
Box 1#196.8
First Church of Christ, Scientist, ca. 1927Unknown photographer.
Box 1#196.9
Haymarket Square, 1852Clipping from Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion.
Box 1#196.10
North view of King's Chapel, Tremont St., 1833Frontispiece from F. W. P. Greenwood's History of King's Chapel.
Box 1#196.11
King's Chapel, interior, ca. 1896Unknown photographer.
Box 1#196.12
An East View of the Meeting House in Hollis Street, Boston; now erecting on the ruins of one lately destroyed by fire, 1788Engraving from Columbian magazine, 1788, by J. Vallance after a drawing by C. H. Bulfinch.
Box 1#196.13
Old North Church, ca. 1900Unknown photographer.
Box 1#196.14
Paul Revere House, interior, ca. 1905Color postcard.
Box 1#196.15
Old State House, ca. 1870-1875Stereograph by an unknown photographer.
Box 1#196.16
Old State House, ca. 1910-1920Color postcard.
Box 1#196.17
Old State House, lower rotunda, ca. 1935Postcard.
Box 1#196.18
New State House, ca. 1825Engraving by Abel Bowen.
Box 1#196.19
New State House, ca. 1904Color postcard.
Box 1#196.20
East View of State Street, Boston, ca. 1843Engraving by J. J. Heath. Printed by S. N. Dickinson & Co.
Box 1#196.21-196.22
View of part of the town of Boston in New England, undatedColor photomechanical reproduction and a black and white photograph of the Paul Revere engraving.
Box 1#196.23
View of the town of Boston the Capital of New England, 1787Engraving from Columbian Magazine, Dec. 1787.
Box 1#196.24
Boston and Bunker Hill from the east, ca. 1840Engraving signed W. H. Bartlett; F. O. Freeman.
Box 1#196.25
View of Boston from the Bunker Hill Monument, ca. 1870-1875Stereograph by an unknown photographer.


Box 1#196.26
Craigie House, Cambridge, ca. 1895Unknown photographer.
Box 1#196.27
"Washington elm," Cambridge, ca. 1900Unknown photographer.


Box 1#196.28
Bunker Hill Monument, Charlestown, ca. 1870-1875Stereograph by an unknown photographer.
Box 1#196.29
Bunker Hill Monument, Charlestown, ca. 1885Stereograph by an unknown photographer.


Box 1#196.30
Minute Man Statue, Concord, ca. 1906Unknown photographer.


Box 1#196.31
Lawrence Academy, Groton, Mass., ca. 1868Engraving attributed to Thomas Chubbuck.


Box 1#196.32
Church Office & Meeting House, Harvard Shaker Community, ca. 1890Stereograph by an unknown photographer.
Box 1#196.33
Square House, Harvard Shaker Community, ca. 1890Stereograph by an unknown photographer.


Box 1#196.34
"Badger Farm," Holden, ca. 1911Unknown photographer.

Home of Louise Hamilton Murdock and Emma Baxter.


Box 1#196.35
Whipple House, Ipswich, ca. 1900Stereograph by an unknown photographer.


Box 1#196.36
Elm Court, Lenox, after 1885Unknown photographer.

Home of William D. Sloane.


Box 1#196.37
View of the Monument and Battle-Ground, at Lexington, Mass., 1852Clipping from Gleason's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion, vol. 2.
Box 1#196.38
Minute-Man statue by H. H. Kitson on Lexington battle green, ca. 1900Unknown photographer.
Box 1#196.39
Old Belfry, Lexington, ca. 1900Unknown photographer.
Box 1#196.40
Lexington Common, ca. 1910Stereograph published by Keystone Views Co.
Box 1#196.41
Battle Monument, Lexington, ca. 1935Unknown photographer.
Box 1#196.42
Stephen Robbins House, Lexington, ca. 1915Unknown photographer.


Box 1#196.43
Quaker Meeting House (interior), Nantucket, undatedUnknown photographer.


Box 1#196.44
National Monument to the Forefathers, Plymouth, ca. 1880-1893Stereograph taken by C. H. Rogers, Plymouth, Mass.
Box 1#196.45
Pilgrim Hall, Plymouth, ca. 1880-1893Stereograph taken by C. H. Rogers, Plymouth, Mass.
Box 1#196.46
Pilgrim Hall, Plymouth, 1893-1898Unknown photographer.
Box 1#196.47
Plymouth Rock, ca. 1880-1893Stereograph taken by C. H. Rogers, Plymouth, Mass.
Box 1#196.48
Plymouth Rock, ca. 1900Unknown photographer.
Box 1#196.49
Plymouth Rock, 1898Photomechanical reproduction of photo by E. M. Perry.


Box 1#196.50-196.51
Iron Works, Saugus, ca. 1950Taken by Richard Merrill.


Box 1#196.52
North Family buildings, Shaker Community, Shirley, ca. 1870Stereograph by an unknown photographer.
Box 1#196.53
North Family buildings, Shaker Community, Shirley, ca. 1870-1875Stereograph taken by B. F. Foster, Milford, N.H.
Box 1#196.54
North Family buildings, Shaker Community, Shirley, ca. 1870Stereograph by an unknown photographer.

South Hadley

Box 1#196.55
Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, ca. 1880Unknown photographer.

Preferred Citation

Massachusetts views III, Photo. Coll. 196, Massachusetts Historical Society Photo Archives.

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Merrill, Richard, photographer.
Rogers, Charles H., photographer


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