Halliday's Collection of Photographs of Old and Historic Buildings in New England

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Collection Summary


This collection consists of two volumes of photographs of historic homes and buildings in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire, taken by the photographer William H. Halliday.

Collection Description

Two volumes of photographs of historic homes and buildings in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire, taken by the photographer William H. Halliday. Subjects include the Adams house in Quincy, Mass.; the Paul Revere house in Boston; the Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Nathaniel Hawthorne homes in Concord, Mass.; and the Saltonstall House in Ipswich, Mass., among many others. Both volumes were owned by Sarah Lawrence Brooks and are inscribed with her name.

Acquisition Information

The William Halliday collection of photographs were given to the Massachusetts Historical Society by Emily Lewis in December 2003.


The photographs are arranged in the order in which they appear in the volumes.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Vol. 1#150.1
Bernard Capen House, Washington Street, opposite Melville Avenue, Dorchester. Built 1632.
Vol. 1#150.2
Saltonstall House, Ipswich, Mass. Built 1633.
Vol. 1#150.3
Gov. Craddock House, Medford, Mass. Built 1634.
Vol. 1#150.4
Craddock Farm House, Wellington, Mass.
Vol. 1#150.5
Fairbanks House, Dedham, Mass. Built 1636.
Vol. 1#150.6
Hill House, North Saugus, Mass.
Vol. 1#150.7
Ellery House, Gloucester, Mass.
Vol. 1#150.8
Blake House, Cottage Street, near Five Corners, Dorchester, Mass. Built 1640.
Vol. 1#150.9
Doten House, Plymouth, Mass. Built 1657.
Vol. 1#150.10
Alden House, Duxbury, Mass. Built 1653.
Vol. 1#150.11
Standish House, Duxbury, Mass. Built 1665.
Vol. 1#150.12
Howland-Carver House, Plymouth, Mass. Built 1660.
Vol. 1#150.13
Jacobs House, Danversport, Mass. Built about 1650.
Vol. 1#150.14
Rebecca Nurse House, Danvers, Mass. Built in 1692.
Vol. 1#150.15
John G. Whittier House, Haverhill, Mass. Built about 1680.
Vol. 1#150.16
Joseph Peaslee House, Haverhill, Mass. Built about 1670. The old Garrison House.
Vol. 1#150.17
Old Stone Garrison House (formerly called the Pierce House), Newbury, Mass. Built about 1650.
Vol. 1#150.18
Tavern on the Shawshine River, Bedford, Mass. Built ca. 1650.
Vol. 1#150.19
Newgate-Yeamen Garrison House, Revere, Mass. Built ca. 1650.
Vol. 1#150.20
Birthplace of John Adams, Quincy, Mass. Built prior to 1735.
Vol. 1#150.21
Quincy Mansion, Wollaston, Mass.
Vol. 1#150.22
Old Manse, Concord, Mass.
Vol. 1#150.23
Royall Mansion, Medford, Mass. Built about 1725.
Vol. 1#150.24
Old tavern, Norfolk Street, Dorchester, Mass.
Vol. 1#150.25
Wayside Inn, Sudbury, Mass. Built 1690.
Vol. 1#150.26
Hosmer House, Concord, Mass.
Vol. 1#150.27
Minott House, Concord, Mass. Built 1680.
Vol. 1#150.28
Barrett House, Concord, Mass. Built 1660.
Vol. 1#150.29
Garrison House, South Sudbury, Mass. Built ca. 1660.
Vol. 2#150.30
Barker House, Pembroke, Mass. Built 1628.
Vol. 2#150.31
Pierce Homestead, Dorchester, Mass. Built 1635.
Vol. 2#150.32
Pratt House, Chelsea, Mass. Built ca. 1656.
Vol. 2#150.33
Roger Williams House, Salem, Mass. Built 1631.
Vol. 2#150.34
Boardman House, North Saugus, Mass. Built 1650.
Vol. 2#150.35
Aspinwall House, Brookline, Mass. Built 1600.
Vol. 2#150.36
Lynde House, Washington Street, Wyoming, Mass. Built ca. 1675.
Vol. 2#150.37
Noyes House, Newbury, Mass. Built 1645.
Vol. 2#150.38
Old stone mill, Newport, R.I. Built by Benedict Arnold, 1660.
Vol. 2#150.39
Page Homestead, Bedford, Mass.
Vol. 2#150.40
Bacon Homestead, Bedford, Mass.
Vol. 2#150.41
Sir William Pepperell House, Kittery Point, N.H. Built 1685.
Vol. 2#150.42
Gov. Banning Wentworth House, Little Harbor, Portsmouth, N.H.
Vol. 2#150.43
Gov. Bradstreet House, North Andover, Mass. Built ca. 1667.
Vol. 2#150.44
Vassaill Mansion, Quincy, Mass.
Vol. 2#150.45
Ruggles-Adams House, Quincy, Mass. Built 1660.
Vol. 2#150.46
Old Powder House, Somerville, Mass. Built prior to 1720.
Vol. 2#150.47
Black Horse Tavern, Winchester, Mass. Built 1742.
Vol. 2#150.48
Warner House, Portsmouth, N.H. Built 1718.
Vol. 2#150.49
Old Quincy House. Built ca. 1680.

Inscription: "Birthplace of Dorothy Q. 'Mistress Hancock'/ Now known as the 'Peter Butler House'."

Vol. 2#150.50
Hartt House, Hull Street, Boston, Mass. Built 1724.
Vol. 2#150.51
Thoreau House, Prince Street, Boston, Mass. Built 1727.
Vol. 2#150.52
Paul Revere House, North Square, Boston, Mass. Built 1676.
Vol. 2#150.53
Wells House, Salem Street, Boston, Mass. Built 1660.
Vol. 2#150.54
King's Chapel, Boston, Mass. Built 1749.
Vol. 2#150.55
Old South Church, Boston, Mass. Built 1730.
Vol. 2#150.56
Christ's Church, Boston, Mass. Built 1723.
Vol. 2#150.57
John Hancock House, Boston, Mass. Built 1737.
Vol. 2#150.58
Galloupe House, Hull Street, Boston, Mass. Built 1724.
Vol. 2#150.59
Munroe Tavern, Lexington, Mass. Built 1695.
Vol. 2#150.60
Hancock House, Lexington, Mass. Built 1698, enlarged 1734.
Vol. 2#150.61
Buckman Tavern, Lexington, Mass. Built 1690.
Vol. 2#150.62
Wadsworth House, Cambridge, Mass. Built 1726.
Vol. 2#150.63
Longfellow's home, Cambridge, Mass. Built 1759.
Vol. 2#150.64
Judge Joseph Lee home, Brattle Street, Cambridge, Mass. Built prior to 1665.
Vol. 2#150.65
Old Church, Concord, Mass.
Vol. 2#150.66
Ralph Waldo Emerson home, Concord, Mass.
Vol. 2#150.67
Wayside, Nathaniel Hawthorne home, Concord, Mass.
Vol. 2#150.68
Thoreau residence, Concord, Mass.
Vol. 2#150.69
House at Merriam's Corner, Concord, Mass.
Vol. 2#150.70
Joesph Putnam House, Danvers, Mass. Built ca. 1650.
Vol. 2#150.71
Sarah Osburn home, Danvers, Mass. Built 1660.
Vol. 2#150.72
Page House, Danvers, Mass. Built 1750.
Vol. 2#150.73
Pratt-Green House, Revere, Mass.
Vol. 2#150.74
Col. Samuel Johnson home, North Andover, Mass. Built prior to 1771.
Vol. 2#150.75
Dalton Mansion, Newburyport, Mass. Built 1723.
Vol. 2#150.76
Gen. Brickett home, Haverhill, Mass.
Vol. 2#150.77
Fountain Tavern, Medford, Mass. Built 1725.
Vol. 2#150.78
Gov. Brooks House, Medford, Mass.
Vol. 2#150.79
Gov. Bellingham-Carey Mansion, Chelsea, Mass.
Vol. 2#150.80
Col. Baldwin residence, North Woburn, Mass.
Vol. 2#150.81
Birthplace of Count Rumford, Woburn, Mass.
Vol. 2#150.82
Apthorp Palace, Cambridge, Mass. Built 1760.
Vol. 2#150.83
House in which Gen Joseph Warren passed the night [no location identified].
Vol. 2#150.84
Stevens House, Andover, Mass. Built 1660.
Vol. 2#150.85
Crafts House, Tremont Street, Roxbury, Mass. Built 1707.

Preferred Citation

Halliday's collection of photographs of old and historic buildings in New England, Photo. Coll. 150, Massachusetts Historical Society Photo Archives.

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Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-1882 --Homes and haunts--Massachusetts--Concord--Photographs.
Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-1864 --Homes and haunts--Massachusetts--Concord--Photographs.
Revere, Paul, 1735-1818 --Homes and haunts--Massachusetts--Boston--Photographs.
Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862 --Homes and haunts--Massachusetts--Concord--Photographs.
Adams family--Homes and haunts--Massachusetts--Quincy--Photographs.
Saltonstall family--Homes and haunts--Massachusetts--Ipswich--Photographs.
Brooks, Sarah Lawrence, 1845-1915.


Dwellings--New Hampshire--Photographs.
Dwellings--Rhode Island--Photographs.
Historic buildings--Massachusetts--Photographs.
Historic buildings--New Hampshire--Photographs.
Historic buildings--Rhode Island--Photographs.
Photograph albums.