Public Program Cotton & Race in the Making of Massachusetts & America 19 November 2012.Monday, 6:00PM - 7:30PM Pre-Talk Reception at 5:30 P.M. Gene Dattel

Gene Dattel, author of Cotton and Race in the Making of America, will bring the relationship of cotton and race out of the regional shadows into the forefront of American history. The powerful dynamic of cotton, the first truly global business, produced catastrophic racial consequences and performed a critical nation-building economic impact. Dattel casts light upon today’s economic and racial issues and financial policies. He explains why the antebellum North provides the key to the tragedy of African American history from Reconstruction to the present.

Gene Dattel grew up in the cotton country of the Mississippi Delta and studied history at Yale and law at Vanderbilt. He then embarked on a twenty-year career in financial capital markets. Mr Dattel is now a New York/Connecticut-based financial historian who lectures widely. Additional information may be obtained at

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Due to circumstances beyond his control, Niall Ferguson will no longer be able to moderate the talk.