Pauline Maier Early American History Seminar Honoring Daniel K. Richter: McNeil Center Alumni Discuss Their Research and Experiences registration required at no cost 12 May 2020.Tuesday, 5:15PM - 7:30PM Sari Altshuler, Northeastern University; Chris Parsons, Northeastern University; Joseph Rezek, Boston University; Hunt Howell, Boston University; Jen Manion, Amherst College; Elizabeth Ellis, New York University; and Alicia DeMaio, Harvard University Image entitled /2012/juniper/assets/section37/Seminar_2019-2020/eahs_banner.jpg

Award-winning scholar Daniel K. Richter is one of the most prolific historians working on Native American and Early American history. More than just serving as a premier academic as the Roy F. and Jeannette P. Nichols Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania, however, Prof. Richter has also been a dedicated mentor and teacher. Through his work as the Richard S. Dunn Director of the McNeil Center for Early American Studies, Richter has advised and inspired generations of young scholars and convened thought-provoking conferences that have sparked new avenues of research. In this last program of the seminar season, seven former students discuss their latest research and reflect on how Prof. Richter influenced their work and understanding of history.