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With your MHS Fund donation of $500 or more, you will join the Society's most generous donors, who are committed to supporting its mission--and who enjoy a full year of social, cultural, and educational experiences reserved for this select group. Consider becoming a member of one of the giving circles and you, too, can take advantage of the privileges that the MHS offers to its closest friends.

$500 - $1,249             The Robert Treat Paine Circle

During his illustrious career Robert Treat Paine (1731-1814) not only signed the Declaration of Independence, but served on the prosecution for the landmark Boston Massacre and Shays’ Rebellion trials. His collection of personal, business, and legal papers speak to these significant moments in the nation’s founding.

  • Automatic annual MHS membership benefits:
    • Subscriptions to Miscellany, the Society’s semi-annual print newsletter, and the Massachusetts Historical Review, the Society’s annual journal
    • Discounts on selected MHS publications
    • Invitations to Members-only events, including exhibition openings and special behind-the-scenes tours
  • An MHS pin that we encourage you to wear to all events
  • An annual event for Paine Circle members
  • An invitation to join us on the bus for the new MHS Local Travel Series

$1,250 - $4,999           The Jeremy Belknap Circle

A prominent minister and historian, Jeremy Belknap (1744-1798) founded the MHS in 1791. His papers, which form the nucleus of the Society’s collections, include correspondence with John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington, as well as historical documents that he collected for his research and ministerial writings.

  • All of the privileges of the Paine Circle including events
  • Priority registration for select MHS Fellow and Member events
  • An invitation to participate in the MHS Abroad Travel Series
  • One complimentary year-long joint gift membership to offer to your friends
  • An annual event for Belknap Circle members

$5,000 - $9,999           The Mercy Otis Warren Circle

One of the most significant writers of the founding era, Mercy Otis Warren (1728-1814) is best known for her 1805 three-volume history of the Revolution. Her papers include manuscript copies of her plays, poems, and correspondence with key figures of the time, particularly the Adamses.

  • All of the privileges of the Belknap Circle including events
  • An annual “insider's view” lunch with the President and MHS experts
  • 50% off of two tickets and priority registration for the MHS Local Travel Series

$10,000 - $19,999       The Paul Revere Circle

A tradesman and entrepreneur, Paul Revere’s (1735-1818) papers include family correspondence and business records, as well as three separate accounts of his famous “midnight ride.” The MHS also holds a number of important examples of his work, such as a pine tree penny, silver urn, and original copy of the Boston Massacre engraving.

  • All of the privileges of the Warren Circle including events
  • Two complimentary year-long joint gift memberships to offer to your friends
  • A private, behind-the-scenes daytime tour tailored to your interests with a mini reception for you and four of your friends
  • Two complimentary tickets and priority registration for the new MHS Local Travel Series

$20,000 - $49,999       The Thomas Jefferson Circle

Celebrated as the author of American independence, Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) was also the third U.S. President. The Society’s Coolidge Collection of Thomas Jefferson Manuscripts includes his correspondence with other Founding Fathers, a handwritten draft of the Declaration of Independence, Farm and Garden Books, and architectural drawings.

  • All of the privileges of the Revere Circle including events
  • A signed publication from the MHS
  • An annual dinner with the President and a visiting scholar

$50,000 and up       The John and Abigail Adams Circle

Widely considered the nation’s “founding couple,” John (1735-1826) and Abigail (1744-1818) Adams were the second U.S. president and first lady. Their papers, and those of their descendants, comprise the Society’s largest and most significant collection. Highlights include John’s notes on the Boston Massacre, draft of the Declaration of Independence, and correspondence with his “dearest friend,” Abigail.

  • All of the privileges of the Jefferson Circle including events
  • An annual behind-the-scenes evening program and dinner with the President for you and four guests

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