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Massachusetts Historical Society. Selections from The Coming of the American Revolution, 1764-1776.  Digitized documents from the Society's collections to be used online before, during, and after the workshop. Originals will be available for viewing at the MHS.

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*Suggestions for further reading; not required.

Daily Schedule of Readings (tentative)


Gross, The Minutemen and Their World.


Primary Sources from the Coming of the American Revolution, www.masshist.org/revolution.


Mires, The American Revolution Handbook. 

National Park Service. Honored Places. [Lesson one]

National Park Service. Hour by Hour.


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Additional Resources

Minuteman National Historical Park: http://www.nps.gov/mima/index.htm

Concord Museum: http://www.concordmuseum.org/

Lexington Historical Society: http://www.lexingtonhistory.org/

Paul Revere House: http://www.paulreverehouse.org/

The Old Manse: http://www.thetrustees.org/places-to-visit/greater-boston/old-manse.html








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