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Searched all words in Diaries of John Adams for The Weather has been and held so uncommonly cold ever since you left me

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John Adams diary 18, 17 June - 6 July 1771 [electronic edition]
... Lads Ladds, Sewall and Lowell went to James Sullivans. Sunday Morning the Weather was fair, and We set off, for Scarborough, put up at Millikins, went to Meeting forenoon and afternoon, heard Mr. Briggs a young Gentleman and after Meeting rode to Falmouth, and I put up at Webbs where I have been ever since reading the Atchievements of Don Quixotte. This has been the most flat, insipid ...
John Adams diary 6, 2 December 1760 - 3 March 1761 [electronic edition]
... White before Coll. Quincy, at James Bracketts. What will be the Consequence of this Tryal?with my to me, to Hunt, and to White? White has been punished, for his licentious Tittle tatle, but Hunt has gained neither Recompence nor Credit. Benja. Thayer is enraged and Prat and Pitty Pettee were enraged at me for abusing them, by asking them their Thoughts. Ben. Thayer continues so, for aught I ...
John Adams diary 1, 18 November 1755 - 29 August 1756 [electronic edition]
... fair, cold day. Drank Tea at Mrs. Paines. All day, in high health, and spirits. Writing Tillotson. That Comet Halley's comet which appeared in 1682, is expected again this year, and we have intelligence, that it has been seen, about 10 days since, near midnight, in the East. -- I find my self very much inclin'd to an unreasonable absence of mind, and to a morose, unsociable disposition. Let it ...
John Adams diary 5, 26 May - 25 November 1760 [electronic edition]
... . Quincy waited on him to thank him for his slips, but I am sorry Sir to give you so much Trouble. Oh Sir, says Franklin the Trouble is nothing Sir, to me, if the Vines do but succeed in your Province. However I was obliged to take more Pains than I expected when I saw you. I had been told, that the Vines were in the City but I found none and was obliged to send up to a Village 70 miles from the ...
John Adams diary 12, 30 December 1765 - 20 January 1766 [electronic edition]
... the Power, of the Government, to himself and his family, and who has been endeavouring to procure more, both on this side and the other side the Atlantic? Read Shakespears Life of K. Henry 8th. Spent the Evening with the Company of Singers at Moses Adams's. Clarendon to Pym. They are extreamly proud of their Country, and they have reason to be so. Millions, Tens and Hundreds of Millions ...
John Adams diary 3, 1759 [electronic edition]
... Revenge. Arise black Vengeance from the hollow Hell is the language of Othello. I expect to hear very soon that he has divulged that story. By saying you have corresponded with Dr. Lincoln so long and by saying I can tell you how J. Brackett carries your Letters to Captn. Hews's, and leaves them there, and takes Lincolns Letters to you, she judged, that J. Brackett had told me she held a ...
John Adams diary 24, 15 September 1775 - 3 January 1776 [electronic edition]
... . He has been in Prison -- discharged by some insolvent or bankrupt Act. He thinks We shall have hot Work, next Spring. He told me an old half Pay Officer, such as himself, would sell well next Spring. And when he went away, he said to S.A. and me, if you want me, next Spring for any Service, you know where I am, send for me. I am to be sold. He says the Scotch Men at home, say d--n that ...
John Adams diary 47, 13 February 1778 - 26 April 1779 [electronic edition]
... -- half the Sailors were so. My young Gentlemen, Jesse and Johnny, were taken about 12 O Clock last night and have been very seasick ever since. I was seized with it myself this Forenoon. My Servant Joseph Stephens and the Captns. Will have both been very bad. FEB. 19. THURSDAY. Arose at 4 O Clock. The Wind and Weather still fair. The Ship rolls less than ...
John Adams diary 7, 21 March - 18 October 1761 [electronic edition]
... spight of all the Infirmities of old Age I am the most tittering, giggling Mortal you ever saw. But the amplest source of my merriment, thru the whole Course of my Life has been the affair of English Priviledges, British Liberty and all that. I have heard Men every Day for fifty Years boasting, "our Constitution is the finest under heaven. We are governed by our own Laws. No Tyrant can Lord it ...
John Adams diary 10, 24 January - 21 February 1765, August 1765 [electronic edition]
... 's text, Milo said: "If you had thus delivered [your speech in my favor], Marcus Tullius, I would not have eaten bearded fishes [in Marseilles]."-- for he had been eating a sort of bearded Fishes, that he found at Marseilles. THURDSDAY. JANY. 31 ST. The snowy Weather prevented me from going to Dudleys. The Sodality however met and read the two Titles assigned ...

Searched all words in Diaries of John Adams for The Weather has been and held so uncommonly cold ever since you left me