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Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 8 January 1796

My Dearest Friend

The Sec. of State has received a Duplicate No. 55 from Mr. A. dated The Hague Octr. 15 of which the following is an Extract.

"I received yesterday from Hamburg the Letter, which you did me the honour to write me on the 14th. of August, with a Duplicate of that dated July 21. The Copy of the proposed Treaty, between the United States and Great Britain, with the Act of the Senate relative to it which you mention to have sent me by a previous Opportunity has not yet reached me, nor any Newspapers from the Department of State later than the 30th of April."

"The Dispatches of which I have hereby acknowledged the Receipt were forwarded from Hamburg by Mr. Parish, who mentions that they were sent to him by Mr. Frazer, the English Minister at that Place, in consequence of orders from Lord Grenville. By the Superscription on the outward Cover of your Letters it appears, that Mr. Hammond was the Bearer of them from America. Immediately upon the Receipt of your last orders, I took measures preparatory to my Departure from London. The regular Communication between these Provinces and England being still interrupted I am obliged to go by way of Hamburg, or to take the Advantage

of the first neutral Vessell, intending to go from Home to London. Such an opportunity presents itself and I hope to sail from Rotterdam, some day between the 20 and 25 of the current Month. Confirmably to your Directions, I shall commit the affairs of the United States here to the Charge of my Secretary during my Absence, and observing the usual Attentions during upon a temporary Absence, shall endeavour to obviate any Impressions that may arise from my going to London at this Period. The peculiarity of Circumstances which mark the present Moment, so recent since the declaration of War by Great Britain against these Provinces, and happening at the Instant, when the decision is taken for the Convocation of a general national Assembly, which changes the Supreme Authority of this Country, will perhaps render my departure specially liable to Observation, but I hope that the Explanation I shall make will prevent any Umbrage being taken, upon erroneous Suspicions."

You see by the above that one of your sons is probably in England and the other in Holland. I transcribe it for you knowing and feeling your Anxiety.

I am &c.
J. A.

Mrs. A.

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