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Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 15 June 1795

My Dearest Friend

I have regularly received Your Letters and thank you for them. I have read the pamphlets. The Bone has much good natured Witt, contains many painfull facts, and shows in a strong light what manner of Spirit actuates the pretended Patriots. HeThe writer has in some places taken, a poetical Licence. I have not offerd it where I am. Society and Interest will and dissapointed ambition will have their influence upon most minds. Be assured I am remarkably cautious upon the Subject of politicks. I am satisfied mine would essentially clash with any one, who could call the peace System, a milk and water System.

I hope and trust the decision upon the Treaty will be a Wise and candid one. That it should not be suddenly rejected or accepted will I believe be more acceptable to the people than if it was other ways. I hope however a fortnight at furthest will be found sufficient. My Health has been much mended by my Journey. Johns Ague after 3 fits of it, terminated by falling into his face.

You mention having read a part of the dispatches from the Hague, Are they made publick to the Senate?

My best respects to the President and Mrs. Washington. Love to Mrs. Otis, Betsy Smith &c.

Most affectionatly Yours A Adams

Have you read G. Adams Speach to the assembly. It is seasoned a little.

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