To his Honor the Lieutenant Governor
on the death of his Lady March 24th. 1773
[This is a manuscript copy not in Phillis Wheatley's hand.]

All conquering Death! by thy resistless power,
Hope's tow'ring plumage falls t rise no more!
Of scenes terrestrial how the glories fly,
Forget their splendors, & submit t die!
Who e'er escaped thee but the *Saint of old,
Beyond the flood, in sacred annals told?
And the great Sage, [degree symbol used here as footnote indicator ] whose fiery coursers dew
To Heaven's bright portals from Elisha's view;
Wondering he gazed at the refulgent car,
Then snatched the mantle floating on the air;
From Death then only could exemption boast,
And without dying gained the immortal coast.
Not falling millions sate the tyrant's mind,
Nor can the victor's progress be confined.
But cease thy strip with death, fond Nature, cease.
He leads the virtuous to the realms of peace;
His to conduct to the immortal plains,
Where Heaven's Supreme in bliss & glory reigns.

* Enoch --     * Elijah
To go at foot of pge 8.

There sit, illustrious Sir, thy beauteous spouse;
A gem-blazed circle beaming on her brows.
Hailed with acclaim among the heavenly choirs,
Her soul new kindling with seraphic fires,
To notes divine the tunes the vocal strings,
While Heaven's high concase with the music rings.
Virtue's rewards can mortal pencil paint?
No -- all description cuts & eloquence are faint;
Nor canst thou, Oliver, assent refuse
To Heavenly tidings from the Afric Muse --

As soon may change thy laws, eternal fate,
As the Saint raise the glories I relate
Or her benevolence forgotten lie,
Which wiped the trickling tear from Misery's eye.
Whene'er the adverse winds were known to blow,
When loss t loss* ensued, & woe t woe,
Calm & serene beneath her father's hand,
She sat resigned to the Divine Command --

* Three amiable daughters who died when
just arrived at woman's estate.

No longer, then, Great Sir, her death deplore,
And let us hear the mournful sigh no more;
Restrain the sorrow streaming from thine eye,
Be all future moments crowned with joy!
Nor let thy wishes be t earth confined,
But, soaring high, pursue the unbodied mind,
Forgive the Muse, forgive the adventurous lays,
That fain thy soul t heavenly scenes would raise --