John Cornuck Mate, Richard Smith Carpenter,
Robert Born Boatswain, & Henry Angel, Thomas
Thurstam, Rees Thomas, Joseph Drasey foremastmen
belonging to the ship More Hampton make Oath; That,
July last, the second day after their departure from
Plymouth in New England on their present Voyage
for this Place, appeared aboard the said Ship
a Negro Man that calls himself Pompey, and he being
Examined by their Comander John Moffatt before them,
and asked who and whence he was, & why and how
he got there Replied; That he belonged to Mrs.
Cross, had Served Mr. Richard Trevit of Marblehead
many years, had fled from a Shallop that apper=
-tained to the said Richard Trevit because of the
bad usage he had received from him, & that about
Twelve of the Clock in the night he Privately got
aboard the ship while she lay at Anchor, by means
of a Canon [cannon] that was then by the Shoar [Shore] Side. As
Witness their Hands

Jno. Cornuck
Robert Born
Thomas Thurstam
Richard Smith
Rees Thomas
the mark of [symbol] Henry Angell
Joseph Draysey

Jurant Coram me

Porto 7, Octobris 1724 --

=Robert. Jackson

We underwritten do certify yt. the behind Sign and handwriting
is of Mr. Robert Jackson Consul of ye. British Factory
witness our Sign -- Porto ye. 9th. 8ber. 1724 --

Bn. Archdeacon

Geo: Hammond

John Stevenson & Compa.

Quane's & Wright