Dr. Fansher’s Rules,
To be observed during Vaccination.

THE diet needs no deviation
From that before inoculation
The little silken paper patch
May soon be from the arm detach'd.
Loose sleeves are best; and arms kept cool:
Children need not be kept from school.
In case the inoculated part
Should feel uneasy, itch and smart;
Don't shove up sleeves, nor scratch; nor fret it;
But, with some salt and water, wet it.
Don't lift the children by the arm,
Nor bind it up, 'twould do it harm.
Cold water's safe in every case,
To wash the patient's hands and face.
From work no patient need abstain,
At least, in case he feels no pain.
Symptoms the eighth day or before:
The arm is seldom very sore
Nor does it scarcely give disease:
The pustule's like a mallows cheese.
But none should fail to be inspected,
A spurious case can be detected.
Persons in any situation
Fit subjects are for vaccination.
And infants one week old or less,
It gives them no uneasiness.
It is presumed no prudent mother
Will vaccinate one child from another:
Better to make the business sure,
And ever after feel secure,
From that disease which seals their doom,
And hides its victims in the tomb.
Or, if the life is spared, it mars
The blooming cheek with dismal scars!

N.B. Children at school, should be permit-
ted to go out oftener than usual, to take the fresh
air while under vaccination.

[There are two engraved illustrations at the top of the sheet. ]

[Caption of image top left:] Going to be Vaccinated.     [Caption of image top right:] Returning home.