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29th Saturday. In the afternoon I went with
Gertrude, and Johnny to "Barnum's" Aquarials.
We went in time to see Commodore Nut
as he is called, and see a man swing
on a rope, and turn head-over-heels on
it, and see a contortionist, and we
heard a man sing a real funny song,
and then we went down to the lower

place of the Aquarial gardens, and saw
the rhinoceros eating , and then he went
down into his tank, an laid down. -
contented. I guess.
We saw the seals
too, and then there
were some holes in
the wall, that if
you looked through,
you would see a view of some place. One
was of a place burning up. I spent some
time looking at "the happy family,["] monkeys
one dog, cats, hens, owls, and soforth.
We (Johnny, and I
wanted to wait
till the second play,
but somebody
would have to
take Gertrude home,
and as we had
found her brother
at the Aquarials
we told him to
take her home. Arlie is about seven years
old, but he wouldn't, so nasty little
thing he made Johnny go home with


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