[The top of this page includes the end of an entry for 19 November and an entry for 20 November. These entries have not been transcribed. ]

Thursday 21st
In the morning I went
with Johnny, and
Helen to the
Aquarial Gardens,
first we looked at
the birds and fishes
, and then we looked
at the animals. There
is a whale in a
tank, the whale was
about as long as
two short men, and he is as white almost as snow. there is
a dolphin with him, and several little fishes, and there was
a fountain in the tank, which looks very prettily when
it plays.

Then we went down to the lower hall where the animals
were, and we saw a moose. We saw some monkeys, one of them
was all the time doing mischief, and he would frighten the others,
and drive them from their places so, that Johnny, and I
called him "the bully." Once as he was climbing down the
railing, a gentleman tickled his foot, so the monkey sprang
down, and stared at this gentleman so, with his eyes, and mouth open,
that it made everybody laugh.
We saw a beautiful parrot which
was all red, and green, and
blue. Then a native took hold
of two kangaroos,
and rushed
round with them, I dont believe they
liked it much. We saw the dolphin
fed. When we went from the Aquarial
gardens, a man told us we might come again if we wanted
to, and not pay any thing. In the afternoon we
went again to see the animals fed.
In the evening we went to Aunt
Hannah's as it is Thanksgiving.
There I read the story of
punchinello. We had a very nice time, and stayed till half past eleven! What a time

for me to stay up!

[The remainder of this page contains an entry for 22 November that has not been transcribed. ]