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Pocket watch belonging to Major General John Thomas

Pocket watch belonging to Major General John Thomas Silver


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    [ This description is from the project: Revolutionary-era Art and Artifacts ]

    A pocket watch that belonged to John Thomas (1724-1776), a general in the Continental Army.

    A silver pocket watch with a double bottom pair case and working fly spring. The watch has a white enamel face with black enamel chapters and center seconds with double lunette glass and a cut top. The silver case liner is probably the original. Maker marks: "MITCHELSON--LONDON" on the dial; "Waltr. Mitchelson--8--Helmt. Row Old--Street--London--No. 2406" on the full cap; "Waltr. Mitchelson--Helmt. Row Old Street London 2406" on the plate; "T", "WB", and "BO" on the reverse case back and inner back.