Upon the return of the amiable Youth, who has been an
inhabitant for many weeks under that roof where once the
most happy Tranquility reignd, I should think myself wanting if I
did not express the Satisfaction I have received in his obliging
Deportment, how shall I regret His Absence who in some measure
has relievd my mind, too much involvd in gloomy Scenes.

It gives me pleasure in Contemplating the Blessings an Affectionate
Parent may expect in the promising genius & happy disposition of
such a Son. Surely may she say, this same shall Comfort me!

And can I take my pen without pouring out my
complaint into that commiserating Bosom of a Sister heart
which is ever expanded to receive the Sighs of Afflicted ones.
Ah! the many months that have passd since that Fatal blow
to all my pleasures has not lessend the keen edge nor paliated
the bitter cup! O how recent the inreplicable wound! Fain would
I repair to that Sacred Repository. Those immutable Promises
the kind Sustainer of life has made to Widow'd ones. But oh
how insufficient am I to receive those Consolations. An Evil heart

A desponding mind, the anxious Cares attendant on preserving a
poor unworthy Existence. the unsalutary dispositions of our Contemporarys
that disrelish to remaining enjoyments. and ah! that Fatal fall
from the sublime pleasures of the most engaging Converse to the trifling—
— o that I had the wings of A dove that I could fly away & be at
rest. Your Consoling animating ingenious poetic peice I inclosd
to Dr Cooper. who Calld on me to let me know how much He was
pleasd with it, after passing many encomiums upon it said. he
would take care to get it made public that others might enjoy
the Pleasure likewise. The amiable Charles just now comes to tell
me he must take his departure in half an hour. therefore I must
shorten my Letter, with the most grateful Affection allow me to

Subscribe Your Obligd.
Hannah Winthrop.

Cambridge Octr 12. 1779


Mrs Warren


Mrs Winthrop
Octr 12th 1779