My Dear my Ever amiable Marcia,

as I am prevented the
pleasure of Seeing you propria Persona, my other self will find an
equal pleasure in paying a Visit to the friend of my heart. I wanted
an opportunity to chat to you of my pleasant journey to Midleborough
and of the kind Reception I met from your good & agreeable Portia.
Your introducing me to the acquaintance of so Valuable & accomplisht
a person Lays me under an additional obligation to you, I
promise myself much Satisfaction & improvement in an inter
course with her. After Leaving you, we Travelled safely to Concord
To View the Spacious House as it was represented provided for
us, & had it not been for Mrs Halls description of it, I should
have been disapointed in the appearance of it, which is in the
humble Stile & has been the habitation of many Donation poor,
& you may Easily imagine not in the most Elegant Taste
But if we can prevail with the Selectmen Those Guardians
of the poor to Exchange 25 wooden Squares for the more inlivening
Transparence of Glass, & a small portion of white wash to
Conceal the Ebon Colour of the Wall, & a little pointing of the
Crevices it may do Tolerably well for Pilgrims who expect to
meet inConveniences & who from the first entrance upon
the unhappy Conflict determind to endeavor after Contentment
in every Vicissitude & perhaps we may not find more faults
in our new Situation than our [immediate predecessors have] done done. But as all our happiness is Comparative, I shall have
the opportunity of daily Surveying a poor Ragged Cottage
next door, & Blessing myself that our roof, tho humble,
will shelter us from the rude inClemencies of Boreas.
I long to hear how affairs go At Watertown.
I hope I shall have the pleasure of seeing you before
you return to Plimouth. After presenting my
affectionate regards to the Good Speaker give me Leave
to use the Signature of Narcissa
or give me one agreable
to you.


Novem 5

pray make my Compliments
to the Ladies at your Lodgings


Mrs Winthrop