13 Grafton St. Bond St

Saturday night March 23d

Mr. Everett

Ten thousand thousand
thanks for your kindness, General Tom Thumb
and myself have just returned from a
visit to her Majesty the Queen, in compli-
ance with the Royal Command delivered
this afternoon by Mr. Murray. The Queen
was delighted with the General, asked
him many questions, presented him with
her own hands, confectionary &c and was
highly pleased with his answers, his songs
imitation of Napoleon &c. &c. Prince Albert
the Duchess of Kent and the Royal House-
hold expressed themselves much pleased with
the General - and on our departure the Queen
desired the Lord in waiting to request that
I would be careful and never allow the General
to be fatigued. I assured his Lordship that I would
strictly regard her Majesty's injunction. I have
now attained my highest desires, and hasten
to thank you to whom I am entirely indebted

for this great gratification. Rest assured
that your goodness will never be forgotten.

Had I anticipated this unexpected honor
I should not have written what I fear you
will regard as a presumptive letter this
morning. If so I hope you will forgive it.

Hoping to have the pleasure of seeing
yourself and friends whenever & wherever
may suit your convenience, I have
the honor to remain dear sir

Your obliged & humble servant
P. T. Barnum

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[illegible] & min Pleny. U.S.A.