[Pre-printed address of sender:] State of Louisiana,
Mayoralty of New Orleans,

City Hall 5th day of May 1865

My Dear Mother

Gen Banks having
taken it into his head that
this city requires a little more military
government, has today executed
a “coup d’etat” by which the
Civil Mayor has been decapitated
& I am installed as military vicegerent
in his place. Half the city is delighted
—the other half furious. [ . . . ]
but if it pleases you to have another
‘Mayor Quincy’ in the family—soyez
en heureuse. I hope it won’t last
long. It was a delightful scene
this A.M. when I ousted the
civil government, backed up by the
military arm. The Governor was enraged

& has gone to Washington to protest
against military despotism. I don’t care
— so long as I obey orders I am safe
I write in order that you may learn
the important fact in advance of
the newspapers

Affectionately & dutifully
S. M. Quincy

Col. U. S. V. Acting Mayor