Camp 2nd Mass. Infantry
Near Savannah, Dec. 24. 1864

Dear Mother

Here we are at last after
a successful march through the very heart
of Rebeldom, and nearer home than when
we started. When I came from Louisville
to Atlanta in a box car I prayed that
I might never again have to traverse
that route, at least so long as it remained
under military supervision, but I little
thought my prayer would meet with
so quick an answer. Well, I suppose
Tecumseh will be content to let us
stop and take a breathing spell before re–
newing the “fine winter campaign” he pro-
mised us at Atlanta. He was right, though,
in taking the winter for this march; had
it been summer many of us who are now
safe and sound would have found their
last resting place in the deadly swamps
of Georgia; the rice swamps that we have
skirmished through would have swarmed
with snakes and reptilia of Every kind
to say nothing of mosquitoes, gnats et id
omne genus innumerable. The main
features of the campaign you have probably

[At the top of the page, in another hand, reads the following:]

(No. 10) Rec' 15 January

Dec. 30. Rec'd Nov. Dec. 11. L.C.S.
16th. C.SS. 23rd C.S.S to-day

I enclose for Lilly a rebel
P.O. Stamp & some Currency got at Milledgville & Expects a letter of acknowledge-
ment for them. Love to Jim & Annie & the babes; sorry to hear that Godson is so noisy.