Culpeper March 9th

Dear Julia,

I am back to C—r
again after an absence of 4 days.
We came up from the Brigade in
the cars this morning, it rained
all Monday night and Tuesday
forenoon. So the travelling is very
bad, and Elliot thought it
best to let George bring up the
horses. It seemed very funny
to be sleeping in a tent on a
bed of hay and listen to the rain
pattering on the roof above, it
seemed as though it couldn't help
wetting through, but I slept as
dry as if I were in my own room
at home. Elliot & I had a tent
to ourselves with a nice little
stove in it a table chair etc. I
enjoy staying there very much

wish Elliot could have his
quarters there. it is pleasant
because they are all together
and have jolly times, & I like
Mrs. Leonard very much, she
enters into all the fun and seems
as young as I do. I rather ex-
pected to find her a sober sort
of a person but she isn't at all.
There is a house close by their
tents about half demolished but
they manage to make it comfortable
so that they take their meals there
and they are very lively ones too.

Monday evening we had two
Secesh females to spend the
evening with us, the Yager
sisters, who live not far away
from Hd Quarters. Capt. Porter
(Ass't. Adjt. Gen) is paying attentions
to one of them, whether he has
any serious motives I don't know

but should hardly think it pos-
sible. they are far inferior to
New England girls in intellect
appearance &c, as indeed are
all the females I have met
here, and the Capt. is a per-
son of very fine education
and quite accomplished, plays
the Piano beautifully. is a
widower however.     Last even-
ing the musical Society from the
14 Brooklyn Zouaves came down
to Serenade Col Leonard, they
are the same company who
have established an Academy
of Music here in town and give
entertainments nearly every evening to
crowded houses. They sent word
beforehand that they would
come, so the Chapel of the 16th
Maine Rt. was engaged for them
to give an entertainment in andall the Officers & Ladies in the Brigade
invited. it was really very good in-
deed. After our return to Hd. Qtrs.,
they stood out in front of the Col's
tent and gave us a serenade, were then
invited into the house to supper, where
they made themselves merry, till about
one o'clock, then were packed off
into one of the other rooms to
sleep, and Mrs. L. & I went in &
had a cup of coffee [and?] Some mince pie
& cheese, which didn't affect my
dreams at all. For three nights
I have been up till one o'clock
and past and I reckon I'll sleep
pretty soundly to-night. We are very
dissipated here in the Army.
The Officers & men mean to have
a good time, when as long as they can,
and [which?] they I don't blame them. They
see hardships enough.     The weather
is lovely to-day. I am sitting in my
room with the window open and the
birds are singing beautifully. I sup-
pose by the time I get home you will be
just commencing to have such weather as
we have had all the time I have been
here. haven't I got rid of the cold
weather nicely. I think Mother would
like living here.     Elliot sends love

With much love,
Your aff. sister Mary
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Ask Mother what Reg't her nephew is in and if his name is Wallace Holmes.
The is only one Maine Reg't in this Corps and that is the 16th, I believe that is not the one.