Washington. Sunday
[The address is printed on the page.] 1607 H. Street. May 20--

Dear pater,

Nothing very
new under the burning sun
of the week just gone
except trees & flowers.
Sunday Mme Catalano &
M de Willamov & Mr John
Jay dined here- the first
sailed for Russia on Weds.
to pass the summer on a lake
12 hours from St. Petersburg
good bye is being said here
daily now. Monday had
to breakfast Mme de Ytur
bide & her son, Miss Myers
& Mr Field. Tuesday Mrs
Cameron to breakfast. Wedsy
evening a small farewell
tea for her- only sixteen
in all.

We had ice cream & straw
berries & champagne & drank
her bon voyage. She stayed
till nearly one a.m. &
left for New York & Europe
early the next morning.
We shall miss her much.
I fancy "Don" will not come
back to the Senate anyway.
Will perhaps make a trade
with some Republican- if he
resigned as he ought it
would bring in a democrat
& so give that party a
casting vote as things are
now balanced- & as he is
a pal of Prest. Arthur that
will not be allowed-
he's going into railroading
again it is said- [on?]
Weds too Gen Walker &
Miss Lucy Fren breakfasted
here- had some talk with him about Mrs Bryant
he told me he had recd a note
from Ellen on the subject.
Mind I don't recommend any
for such a task. I doubt
if any one except Miss Folsom
is fitted for it- this lady
here is fifty at least & looks
sensitive- if anything is
meditated Miss Folsom had
better write to her first of all.
She told me she once had
the care for some time of
an invalid lady- semi
insane- & was with her
till she died. I decline
all responsibility in the
matter- especially if Aunt
Ann is to be in Bev Farms.
Your scheme of low "succur-
saal" by Richardson sounds
charming. I hope you have
it under weigh already-
to combine play room & study is original to say the least,
like grog shop & chapel.
I fear you'll find five
young ones too much for
you but we can always
take two off your hands
if you do. Thursday Mrs
Lawrence had a longer farewell
dinner to Aristarchi Bey- speech
making etc. Col Bonaparte took
me in- had Count Leyden a
a new German Sec of Legation
on left- quite intelligent.
today we've a duty dinner. Mr
& Mrs Griswold- of Bangor-
Maine- tout ce qu'il ya de
plus Bangor- a former scholar
of Henry's- clerk in the library here.
Dwight of State Dept to help
us through. Am going to take
a photo with my new machine
this p.m. at Rock Creek-
Brent driving 3 dogs- machine
& us- I sent a photo to Adie
to your care not knowing where
she is.

Adios Affly