August 4, 1956

Dear Lev:

It has been just a week since the end of the
session. I came down to my ranch last Sunday to try to
catch up on some of the sleep we all missed and to get
in a few days of relaxation. I watch my cattle and I
worry about having enough water for irrigation and I
swim around in my pool and I spend enough time with
my children so that they will remember who I am.

This way I get a much better perspective on
the seven months of the session. One of the things I
have been thinking about and which keeps coming back to
my mind is how willingly you cooperated with me all
through the session. It has meant much to me that a man
such as yourself, despite the difference in party affiliation,
has been so gracious, so kind, so thoughtful. It seems to
me that this is one of the things which makes the Senate
such a great institution.

I might have said all this to you next January,
but I did not want to let too many months go by without
saying it to you directly. That is the reason for this
personal note of thanks and gratitude.

Warm regards,
Lyndon B. Johnson

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The Honorable
Leverett Saltonstall
United States Senator
North Haven, Maine