The following is an account of the treatment I receiv
ed from my being taken up to my commitment
to goal, the treatment I received there with others,
from the time of my commitment to the time
of my releasement.
Peter Edes

June 19 [1775]. About 8 o'clock in the morning, being in Edes
and Gills office, 3 Men belonging to the ships of war
appear'd round the office and having been previously
inform'd of their pressing every person into the Service
who happened to fall in their way; I ran out of a back
door which conducted into the lane that led to my
father's house, thither I repaired; but the blood hounds
were immediately inform'd of my retreat and Speedily
follow'd me, and the dwelling almost instantaneously
Surrounded by Sailors and 3 officers. I Soon was
made a prisoner, and had the misfortune to find
myself in the hands of the most unfeeling and
worthless Set of men, one of whom upon first
discovering me cried out " I have found the damned
rebel." The fellow had a cutlass drawn in his
hand, and pull'd me to the officers, one of whom
was Capt. Lindsey: He ask'd me where Mr. Edes was,
I answer'd he was out of town: he replied, that I
was a dam'd liar, and that I had better tell him;
he repeated the question, I answer'd as before; he
ask'd me if I was Mr. Edes the printer's Son, I
told him I was; upon which he ordered me with