Marietta North Western Territory
March 30th 1802.

Dear Leverett,

You will pardon me for having so long appa-
rerently neglected writing you when you learn, that,
since I received your letter, which was in December last,
I have been during the whole of that time with the
family, who have removed about a hundred miles up
the Muskingum, where my father's land lies, &
where the situation precluded almost every idea
of an intercourse with the post office. I have em-
braced the first moment of my arrival to acknow-
ledge with gratitude the receipt of your last letter.
Great are the changes, which are taking place in
the political & still greater in the moral world.
The ruling party seem resolved to suffer no obstacle
to oppose their impetuous career, they look neither
to the right nor to the left, & the current of popular
seems now in their favor. They destroy the Ju-
diciary, undermine the mint, & apparently dare to
lay the hand of destruction on the funding
system. State independance & state prerogative
are now all the cry, & I much fear our excellent
constitution will soon be but as "the small dust of
the balance."

You have unquestionably heard of the great revival
of religion, which has taken place in various parts

of this country. Thousands of people suddenly &
irresistably falling prostrate & communicating the
mania to their neighbours affords a subject worthy
the attention of the natural philosopher.
But in this day of wonders, wonderful things
are to be expected.

This country is progressing rapidly in wealth,
population & improvement to "destinies beyond
the reach of mortal eye." You can have no idea of
the number of boats which descend this river in
a season, many with produce, many more with
families emigrating into this country. We have
at this place two vessels built & almost ready for
sailing one a ship of two hundred & thirty tons
the other a brig of one hundred & fifty tons.

I do not recollect of receiving any news for a long time
which so much affected me as information of the
death of Abagail Odlin. Altho' she was young
when I left Exeter yet even then the charms of
youth showed what might be expected in a riper
age. But, I hope she finds the untried world
more pleasant than this.

Since I wrote you last Hook passed this place
with a detachment to take command at Presq Ile.

I expect ere this he is promoted to the rank of
Captain. My sister has lately changed her
situation and married a young gentleman of the
profession of the law, who resides at this place.
Appearances are I think much in her favor.
I anxiously look forward to the period when
we are again to meet & when the scenes of
youth will again be renewed. The remem-
brance of that period & the hope that it's renova-
tion is not distant forms one great source of present

I wish you would give me an account of every [interes]
ting occurrence which has taken place at [Exeter]
since you last wrote. I had forgotten, when I [reques]
ted you to give me an account of N. Emery & N. Adams
of the particular friendship you entertained for

Remember me to Titcomb, Trevett & our other old
schoolfellows & generally to all inquiring friends,
& accept for yourself, my dear friend my most earnest
wishes, that Heaven would bestow upon you
every mercy which you so richly merit.

Lewis Cass.


P.S. I will thank you to give me an account of
the different situations of our most esteemed friends. L. C.


March 30th
Mr. Leverett Saltonstall

Marietta N. W. Territory
March 30th 1802.


L. Cass
Received April 19th -- 1802.