An account of the Damages that Jonathan
Green of Chelsea has sustained by Reson of so
much of the seat of the present war being brought
to Chelsea and So mean his farm in Sd. town Viz

April ye 19th 1775. To Removeing his Stock of 20 head
of cretures from Chelsea to Stoneham 8 miles Direction of the Comtt
of Corispondence 18 days to his Damage
To Removeing his Goods &
May ye 9th Removeing Back Several Cows and
    calves from Chelsea to Stoneham 8 miles 16 days to his Damage
May ye 15th to Damage he Sustained by his cattle being
    detained at Malden by Malden Comtt as he was
    Driveing them to his farm at Chelsea from Stoneham
May ye 27th to Removeing 22 head of his cattle from Chelsea
    8 miles by order of the officers of the army 15 days
June ye 17th to Damage he Sustained by his Removeing
    24 head of his cretures from Chelsea 8 miles 16 days at
    the Direction of the officers of the army...
July ye 13th to Removeing 24 head of his cretures
    from Chelsea 8 miles 7 days to his damage
    From June ye 1st: to the 15th of July to damage
    he Sustained by the Soldiers that Belonged to
    the provencial army by their takeing away
    out of his field about 30 Bushels of Green
    pies Summer turnips & young Cabages to the
    Value of
In the month of July to Damage he Sustained by Sd.
    Soldiers takeing away all his Charies that grew
    on above in 1000 trees
In the month of June & July to damage he Sustained
    by Said Soldiers treading down his English Grass
    Leaveing down his fence & turning their horses
    into his mowing land a number of Days
    together & some of the sd. horses some weeks
    which Destroyed as much Grass as would have
    made Between 3 & 4 Lode of English hay
    as was Supposed
And to damage Sustained by 80 Soldiers Spoiling
    his hay in his Barns for their bedding
& in the months of August Septr. & Octr to damage
    he Sustained by 80 soldiers takeing away &
    Devouring his apples & pairs
    90 pairs to the amount of above 30 Bushels and as
    many apples as would have made about 30 Barrels
    of Cyder
    This page total carried forward to the Second page 41:2:0

    The total of the Last page Brought forward 41:2.0
In the months of August and Septr to as many
    Ears of corn as would have amounted to 20
    Bushels of corn taken out of his fields by Sd
    Soldiers for Roasting to his damage --
In the months of Septr & Octr to pertatoes &
    winter turnips taken away by Sd Soldiers
    out of his field & a number of cabages Squashes
    to Sd Greens damage
Novr. ye 11th To the Damage sustained by him in
    his Removeing back from Chelsea all his
    stock of cretures from Chelsea by order of
    the General when he had feed enough on
    his farm to have kept his stock of 26 head
    of cretures six weeks after Sd 10th of Novr.
April to Damage Sustained by Removeing his
    Good English & Indiana Corn meat & partatoes
    from Chelsea to Stoneham & Some hay
    to keep his Stock on being 12 Lode in all
In June July August Septr. Octr & Novr to
    his Damage for Removeing 73 Lode of hay
    English Grain Sauce Indian Corn