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Letter from Andrew Eliot to his son, 23 April 1775

Letter from Andrew Eliot to his son, 23 April 1775


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    [ This description is from the project: Siege of Boston ]

    In a letter written on 23 April 1775 (and finished on the 24th), Boston minister Andrew Eliot describes Boston shortly after the Siege began. Eliot was minister of the New North Church in Boston, and although he made great efforts to get his family safely out of Boston, he stayed to serve the members of the community and his congregation who remained in town. This letter written to one of his sons (most likely his oldest son, Andrew, who was a minister in Connecticut) describes the importance of getting his wife (Andrew Sr.'s wife) out of Boston.

    Also in the Siege of Boston presentation is a letter from Andrew Eliot to Thomas B. Hollis on 25 April 1775.