Boston Fr.

At a meeting of the Freeholders & other Inhabitants
of the town Legally warned on Saturday the 22d. day of
April AD. 1775.---

The Hon ble. James Bowdoin Esq. was unanimously
Chosen Moderator.

The Moderator Informed the Town that the present
Meeting was in Consequence of an Interview between his
Excellency Genl. Gage & the Selectmen at his desire& mentiond
the Substance of the Conversation that passed; & also that
the Selectmen with the advise & assistance of a Number
of Gentlemen had prepared Several Votes which they
thought it might be propper for the Town to pass. and
which in Conjuction with the Assurances that had been
given to his Excellency by the Selectmen, they apprehended
from the Interview aforesaid would be Satisfactory to his
Excellency--- Whereupon.---

The Hon ble. James Bowdoin Esq.
Ezekl. Goldthwait Esq.
Mr. Henderson Inches
Mr. Edwd. Paine
Mr. Alex.r Hill
together with the Selectmen
Viz. John Scollay Esq.
Mr. Timo. Newell
Mr. Saml. Austin
Thos. Marshall Esq.
Mr. John Pitts

were appointed a Committee to Consider of this Important
Matter & were desired to report as soon as may be.--
The P. Committee made report & after some debate the
two following Votes passed Unanimoussly---

Viz.     His Excellency Genl. Gage in an Interview with the
Selectmen having represented that there was a large Body
of men in Arms assembled in the Neighbourhood of this
Town with Hostile Intentions against his Majestys Troops
Stationed here, & that in case the Troops should be Attackd
by them & the Attack should be Aided by the Inhabitants
of the Town it might Issue in very unhappy Consequen
=ces to the Town for the prevention whereof his Excellency
assured the Selectmen that whatever might be the event of
the Attack he would take Effectual Care that the Troops should
do no damage, nor Commit any Act of Violence on the
Town but that the lives & properties of the Inhabitants
should be protected & Secured, if the Inhabitants behaved
peacably. & the Selectment in behalf of the Town engaged
for the peacable behaivour of the Inhabitants Accordingly
in Confirmation of which engagement. Voted.

That as the Town has behaved peaceably towards
the Troops hitherto they hereby engage to Continue to do
so & the peace Officers are enjoind, & the Majestrates and
all persons of Substance in the town are earnestly
requested to Exert their utmost Endeavours to preserve
the peace of the Town, the Town at the same time
relying on the Assurances of his Excellency that no Insult
Violence or damage be done to the Persons or property of
the Inhabitants either by the Troops or the Kings Ships,
whatever may the event of the Attack his Excellency
seems to apprehend, but of which Attack, we have no knowledge
or Information whatever, as all Communications between
the Town & Country has been Interrupted by his Excellencys
Order ever since the Collection of the Body aforesaid.----

2d. Vote     Whereas the Communications between this Town & the
Country both by Land & by Water is at present stopd by
by Order of his Excellency Genl. Gage & the Inhabitants
cannot be Supplied with provisions, fewell & other Necessarys
of Life by which means the Sick & all Invalids must Suffer
greatly, & Imediatly & the Inhabitants in general be
distressed espesically Such (which is by much the greatest
party as have not had the means of laying in a Stock of
provisions, but depend for daily Supplies from the Country
for their daily Support & may be in danger of perishing
unless the Communication be opened.--- Therefore Resolved
that a Committee be appointed to wait on his Excellency
Genl. Gage to represent to him the State of the Town in
this regard, to remind his Excellency of his declaration in
answer to Addresses made to him when the works on the
Neck were Erecting Viz. that he had no Intention of
Stopping up the Avenue to the Town, or of Obstructing the
Inhabitants or any of the Country People comeing or
going out of the Town as usual, that he " had no Intention
to prevent the free Egress & regress of any Person to and
or of reducing it to the State of a Garrison, that he could
not possibly Interscept the Intercourse between the Town
& the Country " that it "is his duty & Intent to Encourage
it & it is as much Inconsistant with his duty & Intent
to form the Strange Scheme of reducing the Inhabitants
to a State of Humiliation & Vassallage by Stopping their
Supplys." --- allso to represent to him that in consequence
of their repeated assurances of his Excellency the fear
& apprehensions of the Inhabitant had generally Subsided
and many Persons who had determined to remove with
their Effects have remained in Town, [while ?] others largely

Concerned in Navigation had Introduced many Valuable
goods in full Confidence of the promised Securitys That
the Town thinks his Excellency incapeable of acting on
Principles inconsistant with honour Justice & Humanity
& therefore that they desire his Excellency will please to
give orders for Opening the Communication not only
for bringing Provisions into the Town but also that
the Inhabitant Such of them as incline may retire from
the Town with their Effects without Molestation. ---
Boston 22d. April 1775---

The Same Committee were appointed to wait upon the
general with the foregoing Votes. Then the meeting was
Adjourned to Sabbath Morning at 10 o'Clock.---

The Town met according to Adjournment, the Said
Committee made a Verbal report, wherupon it was
desired that the Committee would withdraw & reduce their
report to writing which was accordingly done & it is as
follows Viz. The Committee appointed by the Town to
wait upon his Excellency Genl. Gage with a Coppy of the
two Votes passed by the Town yesterday in the afternoon
reports that they being read to him by the Committee &
long conference had with him upon the Subject matter
Containd in the Said Votes, His Excellency finally gave
for Answer that upon the Inhabitants in generall
Lodging their Arms in Faneuil Hall or any other
Convenient place under the Care of the Selectmen
marked with the names of the respective Owners, that
all Such Inhabitants as are Inclined may depart

from the Town with their familys & their Effects, & those who remain
may depend upon his Protections, & that the Arms aforesaid at a Sutebale
time would be returned to the owners---Whereupon---
Voted that the Town Accept of his Excellency proposals & will lodge
their Arms with the Selectmen Accordingly---
Voted-- that the same Committee be desired to wait upon his Excellency
the Governor with the Vote of the town complying with his Excellencys
proposal, & the Committee is desired to request of his Excellency that
the removal by Land & water as may be most convenient for the

The Committee appointed to wait on his Excellency report that
they accordingly waited upon him & read the Votes of the Town
which was accepted by his Excellency & at the same time his Excellency
agreed that the Inhabitants might remove from the town by Land
& water with their Effects within the Limits prescribed by the
Port Act; & also Informed the Committee he would desire the
Admiral to Lend his Boats to facilitate the removal of the
Effects of the Inhabitants & would allow Carriages to pass & repass
for that purpose, likewise would take care that the Poor that may
remain in Town should not Suffer for want of Provisions after
their own stock is expended & desired that a Letter might be
wrote to Dr. Warren Chairman of the Committee of Congress that
those Persons in the Country who may Incline to remove into
Boston with their Effects may have liberty to do it without

The Town Unanimously Accepted the foregoing report and
desired the Inhabitants would deliver their Arms to the Selectmen
as soon as may be---

The Meeting was then Adjourned to Tuesday Morning the
25th April ten oClock in the forenoon & was continued by Successive
Adjournments to Thursday P.M the 28th. April 1775 when the
Town met to receive the further report of the Committee---

They reported as follows Viz.

The Committee waited on his Excellency General Gage with
the Papers containing the [Acct.?] of the Arms delivered to the Select

=men & the return made to them by the Constables of the Town [illegible]
[illegible] to the delivery of the Arms in their respective Wards, after
long confersation on the Subject of the Inhabitants removing
themselves & Effects from the Town, His Excellency being Obliged
to attend other Business left the affair to be settled with Brig.
Genl. Robertson who after further Conferences & reporting the
Substance of it to Genl. Gage returned to the Committee & declared
to them that General Gage gives liberty to the Inhabitants to
remove out of Town with their Effects and desires that Such Inha
=bitants as Intend to remove would give their names to the
Selectmen & Signify whether they mean to Convey out their Effects
by Land or Water in Order that Passes may be prepared: for which
Passes application may be made to Genl. Robertson any time
after 8 oClock to morrow morning Such papers to be had as soon
as Persons wanting them shall be ready to depart---

[This text appears perpendicular to the minutes ] Town Meeting April 1775