Spoken extempore
on hearing that General Gages     Febuary 11th
was on his Passage
by an     ABCD
American Lady

From Boston comes the frited Cow
The ruins left happless Howe!     [Text appearing on the right: "William Tuck".]
Clinton a Russ is mind and body,
Is almost drown'd in Boston toddy
Burgoyne like Wedderburn or Meridith
Is seeking pelf through Britains very death:
Earl Percy there, as well as hear;
The Ladyes think is very queer
They give him tea and keep him warm
For surely He can do no harm
PUTNAM Ward and Marshal LEE
The fairs best Wishes are for ye
The Guardians of dear LIBERTY

[Most of this page is comprised of handwritten letters that appear to be a writing exercise. The handwritten letters are written along the long axis of the paper (perpendicular to the orientation of the writing on page 1.) The following text apears at the bottom: "William Tuck's Book."]