Quincy November 10th. 1818.

My ever dear, ever affectionate, ever dutiful and deserving Son,

The bitterness of Death is past. The grim Specter
so terrible to human Nature has no sting left for me.

My consolations are more than I can number.
The Separation cannot be so long as twenty Seperations
heretofore. The Pangs and the Anguish have not been
so great as when you and I embarked for France
in 1778.

The sympathy and Benevolence of all the World, has been
such as I shall not live long enough to describe.
I have not strength to do Justice to Individuals. Louisa Susan
Miss Harriet Welsh, have been with us constantly. The
Three Families of Greanleafs, Mrs. John Greanleaf, has
been, (your Mother Said it to me, in her last moments
"a Mother to me"). Mr Daniel Greanleaf has been really
the good Samaritan.

Louisa Harriet and Mrs John Greanleaf have been
above all praise, Mr and Mrs Quincy have been more
like Sons and Daughters than like Neighbours. Mr. Shaw
and your Sons have been all you could desire.

Your letter of the Second is all and no more than all
that I expected. Never was a more dutifull Son. Never a
more Affectionate Mother. Love to your Wife. May you never
experience her Loss.

So prays your Aged and Afflicted
Father     John Adams
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