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Collection Summary


This collection consists of the papers of U.S. Congressman and ambassador Richard Bowditch Wigglesworth, including correspondence; business and educational papers; travel diaries; military papers; papers related to the Treasury Department, the Foreign Debt Commission, and World War I reparations; Congressional and campaign papers; papers documenting his work as ambassador to Canada; and scrapbooks.

Biographical Sketch

United States Congressman and ambassador Richard Bowditch Wigglesworth was born 25 April 1891, the son of George (1853-1930) and Mary Catherine Dixwell Wigglesworth (1855-1951). He graduated from Milton Academy in 1908, Harvard College (A.B.) in 1912, and Harvard Law School (L.L.B.) in 1916, was admitted to the Massachusetts bar in 1916, and served in World War I with the 303rd Field Artillery of the 76th Division. Wigglesworth also coached football at Harvard as a graduate assistant and a graduate in the years before and after World War I.

After the war, he was legal advisor to the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, 1922-1924, and also served as secretary for the World War I Foreign Debt Commission. From 1924 to 1927, he was the assistant to the Agent General for Reparation Payments in Berlin, then served as the Paris representative and general counsel for organizations created under the Dawes Plan, 1927-1928. In the fall of 1928, he was elected as a member of the 70th Congress to fulfill the unexpired term of Hon. Louis A. Frothingham (to 1929) and then was elected to the 71st and 72nd Congresses, 1929-1933, for the 14th Massachusetts District. He was then elected to the 73rd through 85th Congresses consecutively, for the 13th Massachusetts District. In October 1958, he declined to seek re-election and was appointed by President Eisenhower as U.S. ambassador to Canada.

Richard Bowditch Wigglesworth married Florence Joyes Booth (1902-1992) in 1931, and the couple had three daughters. He died in October 1960 while serving as U.S. ambassador to Canada.

Collection Description

This collection consists of the papers of U.S. Congressman and ambassador Richard Bowditch Wigglesworth, son of George and Mary C. D. Wigglesworth. The collection contains correspondence, routine (personal) business papers, materials related to his schooling at Milton Academy and Harvard University (including football and other sports materials), records of his military training and service in the 303rd Field Artillery in World War I, papers created while he worked for the U.S. Treasury Department and the Foreign Debt Commission (under Andrew Mellon), the Agent General for Reparation Payments (S. Parker Gilbert, Berlin, Germany), and later with the Dawes Plan in Paris. Among the correspondents are S. Parker Gilbert, Andrew Mellon, Ogden L. Mills, and Douglas Miller. Also included are papers related to his 30 years of service (1928-1958) as U.S. Congressman from the 13th and 14th Massachusetts Congressional districts, as well as from his appointment as ambassador to Canada (1958-1960). Some items were collected and saved by his wife Florence Joyes (Booth) Wigglesworth. Family correspondents include George Wigglesworth, Mary C. D. Wigglesworth, Florence J. B. Wigglesworth, and other Wigglesworth and Booth family members.

The collection contains a number of scrapbooks documenting Richard B. Wigglesworth's long Congressional career, his schooling, some of his military activities, and travel to the western United States and around the world (1912-1913), as well as a stop in the Philippines. Included are brief diaries for western travel (1912), his voyage abroad (1912-1913), and again to the western U.S. and particularly to Oregon (1914). Two scrapbooks document the presidential campaign of Charles E. Hughes, led by W. Cameron Forbes and the National Hughes Alliance (1916).


The collection is divided into 14 series as follows: I. Personal correspondence; II. Routine business papers; III. Educational papers; IV. Travel papers; V. Military papers; VI. Legal/Treasury Department/Foreign Debt Commission papers; VII. Reparations subject files; VIII. Congressional papers; IX. Campaign papers; X. Ambassadorial papers; XI. Death of Richard B. Wigglesworth and later papers; XII. Scrapbooks; XIII. Oversize papers; and XIV. Miscellaneous printed matter. The collection was broadly organized by Wigglesworth himself, or his assistants, over the course of his life and work. The series which most reflect this arrangement are his correspondence, Treasury Department and reparations papers, military papers, campaigns for Congress, and ambassadorial papers.

Acquisition Information

Gift of members of the Richard B. Wigglesworth family, ca. 1981, 1992. Additions from Jane Wigglesworth Lescure, 2016-2018.

Restrictions on Access

The bulk of the Richard Bowditch Wigglesworth papers is stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

There are restrictions on the use of this collection.

Restrictions on Use

The Massachusetts Historical Society does not claim ownership to the literary rights (copyright) to the Richard Bowditch Wigglesworth papers. The literary rights to materials written by Richard B. Wigglesworth have been retained by his descendants. Literary rights to materials written by individuals other than Mr. Wigglesworth reside with the individual authors or their heirs.

The Massachusetts Historical Society cannot give permission to publish or quote from documents by individuals for whom it does not hold copyright. Use of the collection does not imply permission to quote from or publish, all or in part, documents in the collection. It is the sole responsibility of the researcher to contact the copyright holders. The Massachusetts Historical Society can provide the names and contact information (if known) of Mr. Wigglesworth's children and grandchildren.

All reproductions, including photocopies and digital photographs, are for personal use only. Personal use copies may not be donated or deposited in other libraries or archives, or made available to other researchers, without the written permission of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Personal correspondence, 1912-1960

13 cartons

Arranged chronologically from 1912-1922. Arranged in year groups from 1922-1960, then alphabetically by correspondent. Where dates overlap, the overlapping month is usually October. Partially dated letters are filed at the end of a year or year group, and undated correspondence is filed at the end of the series. The papers were organized by Wigglesworth and/or his assistants during his early life and career.

This series, the largest of the collection, contains correspondence deemed "personal" by Wigglesworth and consists of letters and copies of letters between him and friends, acquaintances, and professional associates, as well as some family correspondence. Frequent correspondents include Wigglesworth and Booth family members, as well as Wigglesworth's close friends Oscar Haussermann and Jefferson Caffery and many other friends and associates from all aspects of Wigglesworth's personal and professional life. While Wigglesworth labeled this correspondence "personal," there is much in this series that pertains to his professional positions both abroad in the 1920s and at home and in Congress, and finally while serving as ambassador to Canada from late 1958 to his death in October 1960.

Much of Wigglesworth's correspondence with his parents is kept in scrapbooks assembled by his mother Mary C. D. Wigglesworth. See Series XII (Scrapbooks).

See also Series II (Routine business papers) for more correspondence related to personal business matters.

Carton 1SH 0545Folder 1-24
Carton 1SH 0545Folder 25-73
1922-1924, A-M
Carton 2SH 0518Folder 1-29
1922-1924, N-Z
Carton 2SH 0518Folder 30-68
1924-1927, A-J
Carton 3SH 0526
1924-1927, K-Z
Carton 4SH 0529Folder 1-37
Carton 4SH 0529Folder 38-75
1928-1932, A-F
Carton 5SH 1A8F
1928-1932, G-V
Carton 6SH 0523Folder 1-10
1928-1932, W-Z
Carton 6SH 0523Folder 11-72
1933-1936, A-L
Carton 7SH 0533Folder 1-44
1933-1936, M-Z
Carton 7SH 0533Folder 45-84
1937-1939, A-K
Carton 8SH 0511Folder 1-39
1937-1939, L-Z
Carton 8SH 0511Folder 40-86
1940-1946, A-Me
Carton 9SH 0522Folder 1-38
1940-1946, Mi-Z
Carton 9SH 0522Folder 39-85
1947-1950, A-H
Carton 10SH 0530Folder 1-27
1947-1950, I-Z
Carton 10SH 0530Folder 28-73
1951-1954, A-L
Carton 11SH 0524Folder 1-37
1951-1954, M-Z
Carton 11SH 0524Folder 38-78
1955-1958, A-L
Carton 12SH 1A8GFolder 1-34
1955-1958, M-Z
Carton 12SH 1A8GFolder 35-95
1958-1960, A-K
Carton 13SH 0548Folder 1-60
1958-1960, L-Z
Carton 13SH 0548Folder 61-69
1958-1960, Christmas cards
Carton 13SH 0548Folder 70-71
Undated correspondence

II. Routine business papers, 1908-1960

3 cartons

Arranged chronologically.

Papers in this series comprise correspondence and other papers that pertain to routine, personal (ongoing) business matters such as bills, legal papers, banking, club memberships, household maintenance, cars, insurance, and medical concerns. Also included are papers regarding the death of George Wigglesworth and estate papers (1950-1955) of Mary C. D. Wigglesworth, items relating to the Robert E. Lee Foundation (a project of Florence Joyes Booth Wigglesworth), records of charitable contributions, invitations, wedding and honeymoon materials, papers regarding the children's schooling, and anything else that is not strictly personal correspondence but rather a personal business-type of communication. The series was created based on Wigglesworth's own files and his method of keeping personal records.

See also Series I (Personal correspondence).

Carton 14SH 1A8H
Carton 15SH 0543
Carton 16SH 0534

III. Educational papers, 1905-1986

2 cartons

Arranged chronologically.

Richard B. Wigglesworth attended Milton Academy, a private school located in Milton, Mass. (his hometown), from 1905 to 1908. He then went to Harvard College, graduating in 1912. After a year traveling around the world and working for some months in the Philippines, Wigglesworth attended Harvard Law School, graduating in 1916. During his graduate years, he also served as an assistant football coach at Harvard, where he had been a valued member of the team as an undergraduate.

Educational papers consist primarily of notebooks for Milton Academy, Harvard, and Harvard Law School courses. Also included are materials relating to Harvard in World War I, Harvard football (1919-1921), and Wigglesworth's post-graduate activities: class reunions, clubs, admissions, the Alumni Association, Harvard's tercentenary, Wigglesworth's 50th reunion (1962, after his death), and Harvard's 350th celebration (1986, after his death). Materials dated 1962 and 1986 were probably collected and kept by other family members.

See also Series XII (Scrapbooks).

Carton 17SH 0556Folder 1-3
Milton Academy, 1905-1907
Carton 17SH 0556Folder 4-29
Harvard College and Law School, 1908-1914
Carton 18SH 0573Folder 1-5
Harvard Law School, 1914-1916
Carton 18SH 0573Folder 6-7
Harvard in World War I
Carton 18SH 0573Folder 8-54
Harvard football and post-graduate activities, 1916-1986
Carton 18SH 0573Folder 55
Boston School of Expression and Dramatic Art, undated

IV. Travel papers, 1912-1914

1 carton and 2 boxes

Arranged chronologically.

Richard B. Wigglesworth made several trips to the western United States, but kept more detailed records on two trips, one in 1912 and one in 1914. His particular voyage abroad, dubbed his "Voyage 'Round the World," took place in 1912-1913. He traveled around the world, making stops in many different countries (mostly in Asia), including a lengthy pause in the Philippines. He remained there for some months as private secretary to the Governor General, W. Cameron Forbes, a family friend and fellow Miltonian.

See Series XII (Scrapbooks) for photographs, postcards, and other ephemera from Wigglesworth's trips.

Carton 19SH 0557Folder 1
Diary of a trip to the western U.S., 17 July-10 Sep. 1912
Carton 19SH 0557Folder 2-6
Voyage Around the World: preparations, 1912
Carton 19SH 0557Folder 7
Voyage Around the World: diary, 27 Nov. 1912–9 Jan. 1913
Carton 19SH 0557Folder 8-23
Voyage Around the World: loose scrapbook materials gathered on trip, 1912-1913
Carton 19SH 0557Folder 24-25
Oregon travel diary, 25 July-30 Sep. 1914
Box 19aSH 1AAD
Voyage Around the World: diaries, vols. 2-7, 10 Jan.-7 June 1913
Box 19bSH 1AAE
Voyage Around the World: diaries, vols. 8–11, 8 June-28 Sep. 1913

V. Military papers, 1913-1930

2 cartons

Arranged chronologically.

Early papers in this series include articles leading up to, and about the beginning of, World War I. The series also contains papers related to Richard B. Wigglesworth's early (pre-war) military training at a camp in Plattsburgh, New York, as well as his training at Field Artillery School in Texas in 1917. Wigglesworth was in the army from 1916 to 1919, serving in France near the end of the war as captain and commanding officer of Battery E, 1st Battalion, 303rd Field Artillery, 76th Division.

Also included are Battery E papers arranged by year, Officers' Reserve Corps materials, some items pertaining to the Military Order of the World War (to 1930), and souvenir printed material from battlefields in France. This series does not contain any wartime correspondence home.

See also Series XII (Scrapbooks), Carton 53.

Carton 20SH 0521Folder 1-3
Military activities and training, 1913-1915
Carton 20SH 0521Folder 4-13
Military training, 1917
Carton 20SH 0521Folder 14-24
Field Artillery School, 1917
Carton 20SH 0521Folder 25-32
Battery E papers, 1918
Carton 21SH 1A8IFolder 1-3
303rd Field Artillery, firing tables
Carton 21SH 1A8IFolder 4-13
Battery E papers, 1919
Carton 21SH 1A8IFolder 14
Officers' Reserve Corps, 1919-1927
Carton 21SH 1A8IFolder 15
Military Order of the World War, 1919-1930
Carton 21SH 1A8IFolder 16-18
World War I souvenirs, ca. 1919 (printed)
Carton 21SH 1A8IFolder 19-23
Battery E papers, 1920-1922 and undated

VI. Legal/Treasury Department/Foreign Debt Commission papers, 1916-1924

1 carton

Arranged chronologically.

Richard B. Wigglesworth was admitted to the Massachusetts bar and began practicing law in Boston in 1916. His legal career was fairly short-lived, and this series contains only a few items from this time period. He worked in a legal capacity in the Treasury Department (Washington, D.C.) and for the World War Debt Commission, 1922-1924. The United States Federal World War Foreign Debts Commission Act of 9 February 1922 authorized the creation of this commission, which worked under Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon to negotiate repayment agreements with Great Britain and France in the aftermath of World War I.

See also Series XII (Scrapbooks).

Carton 22SH 0558Folder 1-5
Law career, 1916-1923
Carton 22SH 0558Folder 6-24
Treasury Department, 1922-1924
Carton 22SH 0558Folder 25-45
Foreign Debt Commission, 1922-1924

VII. Reparations subject files, 1924-1934

7 cartons

Arranged alphabetically. Files were organized in rough alphabetical order when they came to the MHS, and this arrangement has been preserved as much as possible.

In October 1924, Richard B. Wigglesworth was appointed assistant to the Agent General for Reparation Payments in Berlin, and afterward served as general counsel and Paris representative for organizations created under the Dawes Plan, 1927-1928. The Dawes Plan was an initiative of the British and U.S. governments that provided for a "Committee of Experts" led by Charles G. Dawes to produce a report on German reparations for financial liabilities of World War I. The report was accepted by the Allies and by Germany on 16 August 1924. It provided for a reorganization of the Reichsbank and an initial loan to Germany of 800 million marks, with a schedule for repayments starting at one billion gold marks in the first year. The Agent General for Reparations Payments in Berlin was S. Parker Gilbert.

While the bulk of this material ends in 1928, some subject files extend to 1934, presumably as Wigglesworth continued to collect papers relating to his professional interest in the Dawes Plan.

See also Series XII (Scrapbooks).

Carton 23SH 0517Folder 1
Carton 23SH 0517Folder 2-21
Carton 23SH 0517Folder 22-30
American Commercial Attaché
Carton 23SH 0517Folder 31-32
American Share (Experts Plan)
Carton 23SH 0517Folder 33-40
Budget of Reich
Carton 23SH 0517Folder 41-50
Committee of Experts (Experts Plan)
Carton 23SH 0517Folder 51
Common funds (distribution)
Carton 23SH 0517Folder 52
Controlled revenues
Carton 23SH 0517Folder 53
Dawes Plan in operation
Carton 23SH 0517Folder 54-57
Carton 23SH 0517Folder 58-79
Deliveries in kind
Carton 24SH 0513Folder 1-14
Documentation (Transfer Committee)
Carton 24SH 0513Folder 15
Examiner Club speech
Carton 24SH 0513Folder 16-19
Federal Reserve
Carton 24SH 0513Folder 20-68
Financial summaries (Transfer Committee, Economic Service), 1925-Feb. 1928
Carton 25SH 0512Folder 1-31
Financial summaries, Mar. 1928-Apr. 1930
Carton 25SH 0512Folder 32-36
Foreign borrowings and loans
Carton 25SH 0512Folder 37
France (economic situation)
Carton 25SH 0512Folder 38
French budget
Carton 25SH 0512Folder 39
French reparation levy
Carton 25SH 0512Folder 40-50
General notes, 1924-1927
Carton 25SH 0512Folder 51-66
German External Loan, Trustees of
Carton 26SH 0515Folder 1-40
German External Loan, Trustees of
Carton 26SH 0515Folder 41
German Industrial Association
Carton 26SH 0515Folder 42
German investment funds
Carton 26SH 0515Folder 43
German politics
Carton 26SH 0515Folder 44-50
German Railway Co.
Carton 26SH 0515Folder 51-61
Gilbert, S. Parker (memos, etc.)
Carton 26SH 0515Folder 62
Hamburg & Prussia loans
Carton 26SH 0515Folder 63
Harvard Club speech, 1926
Carton 26SH 0515Folder 64-70
Industrial debentures
Carton 26SH 0515Folder 71
Interallied Financial Agreement
Carton 26SH 0515Folder 72
International Management Institute
Carton 26SH 0515Folder 73-80
Laws, 1924-1927
Carton 27SH 0514
Carton 27SH 0514
Carton 27SH 0514
Pologne (Poland)
Carton 27SH 0514
Press communiques
Carton 27SH 0514
Recovery Act
Carton 27SH 0514
Reich finance minister
Carton 27SH 0514
Carton 27SH 0514
Carton 27SH 0514
Reports & memos, 1924-1927
Carton 28SH 0542Folder 1-9
Reports, 1927-1929
Carton 28SH 0542Folder 10-12
Carton 28SH 0542Folder 13
Secretary-General's aide-memoire
Carton 28SH 0542Folder 14
Secretary-General's memo on accounts
Carton 28SH 0542Folder 15-65
Service notes (Transfer Committee), 1925-1928
Carton 29SH 0516Folder 1-2
Service notes, 1928
Carton 29SH 0516Folder 3-10
Service notes, Series 2, 1924-1927
Carton 29SH 0516Folder 11
Carton 29SH 0516Folder 12
Subsidy policy
Carton 29SH 0516Folder 13-16
Telegram receipts
Carton 29SH 0516Folder 17
Terms of reference
Carton 29SH 0516Folder 18-19
Transfer Committee memos
Carton 29SH 0516Folder 20-22
Treasury circulars
Carton 29SH 0516Folder 23
Treasury correspondence
Carton 29SH 0516Folder 24-25
Treasury laws
Carton 29SH 0516Folder 26-49
Treasury statements
Carton 29SH 0516Folder 50-54
General/miscellaneous papers, 1922-1929
Carton 29SH 0516Folder 55-64
Printed miscellany, 1924-1934

VIII. Congressional papers, 1928-1960

8 cartons

Richard B. Wigglesworth was elected as a Republican from Massachusetts to the 70th Congress to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Louis A. Frothingham. He was re-elected to the 71st Congress and to the fourteen succeeding Congresses (first from the 13th Congressional District, which then became the 14th), serving from 6 Nov. 1928 until his resignation on 13 Nov. 1958.

This series comprises files arranged by year, covering political and Congressional topics of interest to Wigglesworth in his career as a U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts. He paid particular notice to the Federal Communications Commission and radio (House Select Committee on Broadcasting), the Republication National Committee, Republican politics in general, Roosevelt and the New Deal, the House Appropriations Committee, aeronautics (1940), and the Speakers Bureau (1940). The series also contains a great deal of ephemera connected to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Study Mission to Europe, and the Near East, Far East, and South Asia (1955). A few items date to 1960 and reflect Wigglesworth's continued interest in Congressional matters after his retirement.

Also included is a separate carton of speeches and addresses.

See also Series XII (Scrapbooks).

A. Subject files, 1928-1960

Arranged chronologically.

Carton 30SH 0546

FCC and radio, Republican National Committee, Civil Service Commission, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and anti-Roosevelt information.

Carton 31SH 0527

Appropriations Committee, FCC and radio, Roosevelt and the New Deal, Civil Aeronautics Authority, and Speakers Bureau.

Carton 32SH 0537

Speakers Bureau, FCC and radio, World War II, European Command Tour (1947), and Republican National Committee.

Carton 33SH 0519

European Command Tour, FCC and radio, Palestine (1947), President's Economic Mission to Germany and Austria, Eisenhower, illness (1953), Tehran and Yalta agreements (1953), and Truman scandals (1953).

House Foreign Affairs Committee, Study Mission Abroad, 1955

France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Formosa (Taiwan), Korea, and Japan.

Carton 34SH 0531Folder 1-8
Itineraries, orientation, letter diaries, travel miscellany, notes, scrapbook pages
Carton 34SH 0531Folder 9-38
Briefing packets, notes, brochures, memos, etc.: Afghanistan to Israel (alphabetical)
Carton 35SH 0541Folder 1-38
Briefing packets, notes, brochures, memos, etc.: Japan to Vietnam (alphabetical)
Carton 35SH 0541Folder 39
Financial papers
Carton 35SH 0541Folder 40
Miscellaneous invitations, etc.
Carton 35SH 0541Folder 41
Follow-up correspondence
Carton 36SH 0540
1956-1960 and undated

B. Speeches, statements, releases, etc., 1929-1958

Arranged chronologically, with undated speeches at the end of the carton.

Carton 37SH 0536

IX. Campaign papers, 1928-1956

5 cartons

Arranged chronologically.

This series contains papers created in the course of Richard B. Wigglesworth's campaigns for Congress. The papers include correspondence (both before and after elections), nomination papers, expenditures, campaign literature (flyers, posters, etc.), donation information, etc. The campaigns took place every two years from 1928 to 1956.

Carton 38SH 0539
Carton 39SH 0528
Carton 40SH 0578
Carton 41SH 0535
Carton 42SH 0538
1954-1956 and undated

X. Ambassadorial papers, 1958-1961

4 cartons

This series consists of papers generated while Richard B. Wigglesworth served as ambassador to Canada (stationed in Ottawa), Dec. 1958-Oct. 1960. While Wigglesworth's official papers are not in this collection, this series contains material relating to the social aspects of the position, including travel around Canada as a representative of the U.S. Also included are a number of files labeled "scrapbook" or "Ottawa scrapbook" that were most likely intended to be gathered into scrapbooks, but never were. Some items date to after 1960 and were probably saved by Florence Joyes Booth Wigglesworth.

See also Series XII (Scrapbooks).

Carton 43SH 1A8J
Miscellaneous papers kept while ambassador, 1958-1960

Mostly social papers, appointment records, holiday cards, invitations, thank you notes, publicity, memos, and ephemera. Probably kept by Florence Joyes Booth Wigglesworth.

Carton 44SH 1A8KFolder 1-7
Speeches, addresses, etc.
Carton 44SH 1A8KFolder 8-22
Travel around Canada, printed matter
Carton 44SH 1A8KFolder 23-28
Office printed matter
Carton 44SH 1A8KFolder 29-43
Scrapbook files (loose items), 1958-Oct. 1959
Carton 45SH 0562Folder 1-10
Scrapbook files (loose items), Nov. 1959-Oct. 1960 and undated
Carton 45SH 0562Folder 11-40
Florence Joyes Booth Wigglesworth, "Ottawa scrapbook" files, 1958-July 1960

Clippings, cards, invitations, postcards, photographs, menus, handbooks, maps, travel literature, and other ephemera.

Carton 46SH 1A8LFolder 1-16
Florence Joyes Booth Wigglesworth, "Ottawa scrapbook" files, Aug. 1960-1961 and undated
Carton 46SH 1A8LFolder 17
Table plans volumes, 1959-1960

Date of meal, guests, seating plan, and menus.

Carton 46SH 1A8LFolder 18
"Old Canada cards" (name index cards)

XI. Death of Richard B. Wigglesworth and later papers, 1960-1977

3 cartons

Richard B. Wigglesworth died after a short illness in October 1960 while serving as U.S. ambassador to Canada in Ottawa. All items in this series were apparently saved by Florence Joyes Booth Wigglesworth. They consist primarily of condolence letters, clippings, items related to memorial services, and published memoirs of Richard B. Wigglesworth. Also included is a small amount of material of Florence Wigglesworth relating to her later activities (1961-1977).

Carton 47SH 0532Folder 1-11
Correspondence and condolences, 1960-1962
Carton 47SH 0532Folder 12-14
Clippings and articles
Carton 47SH 0532Folder 15-18
Will and bequests
Carton 47SH 0532Folder 19-29
Congressional memoir of Richard B. Wigglesworth
Carton 47SH 0532Folder 30
Portrait of Richard B. Wigglesworth
Carton 47SH 0532Folder 31
Traffic circle dedication (Quincy, Mass.)
Carton 47SH 0532Folder 32-33
Sinclair Weeks memoir of Richard B. Wigglesworth (1964)
Carton 47SH 0532Folder 34-36
Scrapbook items
Carton 48SH 0554Folder 1
Visitors' book
Carton 48SH 0554Folder 2-3
Canada addresses, vols. I-II
Carton 48SH 0554Folder 4-25
"Canadian file," sympathy notes (alphabetical)
Carton 48SH 0554Folder 26
"Letters answered"
Carton 48SH 0554Folder 27
"Away Priorities," correspondence 1960-1962
Carton 49SH 1A8MFolder 1-39
"U.S. file," sympathy notes (alphabetical)
Carton 49SH 1A8MFolder 40-47
Florence Joyes Booth Wigglesworth papers: clippings, travel, miscellany, 1961-1977

XII. Scrapbooks, 1897-1959

8 cartons and 11 oversize boxes

Scrapbooks form an integral part of the Richard B. Wigglesworth papers and were important to him as a form of recordkeeping. He kept scrapbooks all his life, and many contain personal correspondence, photographs, postcards, newspaper and magazine clippings, graphics, other printed matter, writings, notes, and ephemera.

This series includes two scrapbooks (Carton 54) that Wigglesworth kept to document the National Hughes Alliance presidential campaign for Charles E. Hughes in 1916, headed by W. Cameron Forbes with Wigglesworth as assistant. Carton 55 contains scrapbooks about Wigglesworth, created by his mother Mary C. D. Wigglesworth, and these hold the majority of his letters home to his parents. The oversize scrapbooks (onsite at Ms. N-463) are primarily Congressional scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, except for those pertaining to Wigglesworth's appointment as U.S. ambassador to Canada.

NOTE: A number of the scrapbooks have been disbound due to their deteriorating condition, but pages are numbered and foldered in their original order.

See also Series IV (Travel papers), Series VIII (Congressional papers), Series X (Ambassadorial papers), and Series XI (Death of Richard B. Wigglesworth and later papers).

Carton 50SH 0571Folder 1-37
"Volume I," 1897-1909 (disbound)

Milton Academy, football, hockey, baseball, travel, and freshman year at Harvard.

Carton 50SH 0571Folder 38-58
Miscellaneous, 1903-1912, mostly 1911-1912 (disbound)

Mainly Harvard senior year, social life, and correspondence.

Carton 51SH 0576
"Volume II," 1909-1911 (disbound)

Harvard, travel in England and Europe, football, school exams, invitations and social life, Hasty Pudding Club, baseball, and Manchester Yacht Club (summer 1911).

Carton 52SH 0561Folder 1-39
Harvard, 1911-1912 (disbound)

Football, track, baseball, social life, correspondence, school exams, student council, and graduation.

Carton 52SH 0561Folder 40
Philippines and Harvard, 1913

Divided into three sections by Richard B. Wigglesworth: "Official," "Harvard College," and "Social – Engagements etc."

Carton 53SH 0577Folder 1-27
"Harvard, 1913-1915" (disbound)

Oregon travel, Harvard football, Harvard memorabilia, general interests, World War I, diplomacy, and law school.

Carton 53SH 0577Folder 28-53
"Harvard, 1914-1915" (disbound)

Oregon travel, Harvard miscellany, Kentucky, Louisiana, Texas, White Sulphur Springs, and Plattsburgh (N.Y.) military training camp (1915).

National Hughes Alliance

W. Cameron Forbes and Richard B. Wigglesworth ran the presidential campaign for Charles E. Hughes in 1916.

Carton 54SH 0569Folder 1-20
Vol. I, 1916 (disbound)

Clippings, pamphlets, flyers and posters, memoranda, notes, and ephemera.

Carton 54SH 0569Folder 21-44
Vol. II, 1916 (disbound)

Notes and memoranda, clippings, campaign literature, and correspondence.

Carton 54SH 0569Folder 45-71
Harvard Law School and World War I, 1916-1917 (disbound)

Photographs, printed matter, letters, notes, postcards, and ephemera from Harvard; World War I clippings, printed matter, Officers' Reserve Corps, Plattsburgh training camp, and miscellaneous military; bar exam (Dec. 1916); and Russian politics.

Carton 54SH 0569Folder 72
Reparations, 1924

Mostly correspondence with some clippings.

Scrapbooks compiled by Mary C. D. Wigglesworth for Richard B. Wigglesworth

Included are Richard B. Wigglesworth's letters to family, newspaper clippings, and ephemera.

Carton 55SH 0570Folder 1
1907-1924 (disbound)
Carton 55SH 0570Folder 2
Voyage Around the World, 1912-1913 (disbound)
Carton 55SH 0570Folder 3
Letters from Europe, 1925-1926
Carton 55SH 0570Folder 4
Letters and miscellany, 1926 (disbound)
Carton 55SH 0570Folder 5
Clippings, letters, miscellany regarding Richard B. Wigglesworth's first year in Congress, 1929; some later items, 1932-1933 (disbound)
Carton 55SH 0570Folder 6
Letters, clippings, printed matter, ephemera, 1932 (disbound)
Carton 55SH 0570Folder 7
1933-1934 (disbound)
Carton 55SH 0570Folder 8
1935 (disbound)
Carton 55SH 0570Folder 9
1938 (disbound)
Carton 55SH 0570Folder 10-13
Congressional Record, vols. 81, 83, 84

Reparations/Dawes Plan

Carton 56SH 0575Folder 1-2
Primarily clippings, 1924-1925
Carton 56SH 0575Folder 3-9
Clippings and photographs, 1925-1926 (disbound)
Carton 56SH 0575Folder 10-20
1926-1927 (disbound)
Carton 56SH 0575Folder 21-32
July-Dec. 1927 (disbound)
Carton 56SH 0575Folder 33-40
Jan.-Apr. 1928 (disbound)
Carton 56SH 0575Folder 41
Oliver W. Holmes memorabilia, 1926-1935

Congressional scrapbooks

Mainly newspaper clippings.

Carton 57SH 0574Folder 1-10
1937-1941 (disbound)
Carton 57SH 0574Folder 11-18
1942-1944 (disbound)
Carton 57SH 0574Folder 19-26
1945-1946 (disbound)
Carton 57SH 0574Folder 27-33
1947-1951 (disbound)
Carton 57SH 0574Folder 34-38
1951-1954; Appropriations Committee (disbound)
Carton 57SH 0574Folder 39-41
1955-1956 (disbound)
Carton 57SH 0574Folder 42-46
OS Box 1
George Wigglesworth at Harvard Commencement, 1918-1919, 1921, 1928Onsite at Ms. N-463 (OS).

Congressional scrapbooks

OS Box 2
Clippings, 1934-1935Onsite at Ms. N-463 (OS).
OS Box 3
Clippings, 1935Onsite at Ms. N-463 (OS).
OS Box 4
Clippings, 1935-1936Onsite at Ms. N-463 (OS).
OS Box 5
Clippings, 1936-1937Onsite at Ms. N-463 (OS).
OS Box 6
Clippings, 1937-1938Onsite at Ms. N-463 (OS).
OS Box 7
Primary campaign, clippings, 1938Onsite at Ms. N-463 (OS).
OS Box 8
House Select Committee on Broadcasting, clippings, 1943-1944Onsite at Ms. N-463 (OS).
OS Box 9
Primary campaign, clippings, 1956Onsite at Ms. N-463 (OS).
OS Box 10
Congress, clippings, 1956-1958; ambassadorial appointment, 1958Onsite at Ms. N-463 (OS).
OS Box 11
Ambassadorial appointment, Dec. 1958-Jan. 1959Onsite at Ms. N-463 (OS).

Clippings, correspondence, invitations, photographs, and ephemera.

XIII. Oversize papers, 1908-1959

2 oversize boxes

This series contains oversize items removed from different parts of the collection. All items have been dummied out from their original locations.

OS Box 12
Certificates, 1908-1959; miscellaneous printed material and graphicsOnsite at Ms. N-463 (OS).
OS Box 13
Miscellaneous oversize materialOnsite at Ms. N-463 (OS).

Certificates and parchment; Ottawa scrapbook loose items; politics and campaign graphics, 1932 and undated; military papers (printed matter), "Journey 'round the world" printed matter, 1912-1914; Executive Office of the President, Bureau of the Budget, 25 June 1941 (bound carbon typescript); and Appropriations Committee, 1954.

XIV. Miscellaneous printed matter

Carton 58SH 0560
1 carton

Preferred Citation

Richard Bowditch Wigglesworth papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Booth family.
Forbes, W. Cameron (William Cameron), 1870-1959.
Gilbert, Seymour Parker, 1892-1938.
Hughes, Charles Evans, 1862-1948.
Mellon, Andrew W. (Andrew William), 1855-1937.
Miller, Douglas, 1892-1970.
Mills, Ogden Livingston, 1884-1937.
Wigglesworth family.
Wigglesworth, Florence Joyes Booth, 1902-1992.
Wigglesworth, George, 1853-1930.
Wigglesworth, Mary Catherine Dixwell, 1855-1951.


Harvard University--Alumni and alumnae.
Harvard University--Football.
Harvard University--Students.
Milton Academy (Milton, Mass.)--Alumni and alumnae.
Milton Academy (Milton, Mass.)--Students.
National Hughes Alliance.
United States. Army. Field Artillery, 303rd.
United States. Congress. House.
United States. Department of the Treasury.
United States. World War Foreign Debt Commission.


Ambassadors--United States.
Asia--Description and travel.
Canada--Description and travel.
Canada--Foreign relations--United States.
Elections--United States--1916.
Germany--Economic conditions--1918-1945.
Legislators--United States.
Oregon--Description and travel.
Philippines--Description and travel.
United States--Foreign relations--Canada.
Voyages and travels--20th century.
Voyages and travels--Diaries.
War reparations.
West (U.S.)--Description and travel.
World War, 1914-1918--Regimental histories--United States Field Artillery, 303rd.
World War, 1914-1918--Reparations.

Materials Removed from the Collection

Photographs from this collection have been removed to the MHS Photo Archives.