Guide to the Collection

Collection Summary


This collection consists of records of the Good Government Association, formed in Boston by a group of businessmen interested in promoting progressive reform in the government of the city.

Historical Sketch

The Good Government Association (GGA) was formed in Boston by a group of businessmen interested in promoting progressive reform in the government of the city. It grew in part from an impulse to counter the largely Democratic (party) control of the local political machine and the tendency of local government to spend more than was raised from taxes, making up the deficits through long-term bond issues.

The stated purpose of the Good Government Association was "to awaken public interest in city affairs and to arouse in the citizens of Boston a sense of their political duties and awaken their civic pride." The Executive Committee of the association acted on behalf of the larger membership. A finance committee raised money to meet the expenses of the organization through an annual appeal. The association achieved its objectives by conducting personal interviews with candidates for local office, publishing pamphlets that outlined all candidates with recommendations by the GGA, and publishing a newsletter (from 1905) entitled City Affairs, their official bulletin.

Some active members of the GGA included George Nutter, James Jackson Storrow, Robert Treat Paine, and Edward A. Filene. The organization disbanded in early 1934 from a combination of lack of interest, aging membership, the waning of the Progressive movement in American politics, and disagreement among members about the backing of specific candidates for office.


The above information was excerpted from the typescript history of the Good Government Association by Joanne Devlin, May 1999, located in Series II, General Records, Box 21.

Collection Description

This collection consists of records of the Good Government Association (GGA), created to promote civic duty and to elect "honest and capable men" to political positions in Boston. Records include reports made about prospective politicians such as James Curley, Calvin Coolidge, Martin Lomasney, Patrick Collins, and John F. Fitzgerald; investigations into the management of budgets and contracts relating to municipal infrastructure projects in Boston; inspection of the city budget and the activities of the Finance Commission; and promotion of the 1909 revision to Boston’s City Charter. The collection also contains GGA correspondence; membership records; financial statements, auditor’s reports, and cashbooks; publications and brochures; 45 scrapbooks; newspaper clippings; and individual candidate investigation files with clippings, correspondence, interviews, and campaign ephemera. Also included are records of the Boston Charter Association; carriage bills, 1902-1914; and non-GGA printed materials.

Other Formats

The Good Government Association candidate files (Series I) are available on microfilm, P-745, Reels 1-31.

Acquisition Information

Gift of George Read Nutter, 1934.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Candidate files, 1903-1933

Arranged alphabetically by candidate name.

This series contains material collected by the Good Government Association on candidates for local (Boston) and state government offices. The material was originally composed of newspaper clippings, glued onto boards, as well as some non-newspaper material. Newspaper clippings were discarded after microfilming, and only non-newspaper material has been retained.

For complete files (including newspaper clippings), use microfilm, P-745.

Reel 1Box 1Folder 1
Adams, Wilbur F.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 2
Adlow, Elijah
Reel 1Box 1Folder 3
Agnew, James E.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 4
Ahern, Timothy J.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 5
Aicardi, Joseph L.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 6
Altshuler, Louis I.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 7
Anderson, George P.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 8
Anderson, George W.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 9
Andrew, A. Pratt, Col.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 10
Andrews, George H.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 11
Andrews, Richard F.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 12
Angell, Marks
Reel 1Box 1Folder 13
Ansel, Julius
Reel 1Box 1Folder 14
Ardolino, Alexander
Reel 1Box 1Folder 15
Arnold, Seth F.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 16
Aronson, Samuel
Reel 1Box 1Folder 17
Attridge, John J.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 18
Atwood, Frank S.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 19-20
Atwood, Harrison H.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 21
Avallone, Edmund J.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 22
Babb, George W. P.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 23
Bacigalupo, Edward P.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 24
Bacon, Gaspar G.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 25
Bagley, Edward C. R.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 26
Baglioni, Charles
Reel 1Box 1Folder 27
Balch, Francis N.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 28
Baldwin, James H.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 29
Baldwin, John E.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 30
Ball, Thomas J.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 31
Ballantyne, John
Reel 1Box 1Folder 32
Ballantyne, Walter
Reel 1Box 1Folder 33
Bangs, Francis R.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 34
Barker, William H.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 35
Barrett, William J.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 36
Barry, Edward P.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 37
Bates, Sanford
Reel 1Box 1Folder 38
Battis, George H.
Reel 1Box 1Folder 39
Bearak, Joseph
Reel 1Box 1Folder 40
Bell, Tilton S.
Reel 2Box 1Folder 41
Bellew, Henry E.
Reel 2Box 1Folder 42
Bencks, Augustus
Reel 2Box 1Folder 43
Bennett, March G.
Reel 2Box 1Folder 44
Berry, Forrest L.
Reel 2Box 1Folder 45
Berwin, William
Reel 2Box 2Folder 1
Bilodeau, Thomas H.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 2
Blake, William J.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 3
Bliss, Alvin E.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 4
Blong, John T.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 5
Bogan, Frederick L., Dr.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 6
Bohrer, Benjamin M.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 7
Bolton, Fred E.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 8
Boothby, Oren C.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 9
Borofsky, Samuel H.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 10
Bosco, Joseph
Reel 2Box 2Folder 11
Bottomly, Robert J.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 12
Bowen, Robert M.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 13
Boyle, John J., Jr.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 14
Boyle, John M.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 15
Brackman, David M.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 16
Brady, Patrick J.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 17
Breen, John A., Jr.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 18
Brennan, Florence M.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 19
Brennan, Francis J.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 20
Brennan, James H.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 21
Brennan, James J.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 22
Brennan, William E.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 23
Brickley, Bartholomew A.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 24
Brickley, David J.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 25
Brier, Frank L.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 26
Broderick, John H.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 27
Brodhead, John C.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 28-32
Bromberg, Edward J.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 33
Brophy, Michael J.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 34
Brophy, Patrick J.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 35
Brophy, William F.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 36
Browne, Henry A.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 37
Bryant, Frank E.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 38
Bucci, John J.
Reel 2Box 2Folder 39
Bunton, James H.
Reel 3Box 2Folder 40
Burke, Frank J.
Reel 3Box 2Folder 41
Burke, James T.
Reel 3Box 2Folder 42
Burke, Jeremiah E.
Reel 3Box 2Folder 43
Burke, John J.
Reel 3Box 2Folder 44
Burke, Thomas
Reel 3Box 2Folder 45
Burns, Thomas
Reel 3Box 2Folder 46
Burr, Herbert W.
Reel 3Box 2Folder 47
Burrill, Charles L.
Reel 3Box 2Folder 48
Burroughs, Adolphus M.
Reel 3Box 2Folder 49
Bush, Herman L.
Reel 3Box 2Folder 50
Butler, James F.
Reel 3Box 2Folder 51
Butler, John J.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 1
Byrne, James J.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 2
Callahan, Charles M.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 3
Callahan, Joseph G.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 4
Callahan, Michael T.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 5
Callahan, Thomas F. J.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 6-7
Campbell, Francis A.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 8
Campbell, Francis J.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 9
Canney, Eugene F.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 10
Canty, George R.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 11
Cardio, Charles J.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 12
Carey, John E.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 13
Carey, John J.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 14
Carney, George P.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 15
Carr, Charles L.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 16
Carr, Patrick B.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 17
Carr, Patrick E.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 18
Carroll, Felix F. J.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 19
Carter, William J.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 20
Carven, Rupert S.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 21
Casey, John M.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 22
Casey, Maurice P.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 23
Cassidy, John J.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 24
Caton, John F., Jr.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 25
Caulfield, James E.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 26
Chapman, Daniel J.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 27
Chapman, Philip A.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 28
Cheever, John J.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 29
Chipman, Grace D.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 30
Chmielinski, Henry H.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 31
Chmiell, Stanley
Reel 3Box 3Folder 32
Church, Fred C.
Reel 3Box 3Folder 33
Cipriano, Joseph
Reel 4Box 3Folder 34
Clark, Ellery H.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 35
Clark, Harry F.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 36
Clark, Henry S.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 37
Clark, Joseph J.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 38
Clark, Nathaniel M.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 39
Clark, Russell B.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 40
Clark, William
Reel 4Box 3Folder 41
Coakley, Daniel H.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 42
Codman, Russell S., Jr.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 43
Cody, James J.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 44
Coffey, James S.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 45
Coffey, Thomas F.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 46
Cohen, Edward E.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 47
Cole, Charles H., Gen.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 48
Coleman, George W.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 49
Collins, Edward D.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 50
Collins, Paul A.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 51
Collins, Walter L.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 52
Colpoys, Francis L.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 53
Comerford, Herman M.
Reel 4Box 3Folder 54
Condon, Edward F.
Reel 4Box 4Folder 1
Conley, Patrick J.
Reel 4Box 4Folder 2
Connell, John J.
Reel 4Box 4Folder 3
Connelly, Daniel T.
Reel 4Box 4Folder 4
Connolly, John T.
Reel 4Box 4Folder 5
Connolly, Stephen J.
Reel 4Box 4Folder 6
Connors, Herbert J.
Reel 4Box 4Folder 7
Connors, John J.
Reel 4Box 4Folder 8
Conroy, John F.
Reel 4Box 4Folder 9
Conry, Joseph A.
Reel 4Box 4Folder 10
Conway, Leo J.
Reel 4Box 4Folder 11
Cook, Alonzo B.
Reel 4Box 4Folder 12
Cook, Sherwin L.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 13-15
Coolidge, Calvin
Reel 5Box 4Folder 16
Corcoran, Michael H., Jr.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 17
Cosgrove, Joseph F.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 18
Costello, Timothy J.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 19
Cotter, Mary A.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 20
Cotton, William D., Jr.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 21
Coughlin, Arthur J.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 22
Cox, Channing H.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 23
Cox, Edward J.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 24
Cox, Guy W.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 25
Cox, Joseph P.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 26
Coyne, Francis X.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 27
Craven, John J.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 28
Crawford, Joshua U. A.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 29
Crean, Timothy C.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 30
Creed, Edward B.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 31
Creed, William C.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 32
Crocker, Courtenay
Reel 5Box 4Folder 33
Crocker, George U.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 34
Cronin, Bernard M.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 35
Cronin, Frederick A.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 36
Cronin, George F.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 37
Crosby, Harold E.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 38
Crowley, Michael H.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 39
Crowley, Walter P.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 40
Cuddy, William H.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 41
Cummings, John J.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 42
Cummings, Matthew
Reel 5Box 4Folder 43
Cunniff, Michael J.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 44
Cunningham, Owen A.
Reel 5Box 4Folder 45
Curley, Daniel J., Jr.
Reel 6Box 4Folder 46-51
Curley, James M.
Reel 7Box 5Folder 1-4
Curley, James M. (Note: microfilm reel has wrong target, says "6")
Reel 8Box 5Folder 5-8
Curley, James M. (Note: microfilm reel has wrong target, says "7")
Reel 9Box 5Folder 9-10
Curley, James M.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 11
Curley, John J.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 12
Curley, Thomas F.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 13
Curley, Thomas M.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 14
Curran, Charles L.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 15
Curran, George E.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 16
Curran, John J., Jr.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 17
Curry, Thomas F.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 18
Curtin, J. Frederick
Reel 10Box 5Folder 19
Curtis, Charles P., Jr.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 20
Curtis, Frances G.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 21
Curtis, Laurence, 2nd
Reel 10Box 5Folder 22
Cushing, Grafton D.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 23
Cushman, Frank H.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 24
Dailey, Francis D.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 25
Dalton, James H.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 26
Dalton, Philip S.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 27
Daly, Francis L.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 28
Damoiseau, Edward W.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 29
Danahey, Francis
Reel 10Box 5Folder 30
Davidson, Earl E.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 31
Dawson, James W.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 32
Dawson, Thomas J.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 33
DeCastro, Joseph
Reel 10Box 5Folder 34
Decrow, John W.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 35
Deland, Frank S.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 36
Destefano, Antonio
Reel 10Box 5Folder 37
Deveney, Roger E.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 38
Devin, Edward J.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 39
Devine, Richard J.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 40
Devlin, James H.
Reel 10Box 5Folder 41-47
Dewey, Henry S.
Reel 10Box 6Folder 1
Dimambro, Joseph A.
Reel 10Box 6Folder 2
Dimento, Frank S.
Reel 10Box 6Folder 3
Dinsmore, Robert A.
Reel 10Box 6Folder 4
Doherty, D. Frank
Reel 10Box 6Folder 5
Doherty, John J.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 6
Doherty, Thomas F.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 7
Doherty, William P.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 8
Dolan, Arthur W.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 9
Dolan, Edmund L.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 10
Donaghue, Peter J.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 11
Donahoe, William J.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 12
Donahue, Frank J.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 13
Donahue, John J.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 14
Donnellan, Frank J.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 15
Donnelly, Joseph P.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 16
Donoghue, John A.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 17
Donovan, George P.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 18
Donovan, John L.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 19
Donovan, Thomas F.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 20
Donovan, Timothy
Reel 11Box 6Folder 21
Donovan, Timothy F.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 22
Donovan, William G.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 23
Dooley, John H.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 24
Doolin, John J.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 25
Dopkeen, Isaiah
Reel 11Box 6Folder 26
Dorsey, James A.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 27
Dorsey, John H.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 28
Douglas, George A.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 29
Dowd, John F.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 30
Dowd, Thomas H.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 31
Dowling, Frederic E.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 32
Dowling, John C. L.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 33
Dowling, Katherine W.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 34
Doyle, James H.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 35
Doyle, Wilfred J.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 36
Doyle, William F.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 37
Doyle, William H.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 38
Driscoll, Jeremiah F.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 39
Driscoll, Timothy J.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 40
Ducey, Francis M.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 41
Ducey, James E.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 42
Duffie, Harold R.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 43
Dunkle, Horace E.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 44
Dunn, John H.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 45
Dwyer, Bernard C.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 46
Dwyer, William F.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 47
Dyar, Perlie A.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 48
Eagan, James F.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 49
Eagles, George R.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 50
Egan, Edward W.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 51
Ellis, David A.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 52
Ely, Joseph B.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 53
Emerson, Guy C.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 54
Englert, Edward L.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 55
Enwright, Frederick W.
Reel 11Box 6Folder 56
Eyges, Leon R.
Reel 12Box 6Folder 57
Fahey, Harold L.
Reel 12Box 6Folder 58
Falcone, Thomas S.
Reel 12Box 6Folder 59
Farley, John H.
Reel 12Box 6Folder 60
Farley, Robert B.
Reel 12Box 6Folder 61
Feeley, Edward J.
Reel 12Box 6Folder 62
Feely, Terence F.
Reel 12Box 6Folder 63
Ferbert, J. Bernard
Reel 12Box 6Folder 64
Ferreira, George E.
Reel 12Box 6Folder 65
Finigan, Frederick A.
Reel 12Box 6Folder 66
Finkel, Sam B.
Reel 12Box 6Folder 67
Finkelstein, Bernard
Reel 12Box 6Folder 68
Finley, James F.
Reel 12Box 6Folder 69
Finn, William F.
Reel 12Box 7Folder 1
Finnegan, Joseph
Reel 12Box 7Folder 2
Finnigan, James E.
Reel 12Box 7Folder 3
Fish, Albert L.
Reel 12Box 7Folder 4
Fish, William A.
Reel 12Box 7Folder 5
Fiske, Robert W.
Reel 12Box 7Folder 6
Fitzgerald, James J.
Reel 12Box 7Folder 7-9
Fitzgerald, John F.
Reel 13Box 7Folder 10-12
Fitzgerald, John F.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 1
Fitzgerald, John I.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 2
Fitzgerald, Peter J.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 3
Fitzgerald, Redmond S.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 4
Fitzgerald, Susan W.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 5
Fitzgerald, William J.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 6
Fitzgerald, W. T. A.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 7
Fitzpatrick, Martin
Reel 14Box 8Folder 8
Flannery, James C.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 9
Fletcher, Harry M.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 10
Foley, Charles Timothy
Reel 14Box 8Folder 11
Foley, John T.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 12
Foley, Maurice E.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 13
Foley, Roger M.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 14
Foley, William J.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 15
Ford, Francis J. W.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 16
Foss, Eugene N.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 17
Fouhey, Thomas A.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 18
Fox, Charles James
Reel 14Box 8Folder 19
Fox, Henry A.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 20
Francis, Thomas J.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 21
Freeley, Walter J.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 22
Freeman, Warren F.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 23
French, John J.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 24
Frothingham, Henry A.
Reel 14Box 8Folder 25
Fuller, Alvan Tufts
Reel 14Box 8Folder 26
Fullerton, Edward Dwight
Reel 15Box 8Folder 27
Gallagher, Daniel
Reel 15Box 8Folder 28
Gallagher, Edward M.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 29
Gallagher, Mary
Reel 15Box 8Folder 30
Gallagher, Owen
Reel 15Box 8Folder 31
Gallagher, Robert
Reel 15Box 8Folder 32
Galvin, Walter P.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 33
Ganoway, George H. P.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 34
Garrity, Hugh W.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 35
Garvey, Richard J.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 36
Giardino, Joseph
Reel 15Box 8Folder 37
Gibbons, John T.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 38
Giblin, Edmund W.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 39
Giblin, Thomas J.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 40
Gibson, Aubrey G.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 41
Gillbody, George F.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 42
Gillis, Daniel J.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 43
Gilman, George A.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 44
Ginsburg, Bernard
Reel 15Box 8Folder 45
Ginsburg, Edward E.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 46
Ginsburg, Samuel J.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 47
Gleason, Richard D.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 48
Gleason, Richard F.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 49
Glennon, Leo J.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 50
Glynn, Theodore A.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 51
Glynn, Thomas P.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 52
Goggin, Thomas E.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 53
Goldman, Maurice M.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 54
Goldsmith, Maurice
Reel 15Box 8Folder 55
Goldstein, Meyer
Reel 15Box 8Folder 56
Good, Joseph P.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 57
Goode, James A.
Reel 15Box 8Folder 58
Goodwin, Elliot H.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 1
Goodwin, Frank A.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 2
Gouldey, M. Martin
Reel 16Box 9Folder 3
Grant, James D.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 4
Grant, Walter B.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 5
Gray, Francis C.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 6
Green, James I.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 7
Green, Thomas H.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 8
Greene, C. Hilton
Reel 16Box 9Folder 9
Greene, Thomas P.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 10
Guild, Courtney
Reel 16Box 9Folder 11
Guild, Horace
Reel 16Box 9Folder 12
Guterman, Harry N.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 13
Hackett, William N.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 14
Haddad, George S.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 15
Hagan, Henry E.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 16
Hagerty, Bernard J.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 17
Hall, Archibald F.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 18
Halloran, Leo J.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 19
Hally, T. Russell
Reel 16Box 9Folder 20
Hamilton, Wesley D.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 21
Hancock, John W.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 22
Hanly, John F., Jr.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 23
Hannan, William E.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 24
Hannon, Thomas J., Jr.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 25
Hanrahan, Bernard F.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 26
Harding, Charles T.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 27
Harkins, Bernard C., Jr.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 28
Harrigan, Francis D.
Reel 16Box 9Folder 29
Harrington, William E.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 30
Harris, Frederick J.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 31
Hart, James A.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 32
Hartigan, Joseph F.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 33
Havey, Clayton L.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 34
Hawes, John T.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 35
Hayden, Richard J.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 36
Hayes, James W.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 37
Hays, Martin
Reel 17Box 9Folder 38
Healey, William C. S.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 39
Healy, John J.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 40
Hearn, William
Reel 17Box 9Folder 41
Heath, Victor A.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 42
Heffernan, Joseph M.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 43
Heffernan, Stephen P.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 44
Hein, James
Reel 17Box 9Folder 45
Henderson, James D.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 46
Henderson, William F.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 47
Hennessey, William J.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 48
Hennessey, William S., Jr.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 49
Hersey, Mark L.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 50
Hewitt, Lewis J.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 51
Hickey, Francis J.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 52
Hickey, William P.
Reel 17Box 9Folder 53
Higgins, John P.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 1
Hill, Arthur D.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 2
Hines, Paul H.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 3
Hoban, Peter A.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 4
Holland, William J.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 5
Horgan, Francis J.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 6
Hormel, Herman
Reel 17Box 10Folder 7
Howland, Frank B.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 8
Hultman, Eugene C.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 9
Hurley, James M. J.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 10
Hurley, John F.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 11
Hurley, Joseph J.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 12
Hurwitz, Albert
Reel 17Box 10Folder 13
Imperato, Antonio D.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 14
Innes, Charles H.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 15
Innes, Charles J.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 16
Jackson, James
Reel 17Box 10Folder 17
Jackson, Walter E.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 18
Jacobs, Wilfred E.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 19
Jamieson, Franklin P.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 20
Jennings, Patrick H.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 21
Johnson, George H.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 22
Johnston, Richard E.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 23
Jollimore, Elliott G.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 24
Joyce, Peter J.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 25
Kalish, Abraham H.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 26
Kane, Daniel J.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 27
Kane, John A.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 28
Kaplan, Charles D.
Reel 17Box 10Folder 29
Kasanof, Samuel
Reel 18Box 10Folder 30
Kearns, Daniel D.
Reel 18Box 10Folder 31
Kearns, Patrick A.
Reel 18Box 10Folder 32
Kee, Wallace
Reel 18Box 10Folder 33
Keene, Charles G.
Reel 18Box 10Folder 34
Keene, Roy S.
Reel 18Box 10Folder 35
Keliher, John A.
Reel 18Box 10Folder 36
Kelleher, Daniel J.
Reel 18Box 10Folder 37
Kelleher, William P.
Reel 18Box 10Folder 38
Kelley, Daniel J.
Reel 18Box 10Folder 39
Kelley, Theodore R.
Reel 18Box 10Folder 40
Kelley, Thomas R.
Reel 18Box 10Folder 41
Kelly, Coleman E.
Reel 18Box 10Folder 42
Kelly, Francis E.
Reel 18Box 10Folder 43
Kelly, James F., Jr.
Reel 18Box 10Folder 44
Kelly, John J.
Reel 18Box 10Folder 45
Kelly, John L.
Reel 18Box 10Folder 46
Kelly, William J. (Dorchester)
Reel 18Box 10Folder 47
Kelly, William J. (West Roxbury)
Reel 18Box 10Folder 48
Kenney, John F.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 1
Kenny, Herbert A.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 2
Kerr, J. Ernest
Reel 18Box 11Folder 3
Kerrigan, John E.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 4
Kiernan, Edward L.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 5
Kiernan, Hugh F.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 6
Kiley, Daniel J.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 7
Kiley, James J.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 8
Killilea, Thomas J.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 9
Kilroy, James J.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 10
King, Martin H.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 11
Kinney, William S.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 12
Klinor, Morris M.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 13
Kohler, William J.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 14
Korisky, David
Reel 18Box 11Folder 15
Kravitz, Jacob J.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 16
Lally, William J.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 17
Lane, Benjamin C.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 18
Lane, Daniel W.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 19
Lane, John J.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 20
Lane, Richard C.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 21
Langone, Joseph A.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 22
Langone, Louis
Reel 18Box 11Folder 23
Langone, Michael A.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 24
Lavelle, Thomas D.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 25
Lawler, Henry E.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 26
Lawless, George H.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 27
Leary, George
Reel 18Box 11Folder 28
Leavitt, Thomas
Reel 18Box 11Folder 29
Lebowitz, Louis
Reel 18Box 11Folder 30
Lecain, Levi A.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 31
L'Ecuyer, Eleanor C.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 32
Lee, Joseph
Reel 18Box 11Folder 33
Lee, Martin J.
Reel 18Box 11Folder 34
Lee, Robert V.
Reel 19Box 11Folder 35
Lehan, John L.
Reel 19Box 11Folder 36
Leonard, Albert F.
Reel 19Box 11Folder 37
Leonard, John M.
Reel 19Box 11Folder 38
Leonard, Joseph
Reel 19Box 11Folder 39
Leveroni, Frank
Reel 19Box 11Folder 40
Levine, Louis
Reel 19Box 11Folder 41
Lill, Alfred J., Jr.
Reel 19Box 11Folder 42
Linehan, Frank J.
Reel 19Box 11Folder 43
Lipman, Matthew
Reel 19Box 11Folder 44
Little, Amos R.
Reel 19Box 11Folder 45
Livingston, William W.
Reel 19Box 11Folder 46
Locke, Frank
Reel 19Box 11Folder 47
Logan, Edward L.
Reel 19Box 11Folder 48
Logue, John H.
Reel 20Box 11Folder 49
Lomasney, Joseph (filmed on Reel 20)
Reel 20Box 11Folder 50-51
Lomasney, Martin M. (filmed on Reel 20)
Reel 19Box 12Folder 1
Long, William P.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 2
Lourie, Moses S.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 3
Luscombe, Florence H.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 4
Lydon, John J.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 5
Lynch, John E.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 6
Lynch, Michael
Reel 19Box 12Folder 7
Lynch, William G.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 8
Lyons, James J.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 9
Lyons, Joseph P.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 10
Lyons, Joseph T.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 11
MacCabe, Joseph B.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 12
McCafferty, George L.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 13
McCaffrey, George H.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 14
McCaffrey, George H., Sr.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 15
McCarthy, Frank J.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 16
McCarthy, Harold E.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 17
McCarthy, James H.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 18
McCarthy, Jeremiah J.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 19
McCarthy, John J.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 20
McCarthy, Timothy E.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 21
McCarthy, William F.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 22
McCormack, John W.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 23
McCullough, Leo F.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 24
McCusker, John J.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 25
McDermott, Michael F.
Reel 19Box 12Folder 26
McDevitt, James J.
Reel 20
Reel 20 contains material about Joseph and Martin M. Lomasney; see above
Reel 21Box 12Folder 27
McDonald, Daniel J.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 28
McDonald, Donald C.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 29
MacDonald, Kenneth C., Jr.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 30
McDonough, Francis G.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 31
McDonough, Joseph M.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 32
McGauley, Walter J.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 33
McGivern, John D.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 34
McGlinchy, Charles H.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 35
McGrath, John J.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 36
McGrath, Joseph
Reel 21Box 12Folder 37
McGuire, Charles P.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 38
Machner, John C.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 39
McHugh, Lawrence P.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 40
McIsaac, Daniel V.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 41
McKenzie, Charles E.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 42
McKinney, Francis B.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 43
McKirdy, Robert K.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 44
McKnight, Edwin T.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 45
McLaughlin, Charles D.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 46
McLaughlin, Edward F.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 47
McLaughlin, Francis A.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 48
MacLean, Lloyd J.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 49
McLeod, Frederick J.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 50
McMackim, Thomas J.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 51
McMahon, Thomas W.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 52
McMasters, William H.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 53
McMorrow, William M.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 54
McNary, William S.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 55
McNutty, Anthony A.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 56
McSweeney, Eugene F.
Reel 21Box 12Folder 57
McSweeney, Frederick R.
Reel 21Box 13Folder 1
McVey, Thomas H.
Reel 21Box 13Folder 2
Madden, W. F.
Reel 21Box 13Folder 3
Maguire, James E.
Reel 21Box 13Folder 4
Maguire, William C.
Reel 21Box 13Folder 5
Mahar, James J.
Reel 21Box 13Folder 6
Mahoney, Francis X.
Reel 21Box 13Folder 7
Mahoney, John V.
Reel 21Box 13Folder 8
Mahoney, Michael J.
Reel 21Box 13Folder 9
Maloney, John F.
Reel 21Box 13Folder 10
Maloney, John J.
Reel 21Box 13Folder 11
Mancovitz, David
Reel 21Box 13Folder 12
Manning, Frank J.
Reel 21Box 13Folder 13
Manning, John P.
Reel 21Box 13Folder 14
Manning, Joseph P.
Reel 21Box 13Folder 15
Manning, Michael J.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 16
Mansfield, Frederick W.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 17
Mansfield, Thomas F.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 18
Marcotte, Joseph N.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 19
Marple, William G.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 20
Marshall, Edwin L.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 21
Martin, Leonard
Reel 22Box 13Folder 22
Mascari, Edward
Reel 22Box 13Folder 23
Maynard, Joseph A.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 24
Mealey, Stephen R.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 25
Mellen, James J.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 26
Melody, Patrick J.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 27
Meo, Dominic, Jr.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 28
Merrick, Stephen D.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 29
Miens, Walter R.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 30
Mildram, Samuel H.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 31
Miller, Lelia W.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 32
Minton, Telfair
Reel 22Box 13Folder 33
Mitchell, Christopher C., Jr.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 34
Molloy, Annie E.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 35
Montague, David T.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 36
Montgomery, John F.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 37
Moors, John F.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 38
Morello, Angelo
Reel 22Box 13Folder 39
Morey, Edward, Jr.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 40
Morgan, William H.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 41
Moriarty, James T.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 42
Moriarty, John J.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 43
Morris, Alfred G.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 44
Motley, William A., Jr.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 45
Mott, Hayward R. C.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 46
Moynihan, James J.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 47
Mulligan, Edward J., Jr.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 48
Mulligan, Lafayette
Reel 22Box 13Folder 49
Mulvey, James J.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 50
Munro, Willis
Reel 22Box 13Folder 51
Murdough, Harry M.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 52
Murphy, Daniel C.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 53
Murphy, Edward F.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 54
Murphy, George F.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 55
Murphy, John F.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 56
Murphy, John J.
Reel 22Box 13Folder 57
Murphy, John R.
Reel 23Box 14Folder 1
Murphy, John R.
Reel 23Box 14Folder 2
Murphy, Michael F.
Reel 23Box 14Folder 3
Murphy, Peter J.
Reel 23Box 14Folder 4
Murray, George A.
Reel 23Box 14Folder 5
Murray, Peter A.
Reel 23Box 14Folder 6
Murray, Thomas W.
Reel 23Box 14Folder 7
Murray, William F., Jr.
Reel 23Box 14Folder 8
Myron, Paul V.
Reel 23Box 14Folder 9
Nee, Coleman J.
Reel 23Box 14Folder 10
Nelson, Eric A.
Reel 24Box 14Folder 11-15
Nichols, Malcolm E. (filmed on Reel 24)
Reel 24Box 14Folder 16
Nichols, Nathaniel F. P. (filmed on Reel 24)
Reel 23Box 14Folder 17
Niland, Thomas A.
Reel 23Box 14Folder 18
Noonan, Katherine B.
Reel 23Box 14Folder 19
Norton, Clement A.
Reel 23Box 14Folder 20
Noyes, James B.
Reel 23Box 14Folder 21
Nutter, George R.
Reel 23Box 14Folder 22
O'Brien, John F.
Reel 23Box 14Folder 23
O'Brien, Michael J.
Reel 23Box 14Folder 24
O'Brien, Norton C.
Reel 24
Reel 24 contains material about Malcolm E. and Nathaniel Nichols; see above
Reel 25Box 14Folder 25-26
O'Brien, Thomas C.
Reel 25Box 14Folder 27
O'Brien, Thomas J.
Reel 25Box 14Folder 28
O'Brien, William H.
Reel 25Box 14Folder 29
O'Brien, William J.
Reel 25Box 14Folder 30
O'Connell, Joseph F.
Reel 25Box 15Folder 1
O'Connell, William F.
Reel 25Box 15Folder 2
O'Connor, Charles S.
Reel 25Box 15Folder 3
O'Connor, Daniel
Reel 25Box 15Folder 4
O'Connor, David I.
Reel 25Box 15Folder 5
O'Connor, Ignatius J.
Reel 25Box 15Folder 6
O'Connor, Jeremiah J.
Reel 25Box 15Folder 7
O'Connor, Patrick H.
Reel 25Box 15Folder 8
O'Donnell, James F.
Reel 25Box 15Folder 9
O'Donnell, Richard J.
Reel 25Box 15Folder 10
O'Donnell, William F.
Reel 25Box 15Folder 11
O'Halloran, John A.
Reel 25Box 15Folder 12
O'Hare, J. Frank
Reel 25Box 15Folder 13
O'Hare, John J.
Reel 25Box 15Folder 14
O'Hare, William G.
Reel 25Box 15Folder 15
O'Keefe, Patrick F.
Reel 25Box 15Folder 16
O'Neil, Dennis A.
Reel 25Box 15Folder 17
O'Neil, Joseph H.
Reel 25Box 15Folder 18
Oppenheim, Abe
Reel 25Box 15Folder 19
Page, Christina D.
Reel 25Box 15Folder 20
Paige, Walter N.
Reel 26Box 15Folder 21
Parfumorse, Bernard
Reel 26Box 15Folder 22
Parker, Arthur C.
Reel 26Box 15Folder 23
Parker, Bowdoin S.
Reel 26Box 15Folder 24
Parker, George A.
Reel 26Box 15Folder 25
Parker, Samuel D.
Reel 26Box 15Folder 26-27
Parkman, Henry, Jr.
Reel 26Box 15Folder 28
Parsons, James A.
Reel 26Box 15Folder 29
Pasqua, George
Reel 26Box 15Folder 30
Paten, Frank P.
Reel 26Box 15Folder 31
Patron, William J.
Reel 26Box 15Folder 32
Pelletier, Joseph C.
Reel 26Box 15Folder 33
Penders, Francis J.
Reel 26Box 15Folder 34
Penshorn, George
Reel 26Box 15Folder 35
Penta, James
Reel 27Box 15Folder 36-39
Peters, Andrew J. (filmed on Reel 27)
Reel 26Box 15Folder 40
Phelan, James J.
Reel 26Box 15Folder 41
Phelan, Thomas F.
Reel 26Box 15Folder 42
Piemento, Gabriel F.
Reel 26Box 15Folder 43-44
Pierce, Myron E.
Reel 26Box 15Folder 45
Pigeon, Elizabeth W.
Reel 26Box 15Folder 46
Pinanski, Abraham E.
Reel 26Box 15Folder 47
Pitts, Clement A.
Reel 26Box 15Folder 48
Poladian, George M.
Reel 26Box 16Folder 1
Pollard, David
Reel 26Box 16Folder 2
Pond, J. Waldo
Reel 26Box 16Folder 3
Porter, James M.
Reel 27
Reel 27 contains material about Andrew J. Peters; see above
Reel 28Box 16Folder 4
Post, Adolph J.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 5
Powell, Francis C.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 6
Power, Leo F.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 7
Powers, James F.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 8
Powers, John J.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 9
Powers, Richard J.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 10
Pratt, Lawrence O.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 11
Prescott, William J.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 12
Prest, William M.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 13
Prince, Morton
Reel 28Box 16Folder 14
Purcell, James P. A.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 15
Purcell, James T.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 16
Quigley, James A.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 17
Quigley, Thomas
Reel 28Box 16Folder 18
Quilty, Thomas L.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 19
Quinichett, John H.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 20
Rainey, Julian D.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 21
Reardon, Dennis F.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 22
Reardon, John J.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 23
Reidy, Michael J.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 24
Reilly, Peter A.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 25
Reilly, William A.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 26
Reinhart, Arthur J.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 27
Reth, John W.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 28
Reynolds, George M.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 29
Richardson, Edward M.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 30
Richardson, John S.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 31
Robbins, Catherine A.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 32
Roberts, George W.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 33
Roberts, Isaac L.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 34
Robinson, Frederick A.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 35
Roemer, Edward W.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 36
Romano, Saverio R.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 37
Ronan, William J.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 38
Rooney, Howard F.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 39
Rose, Daniel H.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 40
Rothwell, Bernard J.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 41
Rourke, Joseph A.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 42
Rourke, Louis K.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 43
Ruby, Israel
Reel 28Box 16Folder 44
Russell, Otis T.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 45
Ryan, Edmond W.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 46
Ryan, Morgan T.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 47
Sandberg, Gustave A.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 48
Sanford, Alpheus
Reel 28Box 16Folder 49
Santosuosso, Joseph
Reel 28Box 16Folder 50
Sasserno, Henry A.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 51
Scanlan, William F.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 52
Scannell, David D.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 53
Scannell, Roger F.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 54
Scaramella, Nicholas
Reel 28Box 16Folder 55
Scharton, William R.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 56
Scully, John T.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 57
Seaver, Augustus
Reel 28Box 16Folder 58
Sedgwick, Robert M.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 59
Seiberlich, Frank
Reel 28Box 16Folder 60
Selvitella, Henry
Reel 28Box 16Folder 61
Shamon, Elias F.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 62
Shanahan, Patrick H.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 63
Shattuck, Henry L.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 64
Shaughnessy, Edward J., Jr.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 65
Shaw, David B.
Reel 28Box 16Folder 66
Sheehan, Carrie F.
Reel 28Box 17Folder 1
Sheehan, John F.
Reel 28Box 17Folder 2
Sheehan, Joseph A.
Reel 28Box 17Folder 3
Sheehan, Thomas J. L.
Reel 28Box 17Folder 4
Sheehy, Edward M.
Reel 28Box 17Folder 5
Sheenan, Frederick M. J.
Reel 28Box 17Folder 6
Sheppard, Sherman S.
Reel 28Box 17Folder 7
Sherwood, Frederick A.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 8
Shields, William D.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 9
Shulman, Sadie L.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 10
Silverman, Samuel
Reel 29Box 17Folder 11
Silverman, William M.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 12
Simons, Abraham N.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 13
Slattery, Francis E.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 14
Smedile, Bastian
Reel 29Box 17Folder 15
Smith, Alfred L.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 16
Smith, Earnest E.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 17
Smith, Fitz-Henry, Jr.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 18
Smith, William J.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 19
Sodekson, Nathan S.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 20
Sottili, Salvadore C.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 21
Southard, Louis K.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 22
Spillane, Leo A.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 23
Stone, Elihu D.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 24
Stoneman, David
Reel 29Box 17Folder 25
Strong, Henry H.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 26
Sullivan, Alexander F.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 27
Sullivan, Alexander M.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 28
Sullivan, Arthur V.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 29
Sullivan, Charles S.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 30
Sullivan, Daniel J.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 31
Sullivan, Edward M.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 32
Sullivan, Frank B.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 33
Sullivan, Henry J.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 34
Sullivan, James E.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 35
Sullivan, John A.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 36
Sullivan, Lewis R.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 37
Sullivan, Michael H.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 38
Sullivan, Patrick J. (Ward 5)
Reel 29Box 17Folder 39
Sullivan, Patrick J. (Ward 8)
Reel 29Box 17Folder 40
Sullivan, Stephen C.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 41
Sullivan, Thomas A.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 42
Sullivan, Thomas F.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 43
Sullivan, Ulysses T.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 44
Sullivan, William J.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 45
Sutherland, Albert A.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 46
Sweeney, William D.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 47
Swig, Simon
Reel 29Box 17Folder 48
Symes, George A.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 49
Tague, Peter F.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 50
Taylor, Charles I.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 51
Thomas, Frank J.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 52
Thompson, Daniel
Reel 29Box 17Folder 53
Thompson, David
Reel 29Box 17Folder 54
Thompson, John A.
Reel 29Box 17Folder 55-56
Tinkham, George H.
Reel 30Box 17Folder 57
Tobin, Martin H.
Reel 30Box 17Folder 58
Tobin, Maurice J.
Reel 30Box 17Folder 59
Tomasello, Joseph A.
Reel 30Box 17Folder 60
Toomey, Frank J.
Reel 30Box 17Folder 61
Tremblay, James S.
Reel 30Box 17Folder 62
Twohig, James J.
Reel 30Box 17Folder 63
Vaccaro, George
Reel 30Box 18Folder 1
Vahey, James H.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 2
Van Wart, Frank S.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 3
Vaughan, John W.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 4
Vinson, Thomas M.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 5
Voye, William E.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 6
Wadsworth, Eliot
Reel 30Box 18Folder 7
Wallace, Edward F.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 8
Wallace, John E.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 9
Wallace, Neil J.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 10
Walsh, David I.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 11
Walsh, John J.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 12
Walsh, Joseph P.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 13
Walsh, Leo D.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 14
Walsh, Michael J.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 15
Walsh, Patrick J.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 16
Walsh, Peter E.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 17
Walsh, Richard M.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 18
Walsh, William J.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 19
Ward, Joseph M.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 20
Ward, Michael J.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 21
Ward, William V.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 22
Wardner, George P.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 23
Ware, Robert J.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 24
Warren, Bentley R.
Reel 31Box 18Folder 25-30
Watson, James A. (filmed on Reel 31)
Reel 30Box 18Folder 31
Weber, Edmund
Reel 30Box 18Folder 32
Welch, John F.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 33
Wellington, Alfred E.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 34
Whalen, William S.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 35
Wharton, Joseph W.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 36-37
Whelton, Daniel A.
Reel 30Box 18Folder 38
Whelton, Francis R.
Reel 30Box 19Folder 1
Whipple, Sherman L.
Reel 30Box 19Folder 2
Whiteside, Alexander
Reel 30Box 19Folder 3
Wiesman, Margaret
Reel 30Box 19Folder 4
Willebrandt, Mabel W.
Reel 30Box 19Folder 5
Williams, Charles W. M.
Reel 30Box 19Folder 6
Williams, Frederick M.
Reel 30Box 19Folder 7
Wilson, George E.
Reel 30Box 19Folder 8
Wilson, Harold D.
Reel 30Box 19Folder 9
Wilson, Herbert A.
Reel 30Box 19Folder 10
Wilson, Robert G., Jr.
Reel 30Box 19Folder 11
Winchester, Charles A.
Reel 30Box 19Folder 12
Wood, George O.
Reel 30Box 19Folder 13
Woodford, William J.
Reel 30Box 19Folder 14
Woods, Arthur F.
Reel 30Box 19Folder 15
Woods, William H.
Reel 30Box 19Folder 16
Wragg, Walter E.
Reel 30Box 19Folder 17
Wyche, John E.
Reel 30Box 19Folder 18
Zetterman, Axel E.
Reel 31
Reel 31 contains material about James A. Watson; see above
Box 20
Candidate files additions, A-F (NOT ON MICROFILM)

II. General records, 1900-1935

This series includes institutional correspondence and other papers, 1903-1935; alphabetical member records, 1903-1933; publication committee records; local government spending records; and ephemera and printed miscellany.

Box 21
General records, 1903-Nov. 1925
Box 22
General records, Dec. 1925-1927
Box 23
General records, 1928-July 1929
Box 24
General records, Aug. 1929-1930
Box 25
General records, 1931-Sep. 1932
Box 26
General records, Oct. 1932-1935; ephemera; printed miscellany
Box 27
Alphabetical member records, A–J
Box 28
Alphabetical member records, K–Z
Box 29
Publication Committee, City Affairs
Box 30
Monitoring local government spending (carriage records)

III. Financial records, 1900-1933

This series includes both loose financial papers, 1905-1933, and financial volumes, 1901-1933, as well as a record of donations to the organization.

Box 31
Financial records, 1905-1920
Box 32
Financial records, 1921-1933
Box 33Folder 1
Contributions book, 1900-1905
Box 33Folder 2-3
Cash book, 1901-1908
Box 33Folder 4-5
Cash book, 1909-1914
Box 33Folder 6
Cash book, 1914-1919
Box 33Folder 7
Cash book, 1917-1927
Box 34Folder 1
Cash book, 1919-1923
Box 34Folder 2-3
Cash book, 1923-1927
Box 34Folder 4
Cash book, 1928-1933
Box 35
Cash book, 1933
Box 36
Donations book, A-K
Box 37
Donations book, L-Z

IV. Subject files, 1901-1933

Arranged alphabetically in two sequences.

This series contains two subseries of subject files dated mostly 1901-1919 and 1920-1933. The original arrangement of the material by the Good Government Association has been maintained. The files are mainly (but not exclusively) composed of newspaper clippings glued onto boards, slightly larger than 8 1/2 x 14" paper, so that many of the pages have been photocopied and reduced. Also included is loose correspondence, notes, memoranda, pamphlets, and other miscellaneous printed material. Newspaper clippings have been discarded, and only photocopies have been retained with other (non-newspaper) material.

A. Subject files I, 1901-1933; bulk: 1901-1919

Box 38Folder 1
Contents lists/original boxes
Box 38Folder 2
Americanization Committee, 1920-1926
Box 38Folder 3
Appointments, 1911-1912
Box 38Folder 4
Assessing Department, 1906-1920
Box 38Folder 5
Auditor's Office, 1906-1910
Box 38Folder 6
"Boston 1915"
Box 38Folder 7
Boston Common, 1915-1920
Box 38Folder 8-9
Boston Elevated Railroad, 1906-1919
Box 38Folder 10-15
Budget, 1914-1916
Box 39Folder 1-7
Budget, 1916-1918
Box 39Folder 8
Bureau of Municipal Research
Box 39Folder 9-11
Candidates, 1910-1914
Box 39Folder 12
Chamber of Commerce
Box 39Folder 13
Box 40Folder 1-7
Box 40Folder 8-9
Citizens' Municipal League, 1909-1913
Box 40Folder 10-15
City Council campaign, 1911-1915
Box 41Folder 1-13
City Council campaign, 1915-1919
Box 41Folder 14-15
City debt limit, 1911-1923
Box 41Folder 16
City Hall, 1906-1907
Box 42Folder 1-3
Civil Service, 1906-1919
Box 42Folder 4-7
Constitutional Convention, 1917-1918
Box 42Folder 8
Contracts, 1906-1921
Box 42Folder 9
Democratic City Committee
Box 42Folder 10-11
Election Department, 1905-1920
Box 42Folder 12-13
Fenway case, 1905-1907
Box 42Folder 14-16
Finance Commission, 1906-1919
Box 42Folder 17-20
Fire Department, 1905-1919
Box 43Folder 1-2
Fire Department
Box 43Folder 3
Box 43Folder 4
Good Government Association, 1915-1922
Box 43Folder 5
Greater Boston, 1919
Box 43Folder 6
Infirmary Department
Box 43Folder 7-10
Lighting (city), 1906-1921
Box 43Folder 11-12
Lighting (street)
Box 43Folder 13-19
Mayoralty campaign, 1917
Box 44Folder 1-3
Park and Recreation Department, 1914-1920
Box 44Folder 4-5
Payrolls, 1905-1914
Box 44Folder 6-8
Penal institutions, 1915-1920
Box 44Folder 9
Pension Department, 1910-1912
Box 44Folder 10-14
Police Department, 1903-1924
Box 44Folder 15-16
Police strike, 1919
Box 45Folder 1-3
Police strike, 1919-1921
Box 45Folder 4-6
Political advertising, 1909-1922
Box 45Folder 7
Public Buildings Department, 1905-1917
Box 45Folder 8-15
Public Works Department, 1909-1919
Box 45Folder 16-17
Redistricting, 1914-1916
Box 46Folder 1
Redistricting, 1914-1918
Box 46Folder 2-4
School Department, 1905-1919
Box 46Folder 5
State Finance Commission, 1906-1926
Box 46Folder 6
Supply Department, 1907-1919
Box 46Folder 7-11
Taxes, 1906-1919
Box 46Folder 12
Traffic, 1916-1919
Box 46Folder 13
Zoning, 1922-1933
Box 46Folder 14
Index to old boxes

B. Subject files II, 1904-1933; bulk: 1920-1933

Box 47Folder 1
Accounting system
Box 47Folder 2-3
Airport, 1921-1933
Box 47Folder 4
Appointments, 1912-1933
Box 47Folder 5
Appropriation Limits Bill, 1933
Box 47Folder 6
Assessing Department, 1920-1933
Box 47Folder 7
Auditor Department, 1918-1932
Box 47Folder 8
Auditorium, 1927-1932
Box 47Folder 9
Automobile insurance, 1930-1932
Box 47Folder 10
Automobile rental, 1931
Box 47Folder 11
Baldwin Place Synagogue, graft probe, 1922-1923
Box 47Folder 12-14
Baseball scandal, 1928-1929
Box 47Folder 15-16
Boston Charter, 1920-1933
Box 47Folder 17-21
Boston Charter Association, 1911-1912
Box 48
Boston Charter Association, 1912-Mar. 1920
Box 49
Boston Charter Association, Apr. 1920-June 1924
Box 50Folder 1-7
Boston Charter Association, Sep. 1924-1928
Box 50Folder 8-10
Boston Charter revision, 1923-1933
Box 50Folder 11
Boston City Hospital, 1928
Box 50Folder 12
Boston Common, 1920-1932
Box 50Folder 13
Boston Elevated stock speculation, 1921
Box 50Folder 14
Boston League of Women Voters, 1921-1930
Box 50Folder 15
Boston Port Development Company, 1931
Box 50Folder 16
Boston Real Estate Exchange, 1927-1933
Box 50Folder 17
Boston Relief Fund, 1932-1933
Box 50Folder 18
Boston Research Bureau, 1931-1933
Box 50Folder 19
Boston Tercentenary Commission, 1923-1930
Box 50Folder 20-23
Budget, 1919-1933
Box 50Folder 24
Buildings, 1921-1933
Box 51Folder 1
Cambridge Street, 1923-1924
Box 51Folder 2
Cartoons, 1930-1933
Box 51Folder 3
Cemetery Act, 1933
Box 51Folder 4
Censorship, 1930-1933
Box 51Folder 5
Census, 1920-1933
Box 51Folder 6
Chamber of Commerce, 1931-1933
Box 51Folder 7
Charles River Basin, 1929-1931
Box 51Folder 8
City Affairs and Your Business (publications), 1922-1930
Box 51Folder 9-28
City Council & city elections, 1904-1933
Box 52Folder 1-6
City Council & city elections, 1927-1931
Box 52Folder 7
City debt, 1919-1933
Box 52Folder 8-9
City finances, 1917-1933
Box 52Folder 10-11
City Hall, 1920-1933
Box 52Folder 12
City manager plan
Box 52Folder 13-14
City planning, 1923-1933
Box 52Folder 15
City Record
Box 52Folder 16
Civic Center, 1930-1931
Box 52Folder 17
Civil Service Commission, 1915-1933
Box 52Folder 18
Claims (civil suits), 1930-1933
Box 52Folder 19-20
Columbus Park scandal, 1924-1930
Box 52Folder 21
Commercial, Industrial, and Publicity Bureau, 1930-1933
Box 52Folder 22-24
Contracts, 1930-1931
Box 53Folder 1-3
Contracts, 1922-1933
Box 53Folder 4
Court House, 1922-1932
Box 53Folder 5
Courts, 1930-1933
Box 53Folder 6
Democratic City Committee, 1921-1933
Box 53Folder 7
Democratic State Committee, 1930
Box 53Folder 8
District attorney investigations, 1921-1926
Box 53Folder 9
Dock Square, 1926-1930
Box 53Folder 10
Dorchester Brokers' Association, 1931
Box 53Folder 11
East Boston Strandway
Box 53Folder 12-15
East Boston Tunnel, 1925-1933
Box 53Folder 16-17
Election Department, 1920-1933
Box 53Folder 18-20
Elevated Railway, 1919-1933
Box 53Folder 21
Employment, 1917-1933
Box 53Folder 22
Equal Tax League, 1932-1933
Box 54Folder 1-4
Exchange Street widening, 1926-1929
Box 54Folder 5
Exhibits, 1931-1932
Box 54Folder 6
Fare Bill (elevated railway), 1922
Box 54Folder 7
Ferry service, 1929-1933
Box 54Folder 8-10
Finance Commission, 1919-1933
Box 54Folder 11-14
Fire Department, 1916-1933
Box 54Folder 15
General Court, 1931
Box 54Folder 16-17
General government, 1921-1933
Box 54Folder 18-19
Good Government Association, 1916-1930
Box 55Folder 1
Good Government Association, 1930-1933
Box 55Folder 2
Greater Boston, 1920-1932
Box 55Folder 3-4
Health Department, 1922-1933
Box 55Folder 5
Hospital Department, 1920-1933
Box 55Folder 7
Income tax exemption, 1923
Box 55Folder 6
Industrial Bank and Trust Co.
Box 55Folder 8
Initiative and referendum provisions
Box 55Folder 12
Institutions Department, 1920-1933
Box 55Folder 9
International Peace Congress, 1904
Box 55Folder 10
Jury system, 1922-1923
Box 55Folder 11
Ku Klux Klan
Box 55Folder 13
Land takings, 1926-1933
Box 55Folder 14
Law Department, 1918-1933
Box 55Folder 15
Legislature, 1932-1933
Box 55Folder 16
Library, 1925-1933
Box 55Folder 17
License and permits, 1931-1933
Box 55Folder 18-19
Loans, 1921-1933
Box 55Folder 20
Loyal Coalition flag, 1920-1923
Box 55Folder 21
Markets, 1930-1933
Box 55Folder 22
Massachusetts Real Estate Owners Association, 1931-1933
Box 55Folder 23
Massachusetts Tax Association, 1932
Box 56
Mayoralty campaign, 1920-1929
Box 57Folder 1-11
Mayoralty campaign, 1929-1933
Box 57Folder 12
Meters (water), 1929-1930
Box 57Folder 13-14
Metropolitan Boston, 1924-1932
Box 57Folder 15
Metropolitan Planning Commission, 1923-1933
Box 57Folder 16
Miscellaneous, 1931
Box 57Folder 17-18
New England States Century of Progress Exposition, 1930-1931
Box 57Folder 19
Noise, 1933
Box 57Folder 20
North Station project, 1927
Box 57Folder 21
Omnibus lines, 1924-1929
Box 57Folder 22
Parks Department, 1916-1933
Box 57Folder 23
Pay-as-you-go policy, 1931
Box 57Folder 24
Penal institutions, 1924-1933
Box 57Folder 25
Pension Department, 1920-1933
Box 58Folder 1
Box 58Folder 2
Pickwick Club disaster, 1925
Box 58Folder 3
Plain Talkmagazine, 1929-1930
Box 58Folder 4-9
Police, 1920-1933
Box 58Folder 10
Port of Boston, 1930-1933
Box 58Folder 11
Post Office, 1922-1933
Box 58Folder 12
Prado (North End)
Box 58Folder 13
Printing Department, 1930-1933
Box 58Folder 14-24
Proportional representation, 1922
Box 59
Proportional representation, 1923-1924
Box 60Folder 1-10
Proportional representation, 1925-1933
Box 60Folder 11
Public Buildings Department, 1918-1933
Box 60Folder 12
Public celebrations, 1925-1933
Box 60Folder 13
Public health
Box 60Folder 14-15
Public utilities, 1921-1931
Box 60Folder 16-19
Public welfare, 1925-1933
Box 60Folder 20-24
Public Works Department, 1920-1933
Box 61Folder 1-3
Public Works Department, 1924-1933
Box 61Folder 4
Recreation, 1933
Box 61Folder 5
Redistricting, 1931
Box 61Folder 6
Referenda, 1924-1930
Box 61Folder 7
Reorganization of GGA, 1921-1928
Box 61Folder 8
Republican City Committee, 1932-1933
Box 61Folder 9
Salaries (municipal), 1920-1933
Box 61Folder 10
Sale of property, 1930-1932
Box 61Folder 11
Sanitary Service, 1926-1933
Box 61Folder 12-14
School Committee, 1925-1933
Box 61Folder 15-19
School Department, 1920-1933
Box 61Folder 20
Schoolhouse Commission, 1925-1933
Box 61Folder 21
Soldiers' Relief Department
Box 61Folder 22
State Board of Tax Appeals
Box 61Folder 23
State election laws
Box 61Folder 24
State Finance Commission
Box 61Folder 25
State House
Box 61Folder 26-29
Streets, 1914-1933
Box 61Folder 30
Street Commission, 1924-1933
Box 61Folder 31
Street Laying Out Department, 1925-1931
Box 62Folder 1
Street signs, 1924-1927
Box 62Folder 2
Street widening
Box 62Folder 3
Stuart Street, 1921-1922
Box 62Folder 4
Suffolk County, 1921-1931
Box 62Folder 5
Supply Department, 1920-1933
Box 62Folder 6-11
Taxes, 1907-1933
Box 62Folder 12-13
Tax Limit, 1922-1933
Box 62Folder 14
Taxi stands, 1929-1933
Box 62Folder 15
Thoroughfare plan, 1925-1931
Box 62Folder 16-18
Traffic Commission, 1920-1933
Box 62Folder 19
Transit Board, 1920-1933
Box 62Folder 20
Treasury Department, 1921-1931
Box 62Folder 21
Treasury scandal (J. A. Daly), 1921
Box 62Folder 22
Trust funds, 1920-1932
Box 62Folder 23
Tunnels, 1921-1929
Box 63Folder 1
Voting machines
Box 63Folder 2
Ward lines, 1924-1925
Box 63Folder 3-4
Water Department, 1920-1932
Box 63Folder 5
White Fund, 1922-1933
Box 63Folder 6
"Whitewash," 1931
Box 63Folder 7
Young's Hotel, 1933
Box 63Folder 8
"Temporary clipping file," undated and 1930-1933
Box 63Folder 9-13
Clipping index, 1920-1933

V. Miscellaneous papers, 1908-1936

This series consists of two sets of papers filed separately by the Good Government Association. Included is correspondence of Lincoln Steffens, who was hired by the Executive Committee to research and report on the political situation in Boston. His report (in book form) was not published, but some controversy regarding the report surfaced in 1931 when Steffens published his autobiography, which contained references to his investigations. This series also contains manuscripts, typescripts, and notes of George Nutter for a history of the Good Government Association.

Box 63Folder 14-21
Lincoln Steffens correspondence, 1908-1915, 1931
Box 64
George Nutter's papers, from Charles Nutter, 1933-1936

VI. Scrapbooks, 1900-1933

These scrapbooks, which contain newspapers clippings and other printed material, have been photocopied and boxed using the volume numbers supplied by the Good Government Association. (Vols. 1a, 2a, and 3a were not numbered by the association.) The original scrapbooks have been discarded due to the poor condition of the newspaper clippings.

Box 65Vol. 1
General clippings, 1900-1903
Box 65Vol. 2
General clippings, 1904-1905
Box 65Vol. 3
Citizens' movement; Louis A. Frothingham, 1905
Box 65Vol. 4
Mayor John F. Fitzgerald, 1907-1908
Box 65Vol. 5
Censorship, traffic, 1911-1916
Box 66Vol. 6
John F. Fitzgerald, Susan W. Fitzgerald, School Committee election, 1911-1913
Box 66Vol. 7
Fire codes, fire stations, transit, 1911-1915
Box 66Vol. 8
"Boston 1915" movement, city water use, 1909-1912
Box 66Vol. 9
Boston Charter, miscellaneous topics, 1909
Box 67Vol. 10
Boston Charter, 1909
Box 67Vol. 11
Boston Charter, 1909
Box 68Vol. 12
Boston Charter, Election Department, 1907-1913
Box 68Vol. 13
Boston Charter, 1914-1915
Box 68Vol. 14
Charter Association, 1910-1914
Box 69Vol. 15
Charter Referendum, 1909
Box 69Vol. 16
City Council, 1911-1915
Box 70Vol. 17
City lighting, Bridge Department, 1906-1914
Box 70Vol. 18
City lighting, 1912-1915
Box 71Vol. 19
Civil service, School Department, 1909-1916
Box 71Vol. 20
Finance Commission, 1906-1914
Box 71Vol. 21
Finance Commission, 1914-1917
Box 72Vol. 22
Waste disposal, 1911-1915
Box 72Vol. 23
Miscellaneous GGA clippings, 1903-1916
Box 72Vol. 24
Miscellaneous GGA clippings, 1905-1913
Box 72Vol. 25
Hospital, Health, Fire Departments, 1906-1916
Box 73Vol. 26
Health Department, 1913-1919
Box 73Vol. 27
Mayoralty campaign (1), 1913
Box 74Vol. 28
Mayoralty campaign (2), 1913-1914
Box 74Vol. 29
Mayoralty campaign (3), 1914
Box 74Vol. 30
Mayoralty campaign (4), 1914
Box 75Vol. 31
Parks Department (including zoo), bath houses, 1907-1914
Box 75Vol. 32
Sewer Department, Public Buildings Department, 1906-1915
Box 75Vol. 33
Public Buildings Department, 1912-1916
Box 76Vol. 34
Schools, 1911-1917
Box 76Vol. 35
State House affairs, 1906-1908
Box 77Vol. 36
State House affairs, 1908-1910
Box 77Vol. 37
Streets, 1907-1915
Box 78Vol. 38
Streets, 1915-1916
Box 78Vol. 39
Waste disposal, 1907-1915
Box 78Vol. A
Ward Committee correspondence, 1905-1908
Box 79Vol. B
Candidate information brochures, 1901-1905
Box 79Vol. C
Candidate information brochures, 1906-1916
Box 80Vol. D
Candidate information brochures, 1918-1933
Box 80Vol. E
Campaign literature and circulars, 1914-1916
Box 80Vol. 1a
GGA publications and circulars, 1903-1907
Box 81Vol. 2a
GGA publications and circulars, 1908-1912
Box 81Vol. 3a
GGA publications and circulars, 1913-1930
Box 81
Loose materials found on shelves near scrapbooks, miscellaneous topics, undated, 1903

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Good Government Association records, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Collins, Patrick A. (Patrick Andrew), 1844-1905.
Curley, James Michael, 1874-1958.
Fitzgerald, John Francis, 1863-1950.
Lomasney, Martin Michael, 1859-1933.
Nutter, George R. (George Read), 1863-1937.


Boston Charter Association.
Boston (Mass.). Finance Commission.


Account books--1906-1928.
Boston (Mass.)--Appropriations and expenditures.
Boston (Mass.)--Buildings, structures, etc.
Boston (Mass.)--Economic conditions.
Boston (Mass.)--Politics and government--20th century.
Campaign literature--Massachusetts.
Elections--Massachusetts--History--20th century.
Municipal charters--Massachusetts--Boston.

Materials Removed from the Collection

Photographs from this collection have been removed to the Good Government Association photographs (unprocessed) (Photo. Coll. 500.92).