Records of the United Spanish War Veterans, Colonel Fred B. Bogan Camp No. 14 (Charlestown, Mass.)

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Collection Summary


This collection consists of papers documenting the activities of the Col. Fred B. Bogan Camp No. 14, United Spanish War Veterans, including correspondence, reports, minutes, and membership and financial records.

Historical Sketch

An amalgamation of several veterans' groups, the United Spanish War Veterans organization was established nation-wide in 1904 and was composed of veterans of the War with Spain and the campaigns in the Philippines and in China. Col. Fred B. Bogan Camp No. 14 was named for Fred B. Bogan, who commanded the 9th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in Cuba in 1898. Col. Bogan died in August 1898 at his home in Charlestown, Mass., from an illness contracted during the Cuban campaign.

Collection Description

This collection consists of loose papers and record volumes documenting the activities of the Col. Fred B. Bogan Camp No. 14, United Spanish War Veterans, 1900-1934. Loose papers include correspondence, reports of officers and committees, meeting minutes, applications, and financial papers. Record volumes include membership records, financial records, and meeting minutes. There are gaps in the records, and some records may be missing from the collection.

Acquisition Information

Deposited by the Bostonian Society, 1971.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Loose papers, 1900-1934

Box 1
General correspondence and miscellaneous papers, 1912-1924
Box 2Folder 1-14
General correspondence and miscellaneous papers, 1925-1929
Box 2Folder 15-24
Officers and committees, reports, 1909-1915, 1918-1919
Box 2Folder 25-34
Minutes, 1918-1919, 1922-1925, 1928-1929
Box 3
Applications for membership, 1900-1927
Box 4
Financial papers (bills, receipts, etc.), 1927-June 1930
Box 5
Financial papers, (bills, receipts, etc.), July 1930-1934

II. Volumes, 1900-1929

Box 6Folder 1
Muster-in book, 1900-1901
Box 6Folder 2
Dues/membership book, 1900-1904
Box 6Folder 3
Dues/membership book, 1902-1906
Box 6Folder 4
Dues/membership book, 1903-1906
Box 6Folder 5
Dues/membership book, 1905-1908
Box 7Folder 1
Dues/membership book, 1907-1910
Box 7Folder 2
Dues/membership book, 1910-1916
Box 7Folder 3
Dues/membership book, 1914-1920
Box 8Folder 1
Dues/membership book, 1919-1922
Box 8Folder 2
Dues/membership book, 1920-1924
Box 8Folder 3
Dues/membership book, 1922-1925
Box 8Folder 4
Dues/membership book, 1923-1926
Box 8Folder 5
Dues/membership book, 1924-1927
Box 9Folder 1
Paymaster's cash book, 1900-1911
Box 9Folder 2
Cash book, 1904-1911
Box 9Folder 3
Account book, 1912-1915
Box 9Folder 4
Cash book, 1918-1922
Box 10Folder 1
Adjutant's book (meeting records), 1906-1910
Box 10Folder 2
Meeting records, 1911-1922
Box 10Folder 3
Minutes, 1929
Box 10Folder 4-7
Miscellaneous items, including undated bylaws, printed items, and one unidentified photograph of a man in uniform

Preferred Citation

Records of the United Spanish War Veterans, Colonel Fred B. Bogan Camp No. 14 (Charlestown, Mass.), Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Bogan, Fred B., 1851-1898.


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