1847-1959; bulk: 1880-1941

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Collection Summary


This collection contains the papers of J. Foster Smith and his wife, Josephine T. C. Smith of Salem, Mass. It includes family correspondence, personal papers, writings, diaries, scrapbooks, and printed material. Also included are selected business and financial records of the Naumkeag Steam Cotton Company, the Hawthorne Memorial Association, and the Essex Institute.

Biographical Sketch

John Josiah Foster Smith (1860-1936), known as J. Foster or Foster, was born in Salem, Mass. to John Smith (1817-1879) and Mary Ann Perno (1832-1867). He graduated from Salem High School in 1878 and began working as a “cotton boy” at the Naumkeag Steam Cotton Company in Salem in 1879. He advanced at Naumkeag to the position of corporation clerk in 1896 and in 1918 was appointed mill agent, a position he held until his death in 1936. Upon his fiftieth anniversary with Naumkeag in 1929 he was elected a director of the company. Foster often spoke in front of the Salem Club and to local businesses and social organizations. He served as a director of the Salem Public Library, Salem Athenaeum, Essex Institute, Holyoke Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Salem Five Cents Savings Bank, Naumkeag Trust Company, and Harmony Grove Cemetery Corporation. He married Josephine Tillinghast Chadwick in 1889, and they had three children: Philip Horton Smith (1890-1960); Helen St. Claire Smith (1894-1916); and Alice Gilbert Smith Bourgoin (1897-1984). The family lived in Salem and summered in Marblehead, Topsfield, and Wenham.

Josephine Tillinghast Chadwick Smith (1866-1941), known as Jo or Posey, was born in Salem to John Clark Chadwick (1833-1904) and Mary Tillinghast Snell (1836-1914) . Some of her childhood was spent in Charleston, South Carolina, where her father leased a peanut plantation after the Civil War. She attended the Massachusetts Normal Arts School in Boston, and was the assistant director of art for Providence, Rhode Island schools before marrying J. Foster Smith in 1889. She was a director of the Woman's Friend Society, as well as a member of the Salem Gardening Club, the Society of Mayflower Descendants, the Hamilton-Wenham Gardening Club, the Wenham Village Improvement Society, the Essex Institute, and the Salem Athenaeum.

Collection Description

The J. Foster Smith and Josephine T. C. Smith papers consist of five record cartons that date from 1847-1959, with the bulk of material dating between 1880-1941. The collection is divided into four series: J. Foster Smith papers; Josephine T. C. Smith papers; Corporate and organizational records; and Printed material.

The J. Foster Smith papers contain correspondence with his wife, Josephine, discussing courtship, boating and sailing, his work at the Naumkeag Mills in Salem, visits to textile plants in Maine, New York, and Chicago, and his trips to Europe when the couple traveled separately. Of particular note are letters written directly after the Salem fire of 1914, which completely destroyed the Naumkeag Mills. Other correspondents were Foster’s daughter Helen St. Clare Smith, his sister-in-law Marian Chadwick Hotchkiss, his cousins Henry Gardner Bridges and Fidelia Bridges, and his friend William A. Horton. Foster’s personal correspondence and writings reflect his social affiliations and speaking engagements with many Salem organizations, including the Salem Club, the Essex Institute, and the Hawthorne Memorial Association. The bulk of his writings consist of speeches to these and other organizations on topics of Salem history, the textile industry, and industrial management techniques. Legal and financial papers include account books, travel documents, wills, and estate settlement papers. Foster's diaries offer a detailed account of social and cultural life in Salem from 1880 to 1936. Other volumes include the 1887 log of the sloop Mon Desir, detailed diaries and scrapbooks of his European and world trips, and journals chronicling his work as mill agent for the Naumkeag Mills.

Josephine T. C. Smith’s papers contains correspondence with her daughter Helen; her sister, Marian Chadwick Hotchkiss; her nephew Burton Hotchkiss; her cousin Fidelia Bridges; her mother, Mary Tillinghast Snell Chadwick; and others, and includes discussions about daily activities, social events, travel, the death of her daughter Helen from Hodgkin’s Disease in 1916, and her husband’s death in 1936. Her papers also include several essays on Salem gardens, and diaries of her 1929 trip through the Panama Canal and her 1933 trip around the world.

The collection also contains records of several organizations with which J. Foster Smith was affiliated. Records of the Naumkeag Steam Cotton Company include business correspondence and congratulatory letters; legal records such as deeds, contracts, and papers related to a lawsuit with the American Glue Co.; financial records; and personnel lists. Records of the Hawthorne Memorial Association, for which he served as treasurer, consist of the organization’s charter and by-laws, lists of members, and treasurer’s reports. Records of the Essex Institute of Salem, where Foster was a council member and chair of the Finance Committee, include financial correspondence and reports, as well as payroll records.

Printed material includes reports, cards, brochures, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and newsletters related to the Smiths' various activities in Salem, their travels throughout Japan, China, Egypt, France, Spain, and England in 1933-1934, Foster's career at the Naumkeag Steam Cotton Company, and Foster's articles and speeches.

Acquisition Information

Bequest of Philip Chadwick Foster Smith, 2001-2002.

Restrictions on Access

The J. Foster Smith and Josephine T. C. Smith papers are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. J. Foster Smith papers, 1876-1959

This series includes correspondence between J. Foster Smith and his wife, family members, friends, and acquaintances. It also contains Smith's writings; personal, legal and financial papers; diaries; scrapbooks; and desk calendars.

A. Correspondence, 1886-1936

This subseries consists of correspondence between J. Foster Smith and his wife, Josephine T. C. Smith, as well as correspondence with family, friends, and acquaintances in the United States and overseas. Topics include social clubs and gatherings, the Salem fire of 1914, current events, family issues, sailing and boating, and religion.

i. Correspondence with Josephine T. C. Smith, 1886-1934

Arranged chronologically.

The bulk of this correspondence is courtship letters written from Foster to Josephine between 1886 and 1889, including invitations to concerts, lectures, picnics, and boating excursions, as well as discussions of the weather and the couple's health. Later correspondence is more sporadic, including letters while Foster is visiting textile plants in Maine, New York, and Chicago, and when the couple travels separately to Europe for business and pleasure. Subjects include family activities, health, activities at the Naumkeag Mill, Foster's boating hobby, and travel narratives. Of particular note is correspondence written in the aftermath of the Salem fire of 1914, when Foster was sailing to England and received word that his cotton mill had been destroyed.

Carton 1SH 1892 MFolders 1-31

ii. Personal correspondence, 1887-1936

Arranged chronologically.

Correspondents include Foster's daughter Helen, his sister-in-law Marian Chadwick Hotchkiss, his nephew Burton Hotchkiss, his cousins Henry Gardner Bridges and Fidelia Bridges, and his friend William A. Horton, for whom Foster's son Philip Horton Smith was named. Also included is work-related correspondence, especially letters of congratulations for his appointment as mill agent in 1918. Additional letters relate to his social affiliations and speaking engagements with organizations including the Salem Club, Salem War Chest Association, Hawthorne Memorial Association, Holyoke Insurance Company, and the Essex Institute. Retained copies of Foster's letters are also in this subseries. Of interest is a 29 January 1930 letter to A.S. Bachorowski about the history of Salem's Polish community.

Carton 1SH 1892 MFolders 32-47

B. Personal papers, 1880-1936

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries primarily contains the legal and financial papers of J. Foster Smith, including life insurance policies, powers of attorney, notary public certifications, a receipt for Josephine's engagement ring, account books, Foster's 1933 will, and estate settlement papers that include property appraisals, financial statements, and Foster's death certificate. Also in this series are travel-related documents including 1919 and 1926 passports, travel itineraries, and numerous receipts from foreign travel.

Carton 1SH 1892 MFolders 48-67

C. Writings, circa 1876-1935

Arranged chronologically.

The bulk of J. Foster Smith’s writings revolve around his work and his social clubs. His speeches and papers, presented at the Naumkeag Mills and other organizations, related to workman’s compensation, the evolution of New England textile mills, and successful management techniques. In addition, he traveled to Europe and Asia to tour other textile mills, and wrote papers and speeches about his experiences. He also wrote fictional stories and humorous anecdotes which he presented to Salem Club members between 1919 and 1935. His writings include a history of the town of Salem, personal reflections on his trip to China, and musings on colorful characters he met through his work at the cotton mill.

See also Printed material - Writings of J. Foster Smith.

Carton 1SH 1892 MFolder 68
Salem High School essays, circa 1876
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolder 69
European trade and labor report, Sept. 1919
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolder 70
"The Saving Grace," May 1920
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolder 71
Salem Club president's address, May 1920
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolder 72
"The River," Jan. 1922
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolder 73
"The Story of Naumkeag Mills," Feb. 1923
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolder 74
Rotary Club address, Apr. 1923
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolder 75
"Aftermath," Apr. 1925
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolder 76
Open Forum speech, National Association of Cotton Manufacturers, Oct. 1925
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolder 77
Sizing compound remarks, Jan. 1926
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolder 78
"What a European Trip Taught Me about Management," July 1926
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolder 79
"Stage Point and Thereabouts," 1930
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolder 80
"The Evolution of New England Textiles," Dec. 1931
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolder 81
"Why Our Accident Prevention Plan is Successful," Oct. 1932
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolder 82
"Dreams Come True," Oct. 1934
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolder 83
Rotary Club address, Apr. 1935
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolder 84
"Spinning Yarns," n.d.
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolder 85
Rotary Club address, n.d.
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolders 86-89
Speech note cards, n.d.
Carton 1SH 1892 MFolders 90-91
Miscellaneous writings, n.d.

D. Volumes, 1880-1959

This series consists of J. Foster Smith's diaries, scrapbooks, and desk calendars. Diaries discuss daily activities and those of his family and friends, as well as places visited. Scrapbooks were compiled by Foster and his family, and illustrate local and state-wide recognition for his achievement. A newspaper clippings scrapbook was compiled by his family after his death in 1936. Desk calendars list meetings with business associates and friends, as well as other appointments between 1930 and 1935.

i. Diaries, 1880-1936

Arranged chronologically.

J. Foster Smith’s diaries consist of daily entries from the age of 20 until his death at 76, with a twelve-year gap from 1888 to 1900. Diaries dating from 1883 to 1888 contain longer but sporadic entries, while diaries after 1900 are written in line-a-day style, with occasional longer entries added at the back of the volume. They describe weather, daily activities, letters and visitors received, and social and cultural activities in Salem including those with the Salem Lyceum, Essex Institute, IOOF Lodge, and the Pi Phi Association of Salem High School. Also included are Foster's reflections on local and national politics, his work at the Naumkeag Mills, current events, his boats and boating activities, travels, and his family and their health, including the death of his daughter Helen from Hodgkin’s Disease in 1916 at age 22.

Of particular interest is the ship’s log of Foster’s sloop, Mon Desir, kept during the summer of 1887. It describes his adventures with his “pentagon” of friends - George W. Jones, James A. Leavitt, E. A. Phippen, and William A. Horton - who sailed the sloop along the coast of Maine. 1909-1914 diaries include lists of the nationalities of his mill workers, the majority of which were French Canadian and Polish. A 1919 diary tells of daily activities during a trip to Europe aboard the Holland America Line ship Nieuw Amsterdam to visit his son Philip, see the war area, and look at foreign textile works. Places visited include Italy, France, Belgium and England. A 1926 diary describes his daily activities during a cruise to Europe aboard the RMS Patria. Places visited include Italy, France, Spain, Tuscany, Brussels, Amsterdam, and London. His 1929 diary discusses his 50th anniversary at Naumkeag Mills. 1935 and 1936 work journals mention meetings, personnel issues, contracts signed, labor relations, the workings and repairs of mill machines, payroll, and other administrative issues.

Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 1
Diary, 1880
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 2
Diary, 1881
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 3
Diary, Dec. 1883-Apr. 1886
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 4
Diary, May 1886-Jan. 1888
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 5
Log of sloop Mon Desir, June-Sept. 1887
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 6
Diary, 1900
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 7
Diary, 1901
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 8
Diary, 1902
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 9
Diary, 1903
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 10
Diary, 1904
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 11
Diary, 1905
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 12
Diary, 1906
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 13
Diary, 1907
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 14
Diary, 1908
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 15
Diary, 1909
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 16
Diary, 1910
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 17
Diary, 1911
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 18
Diary, 1912
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 19
Diary, 1913
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 20
Diary, 1914
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 21
Diary, 1915
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 22
Diary, 1916
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 23
Diary, 1917
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 24
Diary, 1918
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 25
Diary, 1919
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 26
European trip diary, July-Sept. 1919
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 27
Diary, 1920
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 28
Diary, 1921
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 29
Diary, 1922
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 30
Diary, 1923
Carton 2SH 1893 NFolder 31
Diary, 1924
Carton 3SH 1894 OFolder 1
Diary, 1925
Carton 3SH 1894 OFolder 2
Diary, 1926
Carton 3SH 1894 OFolder 3
European trip diary, Apr.-May 1926
Carton 3SH 1894 OFolder 4
Diary, 1927
Carton 3SH 1894 OFolder 5
Diary, 1928
Carton 3SH 1894 OFolder 6
Diary, 1929
Carton 3SH 1894 OFolder 7
Diary, 1930
Carton 3SH 1894 OFolder 8
Diary, 1931
Carton 3SH 1894 OFolder 9
Diary, 1932
Carton 3SH 1894 OFolder 10
Diary, 1933
Carton 3SH 1894 OFolder 11
Diary, 1934
Carton 3SH 1894 OFolder 12
Diary, 1935
Carton 3SH 1894 OFolders 13-14
Work journal, 1935
Carton 3SH 1894 OFolder 15
Diary, 1936
Carton 3SH 1894 OFolder 16
Work journal, 1936

ii. Scrapbooks, 1920-1959

Arranged chronologically.

Carton 3SH 1894 OFolders 17-26

This scrapbook was compiled by J. Foster Smith and his family regarding his personal achievements in the town of Salem and his workplace. It largely consists of clippings from Massachusetts newspapers.

Carton 3SH 1894 OFolder 27
Oct. 1933

This scrapbook, entitled “A Book of Friendly Greetings For You to Read Each Day as You Sail the Mighty Waters of an Ocean Far Away,” consists of a compilation of personal messages, poems, drawings, and jokes given to Foster by his cotton mill employees to enjoy during his October 1933 - March 1934 voyage around the world.

Carton 3SH 1894 OFolders 28-35
Oct. 1933-Mar. 1934

This scrapbook contains memorabilia collected during Foster's 1933-1934 trip around the world. Items include postcards, maps, hotel brochures, restaurant menus, and promotional material for Japanese textile plants.

Carton 3SH 1894 OFolders 36-42

This scrapbook was compiled by Foster’s family after his death in January 1936. It contains clippings regarding his death and contribution to Salem and the state of Massachusetts, as well as excerpts from condolence letters received by his family.

iii. Desk calendars, 1930-1935

Arranged chronologically.

Desk calendars contain only rough notes of appointments, names, and addresses.

Carton 4SH 1895 PVolume 1
Carton 4SH 1895 PVolume 2
Carton 4SH 1895 PVolume 3
Carton 4SH 1895 PVolume 4
Carton 4SH 1895 PVolume 5
Carton 4SH 1895 PVolume 6

II. Josephine T. C. Smith papers, 1881-1941

This series contains correspondence between Josephine Tillinghast Chadwick Smith and her family and friends; personal and financial papers; her writings about gardening; diaries; and datebooks.

A. Correspondence, 1881-1941

Arranged chronologically.

Primary correspondents are Josephine's sister, Marian Chadwick Hotchkiss; her nephew, Burton Hotchkiss; her cousin Fidelia Bridges; and her mother, Mary Tillinghast Snell Chadwick. Also in this subseries are letters from her daughter Helen when she attended Smith College from 1913 to 1915. Correspondence describes daily activities, social outings, travel, house servants, and professional prospects of the family, as well as Helen's illness and death in 1916 from Hodgkin's Disease. A large amount of correspondence relates to the January 1936 death of Josephine's husband, J. Foster Smith, including retained copies of her replies. Some of Josephine's later correspondence pertains to charitable and historical organizations with which she is affiliated.

See also correspondence with J. Foster Smith, Series I.A.

Carton 4SH 1895 PFolder 1-38

B. Personal papers, 1886-1940

Arranged chronologically.

Papers include certificates of completion from Massachusetts Normal Arts School, genealogical papers, invitations, anniversary remembrances, passports (1923, 1926), a letter of credit, receipts, lists of cards and telegrams, lists of flowers sent for the funeral of J. Foster Smith, and Josephine's 1936 will. Financial papers include receipts, lists of securities, and financial agreements between Josephine and her son, Philip. Of interest is a copy of an account of the 1940 London Blitz from the diary of Josephine's friend Alice S. Webb.

Carton 4SH 1895 PFolders 39-44

C. Writings, 1938

Josephine's writings include the speech “Old Federal Street Gardens” which she delivered at the 10th anniversary of the Salem Garden Club in 1938. Other undated writings include a handwritten rough draft of her speech and research and descriptions of various flowers and plants.

Carton 4SH 1895 PFolder 45
"Old Federal Street Gardens," Jan. 1938
Carton 4SH 1895 PFolder 46
"Grapes," n.d.
Carton 4SH 1895 PFolder 47
"Salem Gardens," n.d.

D. Volumes, 1891-1941

This series contains four diaries and three datebooks. The diaries recount daily activities, family news and events, and trips throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

i. Diaries, 1891-1941

Arranged chronologically.

Josephine’s diaries consist of 4 volumes. An 1891 diary list daily activities, including weather, family health, household maintenance, her second wedding anniversary, her baby’s first tooth, inventories of household goods, and friends' addresses. The second diary, written from March through May 1929, describes her trip with Foster aboard the Panama Pacific Line’s SS California to Havana, through the Panama Canal, to San Francisco, Pasadena, and San Diego. A diary written from October 1933 through March 1934 describes her trip around the world with her husband. They sailed from San Francisco to Honolulu, toured Japan and China, then traveled to Egypt, France, and England, returning home through New York City. Josephine’s observations include descriptions of food, clothing, gardens, fruits and vegetables, weather, sea conditions, and the health of herself and her husband. Josephine's final diary dates from January to June 1941 and discusses the weather, her health, and daily events.

Carton 4SH 1895 PFolder 48
Diary, 1891
Carton 4SH 1895 PFolder 49
S. S. California voyage diary, Mar.-May 1929
Carton 4SH 1895 PFolders 50-51
World tour diary, Oct. 1933-Mar. 1934
Carton 4SH 1895 PFolder 52
Diary, Jan.-June 1941

ii. Datebooks, 1900-1911

Arranged chronologically.

Josephine’s datebooks contain names and dates of visitors and those whom she visited, including friends, family, neighbors, and her husband’s business acquaintances. The datebooks also contain lists of grocery items, menus, and schedules for household repairs. The 1911 volume is a small appointment book with less detailed entries.

Carton 4SH 1895 PFolder 53
Carton 4SH 1895 PFolders 54-55
Carton 4SH 1895 PFolder 56

III. Corporate and organizational records, 1847-1936

Records in this series include those of the Naumkeag Steam Cotton Company, where J. Foster Smith was employed as mill agent; the Hawthorne Memorial Association, for which he served as treasurer; and the Essex Institute of Salem, where Foster was a council member and chair of the Finance Committee.

A. Naumkeag Steam Cotton Co. records, 1847-1936

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

The Naumkeag Steam Cotton Company of Salem was incorporated in 1839 and began operations in 1845, mainly producing Pequot brand sheets and pillowcases. Beginning as a "cotton boy" in 1879, Foster worked at Naumkeag for 57 years. He became the corporation clerk in 1896 and in 1918 he was promoted to mill agent, directing the mill's day to day operations. Included in this series is business correspondence as well as administrative, legal, and financial records of the mill.

Business correspondence includes that of William Perkins McMullen, the Naumkeag mill agent that preceded Foster, the National Association of Cotton Manufacturers, the American Wool and Cotton Reporter, and the Salem mayor's office. Of interest are letters debating the pros and cons of a shuttle loom versus a shuttleless loom in the cotton industry, and correspondence in the aftermath of the Salem fire of 1914, which destroyed the Naumkeag Mills. (The mills were quickly rebuilt.) Also in this series are letters of invitation to speak before various business associations. There are also many congratulatory letters in 1918 when J. Foster was promoted to mill agent, and in 1929, upon his 50th anniversary at the cotton mill.

Legal records consist of deeds, leases, inspection notices, contracts with electric lighting companies, and purchase agreements. A large number of documents relate to a petition of the American Glue Co. to the Massachusetts Land Court confirming their right to lay and maintain pipes over land belonging to the Naumkeag Steam Cotton Co. Court documents, deeds, and supporting notes from a series of lawsuits date from 1915 to 1920. Financial records consist of bills, investment securities records, stockholder records and letters, and annual reports. Two account books contain records related to heating, lighting, fuel, starch, oil, supplies, repairs, weaving, and pressing for the cotton mill.

A notebook dating from 1891 to 1920 includes a list of cotton mill personnel along with their wages and dates of employment. Also in this series is a collection of envelopes containing various misspellings of "Naumkeag" that Foster kept from 1900 to 1908.

See also Printed material - Naumkeag Steam Cotton Co. records and J. Foster Smith's 1935 and 1936 work journals.

Carton 5SH 1896 QFolders 1-34
Loose records, 1847-1936
Carton 5SH 1896 QFolder 35
Personnel notebook, 1891-1920
Carton 5SH 1896 QFolder 36
Account book, 1892-1925
Carton 5SH 1896 QFolder 37
Account book, 1926-1930
Carton 5SH 1896 QFolder 38
Collection of misspelled envelopes, 1900-1906

B. Hawthorne Memorial Association records, 1910-1928

Arranged chronologically.

J. Foster Smith was a charter member and treasurer of the Hawthorne Memorial Association, incorporated in 1910 to erect a memorial statue of Nathaniel Hawthorne in Salem. Records include a copy of the organization's charter and by-laws (1910), a list of members and account of dues, bonds, financial correspondence, and treasurer's reports from 1913 to 1916, and 1925.

Carton 5SH 1896 QFolders 39-41

C. Essex Institute records, 1925-1936

Arranged chronologically.

A member of the Essex Institute of Salem for over 44 years, Foster became a member of the council in 1926. As part of the Finance Committee and later Finance Committee chair, he was in charge of all bills payable. Records include budgets, records of expenditures, budget committee reports, trustee meeting minutes, treasurer's reports, and financial audits for 1932, 1933, and 1935. Also included is financial correspondence with other board members, particularly James Duncan Phillips, who preceded Foster as chair of the Finance Committee. The records largely relate to payroll issues, and include discussions about staff reductions in addition to payroll receipts and time cards.

Carton 5SH 1896 QFolders 42-60

IV. Printed material, 1887-1949

A. Salem-related material, 1895-1948

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries contains the by-laws of the Young Men's Republican Club of Salem (1895); a print of a 1901 painting by the artist Isaac Caliga of Salem; a message from the Civic League of Salem (1905); views of Salem after the Great Fire of 1914; programs and clippings related to Salem events, the Essex Institute, the Ropes Memorial, the Hawthorne Memorial, and the Putnam Club; and various publications of the Salem Garden Club.

Carton 5SH 1896 QFolders 61-64

B. The Salem Club records, 1897-1920

Arranged chronologically.

Included is an 1897 report of the Executive Committee; annual reports from 1899, 1901, and 1903; a 1920 president's address; and newspaper clippings related to the club.

Carton 5SH 1896 QFolder 65

C. Travel-related material, 1907-1934

Arranged chronologically.

Included is material from the Smiths' voyages on the Cunard Line's Umbria in 1907; the Nieuw Amsterdam in 1919; and their 1933-1934 world cruise through Japan, China, Egypt, France, Spain, and England, consisting of passenger lists, menus, and programs from Presidents Line ships S. S. President Hoover, S. S. President Cleveland, S. S. President Adams, and S.S. President Roosevelt. Also included are restaurant menus, visitors' maps, postcards, and hotel brochures.

Carton 5SH 1896 QFolders 66-69

D. Naumkeag Steam Cotton Co. records, 1918-1949

Arranged chronologically.

Included are programs of the National Association of Cotton Manufacturers; stockholders' reports from 1928 through 1936; newspaper clippings from J. Foster Smith’s 50-year anniversary celebration in 1929; two editions of The Story of Pequot by Clive Jarvis (1929, 1934); annual reports from 1948 and 1949, and many undated advertisements and labels. This series also includes the “Pequot Shield” monthly newsletter from September 1938 through April 1942.

Carton 5SH 1896 QFolders 70-72
Carton 5SH 1896 QFolders 73-81
The Pequot Shield, Sept. 1938-Apr. 1942
Carton 5SH 1896 QFolders 82-84
Annual reports, 1948-1949

E. Printed writings of J. Foster Smith, 1920-1930

Arranged chronologically.

Included in this subseries are a 1920 speech given by J. Foster Smith as president of the Salem Club; an article related to the history of Stage Point, an area of Salem near the Naumkeag Mills; and an article printed in the American Federalist that discussed Foster's progressive vision of labor relations.

Carton 5SH 1896 QFolder 85
President's Address, The Salem Club, 1920
Carton 5SH 1896 QFolder 86
Stage Point and Thereabouts, ca. 1929
Carton 5SH 1896 QFolder 87
"Cooperation in Pequot," American Federalist, Nov. 1930

F. J. Foster Smith obituaries and memorials, 1936

Arranged chronologically.

Carton 5SH 1896 QFolder 88

G. Miscellaneous printed material, 1887-1937

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries contains newspaper clippings, birthday and Christmas cards, scenic prints, and certificates of honorary membership.

Carton 5SH 1896 QFolders 89-90

Preferred Citation

J. Foster Smith and Josephine T. C. Smith papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Bridges, Fidelia, 1834-1923.
Bridges, Henry Gardner.
Chadwick, Mary Tillinghast Snell, 1836-1914.
Horton, William A.
Hotchkiss, Burton, 1888-1950.
Hotchkiss, Marian Chadwick, 1857-1932.
Smith family.
Smith, Helen St. Claire, 1894-1916.
Smith, J. Foster (John Josiah Foster), 1860-1936.
Smith, Josephine Tillinghast Chadwick, 1866-1941.


Essex Institute.
Hawthorne Memorial Association (Salem, Mass.).
Mon Desir (Sloop).
Naumkeag Steam Cotton Co. (Salem, Mass.).
Salem Club (Salem, Mass.).


Account books--1892-1930.
Boats and boating.
China--Description and travel.
Cotton textiles.
Egypt--Description and travel.
Europe--Description and travel.
Family history--1850-1899.
Family history--1900-1949.
Industrial relations--Massachusetts.
Japan--Description and travel.
Salem (Mass.)--Fires and fire prevention.
Salem (Mass.)--History.
Salem (Mass.)--Social life and customs.
Textile manufacturers--Massachusetts--Salem.
Textile workers--Massachusetts--Salem.
Transatlantic voyages--20th century.
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Women travelers--Diaries.
Women's diaries.

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