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This collection consists of loose papers and volumes relating to Naushon Island and some other islands in the Elizabeth Islands, part of the town of Gosnold, Massachusetts.

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The Naushon papers consist of loose papers and volumes relating to Naushon Island and some other islands in the Elizabeth Islands, part of the town of Gosnold, Massachusetts. The collection contains deeds and other documents tracing the ownership of Naushon and other islands from 1641 through 1867 (including some items relating to Native Americans); papers of General Salem Town of Charlton, Mass., agent for the owners of Naushon, in charge of timber operations on the island (1811-1826); papers of James S. Russell, agent for J. M. Forbes in charge of commercial farming and timber operations on the island (1894-1899); and four bound volumes of records including timber accounts (1824-1826), farm records (1833-1885), sheep records (1899-1947), and a surveyor's notebook of the Elizabeth Islands (1837-1838).

Acquisition Information

Gift of Naushon Trust, Inc., Dec. 2009.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Deeds, etc., 1641-1867

Deeds, agreements, mortgages, and other papers (some copies) tracing the ownership of Naushon Island through the original Native American occupants to John Murray Forbes. Owners and/or part-owners of the island include Peter Oliver, Thomas and Matthew Mayhew, Wait Winthrop, John Winthrop, James Bowdoin I, James Bowdoin II, James Bowdoin III, William Bowdoin, James Temple Bowdoin, William W. Swain, and John Murray Forbes. This series includes John Winthrop's "Instructions to Indian tenants," 1719-1720, and a 1723 item also related to Native Americans.

Box 1Folder 1-9
Deeds, etc., 1641-1867
Box OSFolder 1-14
Oversize deeds, etc.

II. Salem Town papers, 1811-1826

Correspondence of Gen. Salem Town, the Charlton, Mass. agent for Thomas L. Winthrop and Richard Sullivan, in charge of timber operations on Naushon Island. The papers include letters written by Walter Woodard, a tenant on Naushon, to Salem Town, as well as letters from Town to his wife Sally when he was in residence on the island.

Box 1Folder 10-12
Salem Town papers, 1811-1826
Box OSFolder 15
Oversize items

III. James S. Russell papers, 1894-1899

Papers of James S. Russell, agent for John Murray Forbes in charge of commercial farming and timber operations on Naushon Island. Papers include correspondence, bills, receipts, accounts, leases, agreements, memoranda, inventories, and notes concerning tenants, sheep and other livestock, farming, timber, coal, employees, and other miscellaneous farm matters on Naushon.

Box 1Folder 13-24

IV. Volumes, 1824-1947

Four volumes of material relating to Naushon Island, including an account book, a farm record book, a sheep record book, and a surveyor's notebook.

Box 2Vol. 1
Timber accounts, 1824-1826

Wastebook entries for sales of timber, 28 Apr. 1824-15 Dec. 1826. Account entries for sales to various individuals, 1825-1826. Unknown writer.

Box 2Vol. 2
Farm records, 1833-1885

Records of farming on Naushon. Includes clearing and reclamation of farm land; experiments and records of soil treatments, fertilizers, and manures; woodlands; crops, seeds, fruit trees, and yields; construction of buildings, roads, wharves, and drainage ditches; record of workers and costs; livestock and wool sales; fish; memoranda and agreements with tenants; work on houses and wharves; and weather. Records kept by William W. Swain and John Murray Forbes.

Box 2Vol. 3
Henry H. Crapo, "Field Notes of the Elizabeth Islands," 1837-1910

Surveyor's notes with memoranda of expenses, 1837-1838. Includes survey figures and drawings for Uncatena, Naushon, Goat Neck, West Buck, East Buck, Narramassett, and Pasque Islands. There are some loose items (1884, 1910) of William W. Crapo, the son of Henry H. Crapo.

Box 2Vol. 4
Sheep records, 1898-1947

Records of numbers, tagging, purchases, sales, deaths, expenses, wool shearing, and wool yields. Unknown writer.

Preferred Citation

Naushon papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Bowdoin, James, 1676-1747.
Bowdoin, James, 1726-1790.
Bowdoin, James, 1752-1811.
Bowdoin, James Temple, 1776-1842.
Bowdoin, William, 1713-1773.
Crapo, Henry Howland, 1804-1869.
Crapo, William Wallace, 1830-1926.
Forbes family.
Forbes, John Murray, 1813-1898.
Mayhew, Matthew, 1648-1710.
Mayhew, Thomas, 1593?-1682.
Oliver, Peter.
Russell, James S.
Swain, William W.
Town, Salem, 1779-1864.
Town, Sally.
Winthrop, John, b. 1681.
Winthrop, Wait Still, 1643-1717.
Woodard, Walter.


Agriculture--Massachusetts--Naushon Island.
Elizabeth Islands (Mass.).
Gosnold (Mass.).
Indians of North America--Massachusetts--Naushon Island.
Natural history--Massachusetts.
Naushon Island (Mass.).
Real property--Massachusetts.