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This collection consists of 18 diaries written by Charlotte Wright Hubbard Young discussing her daily activities and her children's development, as well as a journal kept by Fanny (Mrs. David) Lane while travelling to California with Charlotte Young.

Collection Description

Seventeen volumes of diaries kept by Charlotte W. (Hubbard) Young of Boston and Weston, Mass., 1872-1931 (with gaps), discuss the weather, her daily activities, and her children in great detail, including their development, likes and dislikes, health, etc. An additional volume contains a list of gifts received for her wedding, the birth of her daughter, and a few home remedies. The collection also includes a one-volume journal kept by Fanny (Mrs. David) Lane on a trip to California with Charlotte Young (1916-1917).

Acquisition Information

Gift of Charlotte Salisbury, June 1994.

Detailed Description of the Collection

A. Charlotte Wright Hubbard Young volumes, 1872-1931

Four of the diaries contain journal-type entries, with the remaining thirteen daily minders with brief and more frequent entries. One additional volume contains a list of wedding gifts and other miscellaneous information (described below).

Box 1Vol. 2
Wedding and baby gift register, 1876, 1885

Small volume, used to record wedding gifts received by Charlotte (Lottie) W. Hubbard upon her marriage to Benjamin L. Young, as well as gifts for her baby, Margaret, born 6 June 1876. Also contains home remedies for various ailments and brief diary entries from June-July 1876, November 1885.

Journals, 1876-1906

Lined volumes with entries ranging from one to three pages. The first two volumes have entries mostly relating to Charlotte Young's daughter, Margaret, while the second two volumes concern her son, Loring. The journals record the children's weight, describe their recovery from various illnesses, and describe their likes and dislikes.

Box 1Vol. 3
June 1876-Jan. 1887 (written in Boston)
Box 1Vol. 4
Jan. 1886-Jan. 1896 (written in Weston)
Box 1Vol. 5
May 1887-Apr. 1889 (written in Weston)
Box 2Vol. 11
Jan. 1896-Mar. 1906 (no name inside)

Daily minders, 1872-1931

Volumes with the date imprinted at the top of each page. Each contains entries from January to December. Every entry records the day's weather. Most entries are about Charlotte Young's daily activities, including the names of visitors.

Box 1Vol. 1
1872 (Charlotte W. Hubbard)
Box 1Vol. 6
1891 (Charlotte W. Young)
Box 1Vol. 7
Box 1Vol. 8
Box 2Vol. 9
Box 2Vol. 10
Box 2Vol. 12
Box 2Vol. 13
Box 2Vol. 14
Box 3Vol. 16
Box 3Vol. 17
Box 3Vol. 18
Box 3Vol. 19

B. Fanny (Mrs. David) Lane journal, 14 Nov. 1916-6 May 1917

Journal of a trip to California with Charlotte Young. Includes postcards pasted into the journal.

Box 3Vol. 15

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Charlotte W. (Hubbard) Young diaries, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Lane, Fanny.


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