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Restrictions on Access

The Blake-Clapp Arguimbau family papers are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

There are restrictions on the use of this collection. Users must sign an agreement stating that they understand these restrictions before they will be given access to the collection.

Collection Summary


This collection relates to the inter-related Blake, Clapp, and Arguimbau families. The bulk of the collection is family and personal correspondence, but includes many other documents, including diaries, sermons, and poetry.

Collection Description

The Blake-Clapp-Arguimbau family papers contain correspondence, diaries, subject files, poetry and other papers of three inter-related families.

The bulk of the collection consists of family and personal correspondence among Clifford Blake Clapp, Lawrence Baker Arguimbau and his wife Elinor Clapp Arguimbau, Nicholas Clapp Arguimbau, Ellen Hubbs Arguimbau, and Reginald deCourcy Arguimbau.

The papers of Lawrence Arguimbau contain his diaries on gardening and the raising of daylilies in Onset and Lancaster, Mass., correspondence, and subject files, including references to his role as a faculty member at the Mass. Institute of Technology and testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee during the 1950s.

The papers also contain sermons, lectures (most on temperance), poetry, and two diaries (1856, 1861-64) kept by Jonathan Blake, a town official and historian of Warwick, Mass., and poetry and other writings of Martha Merriam Blake.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Ellen H. Arguimbau, Edith A. Davidson, and Nicholas C. Arguimbau, Jan. 1997.

Restrictions on Access

The Blake-Clapp Arguimbau family papers are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

There are restrictions on the use of this collection. Users must sign an agreement stating that they understand these restrictions before they will be given access to the collection.

Restrictions on Use

The Blake-Clapp Arguimbau family papers contain correspondence that authors may have considered confidential or private when written and personal information about living or recently deceased individuals. The Massachusetts Historical Society cannot give permission to publish or cite documents by individuals for whom it does not hold copyright. Use of the collection does not imply permission to publish or cite documents in the collection. Permission to publish or cite correspondence among Reginald deCourey Arguimbau, Lawrence Baker Arguimbau, and George Arguimbau in Cartons 6 and 7 of the collection must be obtained in writing from members of the Arguimbau family.

Photocopies are for personal use only. Personal use photocopies may not be donated or deposited in other libraries or archives, or made available to other researchers without the written permission of the donor.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Jonathan Blake Papers, 1798-1887

A. Sermons and lectures, 1832-1887

Carton 1SH 112WFolder 1
Sunday School reports, 1836, 1841
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 2-5
Sunday School sermons, 1832-1844
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 6-13
Misc. sermons and lectures, n.d.
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 14
Misc. sermons and lectures, 1835-53
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 15-19
Lyceum Speeches, n.d.
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 20
Writings on Temperance, n.d.
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 21
Writings on Temperance, Feb. 1887
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 22
Speeches on Railroads, n.d.

B. Poetry, 1803-1887

Carton 1SH 112WFolder 23-24
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 25
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 26
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 27
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 28
1841-1851 (gathering of leaves)
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 29
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 30
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 31
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 32
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 33

C. Miscellaneous, 1798-1855

Carton 1SH 112WFolder 34
History of Warwick, n.d.
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 35
List of distribution of Abner Goodell's Estate (Jonathan Blake, Administrator), n.d.
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 36
List of Warwick residents with their cattle, [tax list], n.d.
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 37
Deeds, 1798, 1803
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 38
Justice of Peace commission, 1814-1855
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 39
Jonathan Blake, Sr. will, 1825, probated 1837

D. Bound Volumes, 1853-1864

Carton 1SH 112WFolder 40
Poetry, 1853-1854
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 41
Diary, 1856
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 42
Diary, 1861-1864

II. Martha Merriam Blake Clapp Papers, 1828-1890

Carton 1SH 112WFolder 43
Published Poetry, n.d.
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 44
Poetry Book, 1828-1862
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 45
Poetry book/Diary, 1848
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 46
Poetry, 1851-1890
Carton 1SH 112WFolder 47
Autograph Album, 1835-1853

III. Clapp/Blake/Jones Family Papers, 1835-1941

Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 1
Genealogy/Obituaries, 1861-1941
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 2-7
Correspondence, 1835-1926

IV. Clifford Blake Clapp Papers, 1888-1969

A. Correspondence, 1888-1969

Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 8-9
Ellen Hubbs Arguimbau, 1950-1963
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 10-21
Lawrence Baker Arguimbau, 1941-1968
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 22-23
Nicholas C Arguimbau, 1954-1968
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 24-25
Albert, Ruth, and Charles Bee, 1932-1949
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 26-30
Frank N. Blake, 1937-1947
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 31-33
Henry (Bud) and Corrine Blakeslee, 1944-1969
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 34
Chalmers Clapp, 1928-1931
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 35
Charles M. Clapp (nephew), 1949-62
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 36
David and Lois Clapp, 1947-68
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 37
E. Gardiner Clapp, 1944-1968
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 38-43
Frederick G. Clapp, 1926-1944
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 44-52
Gladys Clapp and children, 1926-1968
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 53-56
Prescott and Emeline Clapp, 1926-1956
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 57-62
Richard and MaryAnn Clapp, 1928-69
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 63-67
Robert, Jr. and Faye Clapp, 1943-1969
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 68-73
Roger and Laura Clapp, 1944-1969
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 74
Mary Louise Clapp, 1888
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 75
Clara A. Jones, 1931-1943
Carton 2SH 112X $Folder 76-80
Gardiner M. and Kate Sanborn Jones, 1926-1951
Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 1-9
Marjorie Clapp Landis, 1926-1969

B. Miscellaneous, 1944-1968

Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 10-15

C. Writings, 1912-1955

Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 16-17
Writings, n.d.
Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 18-20
Writing for Literary Digest, 1912
Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 21
Library Arrangement systems, 1912
Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 22
Social Science classification outline, 1931
Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 23
Research on Henry Kuhl, 1935
Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 24
Literary journal excerpts, 1950-1955

D. Bound Volumes, 1960-1968

Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 25
Edith Temple Horne [Library cataloging] rule book, n.d.
Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 26-27
Diaries, 1960-1968

V. Lawrence B. and Elinor Clapp Arguimbau Papers, 1887-1983

A. Correspondence, 1931-1982

Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 28
Barbara Arguimbau, 1943-1977
Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 29-31
Lawrence to Elinor Arguimbau, 1939-1971
Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 32-41
Elinor to Lawrence Arguimbau, 1942-1971
Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 42-45
Ellen Hubbs Arguimbau, 1959-1972
Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 46-47
Nicholas Clapp Arguimbau, 1959-1971
Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 48
Edwin H. Armstrong, 1946-1953
Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 49-50
A-C Miscellaneous (chronologically), 1931-1959
Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 51-52
Rama Krishna Chattopadhyaya, 1946-1964
Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 53-54
Letters to/from China, 1974-1975
Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 55-63
Clifford Blake Clapp, 1947-1963
Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 64-69
Robert T. Clapp, 1963-1982
Carton 3SH 112Y /Folder 70-71
Elizabeth, Mary, Kit and Priscilla Clapp, 1960-1982
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 1
Clapps and Blakesleys, 1960-1982
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 2
Commack Methodist Church, 1963
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 3
D.V. (Tino) Constantinides, 1931-1932
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 4
Esther Davidson, 1962-1971
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 5
Jean Filon, 1960, 1965
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 6
Osmund Fraenkel (lawyer), 1953-1955
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 7-10
India, 1947-1955
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 11-16
D.D. Kosambi, 1948-1970
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 17
Maverick, 1969-1973
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 18
Maynard Moving Co., 1971-1972
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 19
Nashua River cleanup, 1966-1967
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 20
Political (Henry Wallace campaign), 1948
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 21
Political Campaigns (McCarthy and Bradley), 1968
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 22
Arun Prasad, 1953-1969
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 23-25
George Sanderson (Airstrip), 1964-1970
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 26
Eric and Isabelle Starbuck, 1950-1958
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 27-28
John Wiley and Sons, 1944-1975
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 29-34
Incoming Miscellaneous, 1948-1982
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 35-36
Outgoing Miscellaneous, 1959-1971

B. Subject Files, 1929-1975

Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 37
Foreign Stamps
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 38-39
House Un-American Activities Committee, 1953-1956
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 40
HUAC Clippings, 1952-1954
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 41
HUAC Testimony, Hearings, 1954
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 42
Lancaster Historical Workshop, 1967-1968
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 43
Lancaster History, Notes
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 44
Lancaster History: Correspondence, Clippings, Pamphlets, 1961-1965
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 45
Leominster Citizens Council for Human Rights: By-Laws
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 46
LBA: Articles and Books, 1930-1945
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 47
LBA: Biographical Data, 1948-1965
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 48
LBA: Death/Obituaries, Nov. 1975
Carton 4SH 112Z +Folder 49-50
LBA: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1929-1975

C. Bound Volumes, 1887-1983

Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 1
[LBA]: School Notebooks, n.d.
Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 2
LBA: notebook of cigar bands, n.d.
Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 3
LBA: penmanship notebook, 1913
Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 4
LBA: homework, grade 3, 1914
Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 5
LBA: Daylily seedlings, 1958-1966
Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 6
LBA: Daylily seedlings, 1959-1965
Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 7
LBA: Daylily seedlings, Onset, 1964-1974
Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 8
LBA: Wildflower record, 1964-1972
Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 9
LBA: Wildflower record, 1972-1983
Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 10
LBA: Garden (Lancaster), 1960-1970
Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 11
LBA: Gardening, 1966-1973
Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 12
LBA: Garden book (Lancaster, Onset), 1971-1976
Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 13
LBA: Gardening notebook, 1974-1983
Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 14
LBA: Garden, Onset, 1976-1982
Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 15
LBA: Birds, 1980-1983
Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 16
LBA: Miscellaneous notes
Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 17
Gracie Soper: Drawing books, 1887
Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 18
Gracie Soper: Drawing books, 1889

VI. Arguimbau Family Correspondence, 1920- 1984

Users requesting Cartons 6-7 must sign a consent form (available at the front desk). See Curator of Manuscripts for more information.

Carton 6SH 1132 9Folder 1-19
Reginald deCourcy Arguimbau to LBA, 1926-1931
Carton 6SH 1132 9Folder 20-25
LBA to RdA, 1926-Mar. 1928
Carton 7SH 1133 AFolder 1-8
LBA to RdA, Apr. 1928 - 1931
Carton 7SH 1133 AFolder 9
George Arguimbau to LBA, 1930-1956
Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 19
Miscellaneous, n.d.

Includes an address book.

Carton 5SH 1131 8Folder 20
Miscellaneous, July 1920-Apr. 1984

Preferred Citation

Blake-Clapp-Arguimbau family papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Arguimbau family.
Blake family.
Clapp family.
Arguimbau, Elinor Clapp.
Arguimbau, Ellen Hubbs.
Arguimbau, Lawrence Baker, 1906-1975.
Arguimbau, Nicholas Clapp.
Arguimbau, Reginald deCourcy.
Blake, Jonathan, 1780-1864.
Clapp, Clifford Blake.
Clapp, Martha Merriam Blake.


United States. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Activities.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology--Faculty.


Women poets.
Temperance--Addresses, essays, lectures.
Family history--1850-1899.
Family history--1900-1949.
Family history--1950-1999.
United States--History--1953-1961.
Warwick (Mass.)--History.
Warwick (Mass.)--Officials and employees.

Photographs Removed from the Collection

Daguerreotypes from this collection have been removed to the Daguerreotype collection (Photos. 1.412-425).