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Summing Up 2009

It looks like 2009 was a busy year in the MHS library. We previously reported that this past July was the busiest month on recent record in our reading room. The trend continued through most of the calendar year. All told we had over 1,450 researchers visit the library [...] read more

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Holiday Closure Notice

The MHS, including the library, will be closed from 24 December through 3 January; we'll reopen on Monday, 4 January at 9 a.m. If you need a Historical Society fix over the holidays, C-SPAN2's "Book TV" will be airing the launch of Woody Holton's Abigail Adams, taped here [...] read more

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"The Case of the Slave Child, Med": Lunch Talk Recap

Last Wednesday (16 December), MHS research fellow Karen Woods Weierman gave “concluding remarks” about the research that has brought her to a second fellowship here at the MHS: an examination of the 1836 legal case Commonwealth vs. Aves, or “the case of [...] read more

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JQA, Social Butterfly

You may think you're busy with an endless stream of holiday events and festivities, but if you've been following along with John Quincy Adams' time as the American minister in Russia you'll know we've got it much easier than he did! As he wrote in his long diary synopsis [...] read more

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This Week @MHS

Join us Wednesday, 16 December at noon, when research fellow Karen Woods Weierman will give a brown-bag lunch talk on her current research project, "The Case of the Slave-Child, Med: The Geography of Freedom in Antebellum Boston." [...] read more

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Spotlight on Phillis Wheatley

Part of our new website design (well not so new anymore, I can't believe it debuted in September!) is a rotating "Spotlight" section, where we highlight one of our various digital collections. Currently we're focusing on Phillis Wheatley: click here to see digital images [...] read more

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This Week @ MHS

On Tuesday, 9 December, the Boston Environmental History Seminar series continues with a 5:15 p.m. talk by Allen M. Gontz of UMASS-Boston, "Linking Anthropogenic Landscapes and Natural Processes to the Cultural and Environmental Vulnerability of Southern Rainsford [...] read more

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December's Object: Abigail's Pocket

Our December Object of the Month is one of the MHS' recent acquisitions: a "dimity pocket" once owned and used by Abigail Adams. It came to the Society as a gift from antique purse collectors Paula Novell Higgins of Georgia and Lori Rose Blaser of California, who purchased [...] read more

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JQA's St. Petersburg Reading List (November/December)

Continuing our series of posts highlighting John Quincy Adams' reading, now during his residence in St. Petersburg as American minister. Remember that you can follow along with JQA's trip via his line-a-day entries on Twitter. For previous reading lists, see the August, [...] read more

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Remembering John Brown

On the 150th anniversary of John Brown's execution (2 December 1859), a reminder that you can visit our current exhibition, "John Brown: Martyr to Freedom or American Terrorist - Or Both?" through 23 December, Monday - Saturday from 1-4 p.m. The exhibit includes personal [...] read more

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