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Meet & Greet: Collections Services

Continuing with the departmental introductions (first installment here), let's meet the Collections Services team! These are the good people who not only coordinate the acquisition of new materials, but also perform the wide range of tasks which make our collections of manuscripts, photographs and printed books available for researchers to use. They process the manuscript collections and write the guides (as well as put them online), maintain our online catalog (ABIGAIL), create and manage our digital collections, and make sure all components of our website are running smoothly. Members of this department also ensure that our collections are being stored properly, and carry out repairs when necessary.

Collections Services staff members include:

Brenda Lawson, Director of Collections Services
Mary Fabiszewski, Senior Cataloger
Laura Lowell, Manuscript Processor
Susan Martin, Manuscript Processor and EAD Coordinator
Nancy Heywood, Digital Projects Coordinator
Laura Wulf & Peter Steinberg, Digital Projects Production Specialists
Kathy Griffin, Nora Saltonstall Preservation Librarian
Oona Beauchard, Conservation Technician
Bill Beck, Web Development Specialist

Like Reader Services, Collections Services hosts one or two interns per semester, from Simmons College and other Boston-area institutions.

Complete contact information is available here.

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They make the place go 'round.

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