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The Sun Never Sets ...

Here's a perfect example of the far-reaching influence of the MHS. Cuiyun Li, a professor at the College of Foreign Languages and Culture at Inner Mongolia University in China, has recently published a book which draws heavily on the collections and publications of the Historical Society: John Winthrop: A Pioneer of American Civilization (Inner Mongolia University Press, 2008). Li is at Harvard University on a Fulbright scholarship this academic year, and has paid several visits to the MHS in recent weeks. On her first visit, she presented us with a signed copy of her book, which will soon be among the books on display in the Saltonstall Reference Room (for those readers who can read Mandarin Chinese).

Li, who shares a birthday with Winthrop, told me that she will use her book in teaching graduate students at her home institution about John Winthrop and the important role he played in American history. "He is very special," she said. "Too many people don't know him."

Li, holding a volume of John Winthrop's journal

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