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Boston by Broadside, part II: Fashionable Footwear

Welcome to my new series here on the Beehive: “Boston by Broadside.” Here I will use examples from the MHS’ collection of broadsides to show various views of our fair city as it used to be.


As we leave Prof. Boulet's Gymansium behind after a bracing work-out, we are ready to start exploring the city a little bit more. Since we will probably be on our feet for a while we need to make sure that we have some trusty (and stylish) footwear to get us around. With that in mind, we'll head into the city proper and proceed to 180-182 Washington St. to pay a visit to Mr. Henry Wenzell. 


As you can see from Messr. Wenzell's handsome advert, he specializes in importing the finest and most fashionable French footwear, and has for some years now. I think that I will go with a sturdy pair of boots in case we are struck with a sudden downpour on our walk. 

And now, with our toes cozy, we can set off once again to see what sights Boston-that-was has to offer us. Check back soon to stay on the trail!

permalink | Published: Friday, 9 October, 2015, 4:00 PM


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