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Teacher Workshop Opportunity: Slavery & Abolition

The Massachusetts Historical Society is partnering with the Paul Revere House, Old South Meeting House, and the Boston African American National Historical Site to deliver an engaging and informative teacher workshop this fall. "Struggle towards Freedom: Slavery and Abolition in Massachusetts" will explore the development of slavery in the colony/commonwealth and the lives of individual slaves in Boston and nearby communities. We will also examine the abolition of slavery in Massachusetts and the consequences of abolition for our state and the nation.

Participants will have the opportunity to visit all four sites (the Revere House and Old South on the 26th; MHS and the National Park on the 3rd). The cost of the workshop is $50. Participating teachers can earn 12  Professional Development Points after attending both days' events and completing a lesson plan. (Graduate credit is also available for an additional fee and some additional lesson planning.) Please visit our web calendar ( or contact the Education Department for more information: or 617-646-0557.

For more on the event and for registration directions, please see the PDF flyer.


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