Staff Directory

Office of the President

Catherine Allgor, President | Bio

Peter Drummey, Stephen T. Riley Librarian and Chief Historian
617-646-0501 /

Katie Finn (she/her), Executive Assistant to the President & Secretary to the Board
617-646-0513 /

Adams Papers

Sara Martin, Editor in Chief
617-646-0525 /

Rhonda Barlow, Research Associate
617-646-0516 /

Karen Barzilay, John Quincy Adams Digital Diary
617-646-0553 /

Gwen Fries, Production Editor
617-646-0556 /

Sara Georgini, Series Editor, Papers of John Adams
617-646-0569 /

Neal Millikan, Series Editor, Digital Editions
617-646-0553 /

Molly Nebiolo, John Quincy Adams Digital Diary
617-646-0553 /

Amanda Norton, Digital Production Editor
617-646-0514 /

Mary Wigge, John Quincy Adams Digital Diary

Hobson Woodward, Series Editor, Adams Family Correspondence
617-646-0521 /


Collections Services

Brenda M. Lawson, Vice President for Collections
617-646-0502 /

William Beck, Web Developer
617-646-0505 /

Anne E. Bentley (she/her/hers), Curator of Art & Artifacts
617-646-0508 /

Alexandra Bush (she/her/hers), Digital Production Specialist
617-646-0529 /

Katherine H. Griffin, Nora Saltonstall Preservation Librarian
617-646-0527 /

Nancy Heywood, Senior Archivist for Digital Initiatives
617-646-0503 /

Laura Lowell, Processing Archivist
617-646-0559 /

Susan Martin, Senior Processing Archivist
617-646-0526 /

Viv Williams (she/her), Processing Assistant
617-646-0534 /

Laura Wulf, Photographic and Digital Imaging Specialist
617-646-0567 /

Mary E. Yacovone, Senior Cataloger
617-646-0504 /

Library—Reader Services

Elaine Heavey, Director of the Library
617-646-0509 /

Matthew Ahern, Library Assistant
617-646-0532 /

Rakashi Chand (she/hers), Senior Library Assistant
617-646-0545 /

Anna Clutterbuck-Cook (she/her/hers), Reference Librarian
617-646-0561 /

Daniel Hinchen, Reference Librarian
617-646-0571 /

Hannah Elder (she/her), Reproductions Coordinator
617-646-0542 /

Jen Keefe, Library Assistant
617-646-0532 /

Angela Tillapaugh, Library Assistant
617-646-0532 /

Viv Williams (she/her), Library Assistant
617-646-0534 /

Heather Wilson, Library Assistant
617-646-0532 /

LJ Woolcock, Library Assistant
617-646-0532 /

Communications & Marketing

Carol Knauff, Vice President of Communications & Marketing
617-646-0554 /

Heather Rockwood (she/her), Communications Associate

Laura Williams, Visitor Services Coordinator
617-646-0554 /


Maureen Nguyen, Vice President of Development
617-646-0517 /

Charlotte Geyer, Development Assistant

Amanda Grant, Assistant Director of Development
617-646-0543 /

Annie Hayes, Sr. Development Associate
617-646-0518 /

Shakira Mahmoud, Gifts and Database Manager
617-646-0560 /

Victoria McKay, Associate Director of Development
617-646-0570 /

Education and Community Engagement

Elyssa Tardif, Director of Education
617-646-0576 /

Gavin W. Kleespies, Director of Programs, Exhibitions and Community Partnerships
617-646-0515 /

Sarah Bertulli, Assistant Director of Programs
617-646-0580 /

Jonathan Lane, Revolution 250 Coordinator
617-646-0572 /

Kate Melchior (she/her/hers), Assistant Director of Education
617-646-0588 /

Finance and Administration


Will Tsoules, Vice President & CFO
617-646-0511 /

Tammy Hamond, Controller
617-646-0510 /

Melane Barrios, Accounts Payable Accountant
617-646-0510 /

Megan Peterson, Staff Accountant
617-646-0574 /

Information Systems

Chris Coveney (he/him), Chief Technology & Media Officer
617-646-0539 /


Dan Sweeney, Facility Manager
617-646-0523 /

James P. Harrison III, Custodian

George Major, Maintenance Helper/Custodian
617-646-0528 /

Jennifer Smith (she/her), Operations Assistant
617-646-0563 /


Ondine E. Le Blanc (she/her), Worthington C. Ford Editor of Publications
617-646-0524 /

Agnieszka Rec, Associate Editor
617-646-0544 /

Tess Renault, Editorial Assistant and Primary Source Cooperative Logistics Coordinator
617-646-0557 /


Kanisorn Wongsrichanalai, Director of Research
617-646-0568 /

Katy Morris, Research Coordinator & Book Review Editor
617-646-0577 /

Conrad E. Wright, Sibley Editor
617-646-0512 /

Upcoming Events

Online Event; Seminar; African American History Seminar

From Jobs and Freedom to Jobs and Opportunity: Andrew Young, Growth, and the Illusion of Job ...

4Mar 5:15PM 2021
This is an online event.

This paper considers Atlanta mayor Andrew Young’s shifting ideas about job creation and economic opportunity to investigate how Democrats abandoned their 1970s goal ...

Online Event; Seminar; Environmental History Seminar

Climate in Words and Numbers: How Early Americans Recorded Weather in Almanacs

9Mar 5:15PM 2021
This is an online event.

As we begin to consider climate as an everyday problem, it's valuable to see how people did that in the past. With support from the Guggenheim Foundation, Joyce Chaplin ...

Online Event; Conversation; Racial Injustice Series

Confronting Racial Injustice: Redlining: From Slavery to $8 in 400 Years

11Mar 6:00PM 2021
This is an online program

In 2015, the Boston Federal Reserve found the median net worth for Black families in Boston was $8, in stark contrast to $250,000 for white families. This discrepancy is ...

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