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Letters and Photographs from the Battle Country

Massachusetts Women in WWI. 12 June 2014 to 24 January 2015

Environmental History Seminar "Good Meat & Good Skins": Winter Game and Political Ecology on the Maritime Peninsula, 1620-1727 9 April 2013.Tuesday, 5:15PM - 7:30PM Seminars are free and open to the public; RSVP required.
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Thomas Wickman, Trinity College Comment: Neal Salisbury, Smith College

The search for a heterogeneous menu of game animals allowed northeastern Indians a flexible pattern of winter mobility. After 1704, however, English soldiers patrolled Indians’ winter hunting grounds, interfering with native reliance on wild animals. Political ecology—how power affects people’s access to routes and resources—mattered more than environmental degradation to the fate of the winter hunt on the Maritime Peninsula.


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